Featured Artist… Bruce Gomez!

BruceGomez FinalThoughtFromFaraway TellurideGOFA

Final Thoughts From Far Away by Bruce Gomez – Image: TellurideGallery.com

Bruce Gomez, artist… Spectacular, right? The composition of this painting is amazing. The colors… perfect in every way! If you haven’t seen work by Bruce Gomez I highly suggest you check him out, he’s got such beautiful subject matter! Bruce is a pastel artist, living in Denver, CO.

Here’s a blip about him from the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art:

Bruce A. Gómez was born in Denver, Colorado in 1957 and was educated at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado at Denver, where he received a degree in Political Science as well as a degree in Romance Languages.  The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art has represented Bruce since 1985.

He has been working in pastels for thirty-nine years, full-time for the past twenty-nine. Entirely self-taught, Bruce works exclusively in that medium on cold-pressed watercolour paper. In addition, he has taught for the last twenty years at the Ah Haa School in Telluride, CO, where he has been one of the school’s highest rated instructors for years. He has also had the opportunity to teach workshops in Sedona, AZ, Moab, UT, London, England, and Cortona, Italy. He is currently a regular instructor at the Abend Gallery of Fine Art in Denver.

Bruce has participated in more shows than he can recall and his work has been featured in The Artist Magazine, Art and Antiques, and in Southwest Art Magazine several times where he was noted as an Artist to Watch Over $5,000.

He has appeared in numerous Pastel Invitational shows as well as Plein Air Invitationals including The Denver Golden Triangle Invitational, and The Sedona Plein Air Festival, in which he won The Collector’s Choice Award, The Artists Choice Award, and received one of five Merit Awards in 2011 and the Merit Awards in 2012.

Bruce has also produced the artwork for numerous festivals and events including The MAAD poster Detroit 1998, The Telluride Jazz Festival, The Telluride Chamber Music Festival, The Sheep Mountain Alliance, and many others. He has contributed his work to numerous fundraisers and benefits including fundraisers for The Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, The Telluride AIDS benefit, The Ah Haa Art Auction, The Alzheimer’s Foundation, KRMA Art Auction, and The American Cancer Society.

His extensive travels range from Aspen and Telluride, New Mexico and Arizona, Wyoming and Montana, up to Banff, and crossing the Pond to Europe; he has painted across London, Amsterdam, Paris, Provence, Florence, and Rome.

Truly gifted! Catch you back here tomorrow!

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