Featured Artist: Hank Buffington!

Jetty by Hank Buffinton

Jetty by Hank Buffington   8×10″   Acrylic

Hank Buffington. A great artist, and a fabulous one to be friends with on Facebook. This man should be a comedian, or at least write a book about his daily life, he is hilarious. I don’t think he always means to be, but he is. His paintings are wonderful. I love the abstractness, along with the wonderful painterly quality that they have. Those dark rocks, with the green, and the light ocean waves and then that fabulous sky. Very nice painting!

Surf by Hank Buffinton

Surf by Hank Buffington   6×8″   Acrylic

Hank paints all kinds of things, but these two grabbed me. Just look at this painting. Look at the wonderful sky reflections in the wet sand. The crashing waves, WOW. Nice one!

Read a bit about Hank, from his website:

I was born in Pennsylvania but did most of my growing up in a somewhat rural part of New Jersey close to the Delaware River. I didn’t appreciate the bucolic charm of the area when I was a kid and a lot of my drawings were fantasies to take me away from it to a more exciting life. Those drawings eventually took me to art school and after graduating I returned home to begin a career as a graphic designer and digital illustrator.

The past several years I’ve taken time off from being a professional artist to be a full-time dad to our FIVE kids. The forced break from the computer has given me the opportunity to resume painting after years of pushing a mouse. In the summer of 2009 I began painting plein air landscapes to broaden my abilities, loosen up, abandon minutia, and gain a better understanding of light and color through the forced discipline of painting outdoors in the constantly changing weather and light.

I live in Lancaster, PA but paint everywhere I go.

So hard to pick just a few… be sure to check out Hank’s blog – I love the Fourth of July Lightning Bugs… fabulous!

All images via HankBuffington.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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