Featured Artist: Shari Blaukopf!

Carre St Louis Victorian by Shari Blaukopf

Carre St Louis Victorian by Shari Blaukopf

Beautiful watercolors by Shari Blaukopf! Her paintings have such life to them! They are a delight in every way! Shari is from Montreal, Canada – and these two paintings are from that area. Isn’t this such a charming painting?

Brick and Stone by Shari Blaukopf

Brick and Stone by Shari Blaukopf

Look at those shadows! I love them! I also adore the way she painted a few stones to let you know this building is stone, your mind fills in the rest. Such beautiful architecture creates some wonderful paintings!

When you check out Shari’s website, you will see it starts with her Sketchbook, which is a wealth of information and fabulous paintings and sketches. She makes it look so easy! Shari has instructional videos on Craftsy, which is a very cool site if you haven’t heard of it before!

Read a bit about Shari, from her website:

A friend of mine often signs his emails with a short “keep the brush wet…” I try to keep that in mind when I paint. And I think it expresses what I love most about watercolour. When the brush is really wet, when the washes are flowing, when pigment is mixing on paper in ways that surprise me — that’s a happy day. Someone handed me a watercolour brush when I was in my teens, and except for a brief experiment with acrylics and an even briefer one with oils, watercolour keeps pulling me back.

Every time I put a brush to paper I learn something new, and that keeps me painting. Whether it’s in my Montreal neighbourhood or in my travels, it’s always a good day when I can get a bit of watercolour in.

I was fortunate to spend some summers in Maine studying with Edgar A. Whitney, and I don’t think I could talk about painting without giving a nod to this great master of watercolour. The elements and principles of design that he taught — in his entertaining and often emphatic way — come back to me when composing a painting or a sketch, even after many years. That’s the mark of a truly remarkable teacher, isn’t it?

All images via ShariBlaukopf.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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