Featured Artist: Scott Boyle (and workshop – October 2016)!

Roan Mountain Clouds by Scott Boyle 20x24 Oil

Roan Mountain Clouds by Scott Boyle 20×24 Oil

Scott Boyle. Beautiful paintings. Just look at these clouds! Puffy and light – I am a cloud connoisseur, ha ha… they fascinate me! The road leading up to the trees is wonderful and really shows distance, doesn’t it? Beautiful light and shadows in the grass! I think if I were here I would be on the grass gazing up at the sky – watching those clouds roll by…

“Roan Mt. Round Bald – Appalachian Trail” is Scott’s description. I love when artists give you a little blip about a painting. The who, what, when or where makes it that much more interesting.

Scott’s website shows his plein air and studio paintings. This painting happens to be a studio painting, it’s amazing how he has kept it so fresh, as if he were standing in that very spot. Usually I can tell a big difference between an artist’s studio paintings versus plein air paintings, but not with Scott’s. Truly, it’s like he was right there!

Hoyle Homestead by Scott Boyle 12x16 Oil

Hoyle Homestead by Scott Boyle 12×16 Oil

Just look at this home that Scott painted, the Hoyle Homestead, “The oldest known standing structure in Gaston County – Dallas, NC.”

This is such a fabulous house, I love the warm sun on the front of the house and THOSE TREES! What character! A really beautiful painting! Be sure to check out Scott’s website – you can tell that he loves where he lives – the areas that he paints are breathtaking!

Are you looking to take a workshop? Well, you may be in luck! 

Scott will be teaching a 3 Day Plein Air Painting Workshop in Dallas, North Carolina October 11 – 13, 2016 – click HERE for more info!

Read a bit about Scott, from his website:

“North Carolina landscape artist Scott Boyle is a visual explorer, a promoter of plein air painting, and the founder of the North Carolina Plein Air Painters, which organizes numerous outdoor painting events around the state each year.  Additionally, he teaches workshops and frequently speaks on subjects relating to outdoor painting.

While growing up in Indiana Scott was recognized to have unusual artistic abilities from a young age. He was fortunate to have parents who immersed him with opportunities to develop his talent with private lessons and years of study with traditional Brown County Artists in Indiana during his earlier years.

Scott moved to North Carolina in 1987, where his senses were awakened to the rich and subtle beauty of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  He soon discovered that painting small sketches outdoors was the best way to explore the landscape.  He continues in the tradition, commonly known today as plein air painting, following after the tradition of the great 19th Century painters who used this outdoor process as an indispensable tool to produce more meaningful studio works.

Since 2006, Scott has made dozens of trips to the Roan Highlands Region, which encompasses numerous high country grassy balds along the NC/TN border.  He backpacks with his painting gear to capture the visual drama at high elevations.  During the winter, he produces large paintings in his studio from these experiences.

In 2010, Scott was included in the historical Blue Ridge Realists artist group whose work focuses on Western North Carolina scenes. 

Scott currently lives in rural Gaston County, North Carolina with his wife, Esther.” Check out Scott’s Artist Statement as well as the rest of his Bio – good stuff!

Image via ScottBoyleArt.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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