Kitchen Aid Mixer -A biscotti-makers dream come true!

Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer

The Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer is a biscotti-makers dream come true… no kidding! The first few times I made biscotti I only had a hand mixer, so that worked for the first part of the recipe. Then it says to stir by hand… What?! It’s like stirring glue mixed with cement, are you serious? Then I had to call in the big guns… well, ahem, he does have a name… “HEY FRED… PLEASE COME AND STIR THIS FOR ME“… ha… it was kind of like having a nice mixer BUT one that talked back… hmmm… then came the Kitchen Aid mixer… throw the ingredients in and hear it roar… I love this thing! I like my counters clean and cleared off, however this mixer gets used enough that it has the privilege of staying put! Did I mention how great this mixer is, ha ha??

Of course it’s good for everything, not just biscotti, it was just necessary for biscotti!Hey, enjoy your day! Catch you back here tomorrow! Image via

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