Regular frame vs. floater frame and how to…

Regular frame

Painting by Ken DeWaard

A regular frame or a floater frame? Ah, the dilemma!

Above is a painting with a regular frame, which is fine, but when you have many paintings the frames start to compete for the attention, especially when they’re hung in close proximity to each other – I think the painting (rather than the frame) should be the star!

We have four paintings that we wanted to redo the frames on, two by Ken DeWaard and two by Tim Bell, all painted on canvas panels. We had them in regular frames, but with all our other frames it just got too much. So we ordered some floater frames from Franken Frames. Great company. We had a good experience and I would not hesitate to order from them again, they were wonderful!


See how more of your attention is on the painting rather than the frame? I really like these! It looks even better on the wall! But this gives you an idea.

This is how we put the painting in the frame. We didn’t want to use glue because we tend to change frames out, so we opted for Velcro. We placed Velcro dots on each corner of the back of the riser (photo shows back of frame how we received it from Franken Frames). Then we marked the center of each Velcro piece with red marker and quickly placed the panel, lined up how we wanted it, on top of the back of the frame (back to back). You can then (faintly) see the red dots, so you know where to put the other piece of Velcro. After that simply place it, lined up, into the frame. Tada!

Painting by Tim Bell

Frankenframes. Woohoo!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Regular frame vs. floater frame and how to…

  1. Interesting idea. I like the floater frames MUCH better, especially to give a more contemporary look. One question though…does the other piece of Velcro go on the back of the painting or what? For those of us who didn’t quite get that last step…


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