Featured Artist: Carl Bretzke!


Boat for Sale with Motor by Carl Bretzke  11×14″  Oil

Carl Bretzke! Wow! I ran across his work via LPAPA Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA), and was I ever thrilled! What wonderful paintings. I love how Carl doesn’t paint the entire canvas, he leaves bits showing through, that intrigues me, adds interest. His nocturnes (I am a fan!) are wonderful – too difficult to choose, so be sure to check out his website!

Stonington-OverlookStonington Overlook by Carl Bretzke 16×20″  Oil

Another fabulous painting – I love the vantage point. Beautiful light and shadows. Love the homes, the power lines, the water… oh! Everything about it… One thing about Carl’s paintings – he paints a wide variety of subjects. You have to see to believe!

Check out Carl’s 2017 Events as well as his paintings. You will love them!

Read a bit about Carl, from his website:

“Carl Bretzke is a representational oil painter who specializes in urban scenes and plein air landscapes. 

Carl’s work has been described in the Washington Post as “simultaneously intimate and detached…The artist’s unadorned style recalls Edward Hopper and The Ashcan school.”

Carl holds an MD degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Colorado, where he also received a minor in Fine Art. Carl has also trained extensively under Plein Air Painters of America signature artist Joseph Paquet.”

All images via CarlBretzke.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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