Featured Artist: Barbara Kitallides!

Barbara Kitallides | Love is a Battlefield 7 | ArtFoodHome.comLove Is A Battlefield 7 by Barbara Kitallides 1200 x 1500mm (47.25 x 59.06″)   Acrylic on Canvas

I ran across Barbara’s work on Pinterest. I mean, how can this not stand out and make you pay attention? Fabulous colors, shapes and movement. Barbara has many different series, this is from the Love is a Battlefield series (great names on all of them!). The pinks and oranges are stunning and the nice blues make them really sing!

Be sure to check out Barbara’s website!

Read a bit about Barbara, from a great blog The Design Files – fabulous photos as well!

All images via BarbaraKitallides.com, used with permission… 

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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