A Christmas Surprise… an Eva Carter painting!

Christmas surprise... Eva Carter painting!

Several years ago on Christmas night my husband and I were riding around downtown Charleston, SC.  Then he covered my eyes and told me he was taking me to my Christmas gift… WHAT???!!! I was trying to pay attention (good luck, I don’t do so well when I can see, HA), but we kept making turns so I had NO idea where we were. He stopped the car. Still unable to see he helped me out of the car and walked me up to the window… I opened my eyes, took in the sight and said…  “ME Barbara, YOU Fred?????!!!!!” Not meaning to sound like Tarzan, I just couldn’t believe that the tag on the painting in the window that everyone can see was TO: Barbara FROM: Fred. Holy Cow! That was so special. Thanks to Eva and to Karin Olah, the gallery manager at the time, for making it so special!  Do I have a cool husband or what? What fun!


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