Artist to watch… Keith Oehmig!


Wiscasset. LOVE that little town… “Maine’s prettiest Village” also has a pretty fantastic gallery, Wiscasset Bay Gallery. Keith Oehmig, the guy who established Wiscasset Bay Gallery, just happens to be a fabulous artist as well as a really nice guy. The kind of guy you WANT to buy a painting from. The piece above is entitled “Camden Waterfront” (oil on board/24×30) is an excellent representation of his work, AND while I already had him scheduled to be a post on this blog, an art card arrived in the mail with this very painting on it! Whoa…! It’s wonderful receiving those cards, and THANK YOU to the galleries who still send them. I have a bulletin board full of artists that we would like to collect from one day… This card is now going on my bulletin board!

If you haven’t been to Wiscasset, what a fabulous place to stop! If you haven’t been in Wiscasset Bay Gallery… hoof it on over there! You’ll be SO GLAD you did! It’s a treasure of paintings!
Catch you back here tomorrow… if you get a chance, check out my photo blog at !

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