How to make a perfect soft boiled egg…

The perfect soft boiled egg...

I love a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg. It tastes much like a fried egg without any added fat… I put mine on wheat or sourdough toast. Eggs are good for you, they provide good protein. They’re perfect for breakfast, lunch OR dinner… It’s our “go to” dinner when we’re in a hurry… (sorry Fred!). I like my yolks running and the whites cooked… if that’s the way you like your eggs, it may take a time or two to get it exactly right with your stove, etc., but it is such an easy method… it’s worth a try…

Fill a sauce pan with water that would cover your eggs by about 2″, you want to do this to keep the water hot enough after it comes to a boil and you add cold eggs…

Once the water is boiling, add the eggs, and set a timer for 6 minutes. Now this is the tricky part. Depending upon how cold your eggs are will change the time somewhat. If about 37 degrees it should take about 6 minutes. If you leave them out on the counter for a while, then it will take less time. What I did was took eggs out of the fridge, added to boiling water, and set the timer for 5 minutes the first time (whites too runny), then 5 minutes 30 seconds, whites almost perfect but a little runny, so it was probably 5 minutes 45 seconds – 6 minutes and it was just right… crack them open with a knife and gently scoop the egg out with a spoon (as shown above left). I like to mush around (as shown above right), S&P and ENJOY!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “How to make a perfect soft boiled egg…

  1. awhile ago i tried to make some hard boiled eggs and i didn’t cook them the whole way… that’s when i discovered soft boiled eggs. I love them! they are so delicious!!!


  2. I really struggle to boil eggs and I can cook most things! They’re nearly always runny in the middle! Is it because I’m keeping them in the fridge and then putting them straight into hot water?


    1. It very well could be the temp of the eggs… my “recipe” was done with eggs straight out of the fridge, if you leave them out for a while it won’t take as long… I find that it works straight out of the fridge at about 5 min 45 sec – 6 min… my eggs are very cold… hope that helps?


  3. I used eggs straight out of the fridge… And for me they were perfect (yolks runny, whites firm) at around 5 min. 45 seconds to 6 minutes… Rinse in cool water until you can hold them to crack… Some people use room temp eggs, and those do not cook as long, but I never plan that far in advance… Give 6 minutes a try, if that is too firm back off to 5 minutes 45 seconds… Good luck, hmmmm, sounds good right now!


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