Featured Artist: Chris Long!


Bayou Clouds by Chris Long  36×36″  Acrylic [Sold]

Chris Long. Fabulous work – just look at these dramatic clouds! Wonderful! Chris can paint absolutely everything! One thing to note… the paintings on his Daily Paintworks site sell quickly. Although both of these paintings are sold, there are others to choose from, but don’t delay!


Mid-City, New Orleans by Chris Long  12×12″  Acrylic [Sold]

I love clouds, can you tell? Another amazing painting with stunning clouds and fabulous light. Love the power poles/lines. Wow!

Read a fabulous bio from Chris, I love it! Also be sure to check out his website at Daily Paintworks – his paintings are incredible! Chris can paint a variety of subjects, all done so well! Go look!!

“Long began his art career graduating from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts with a BFA in sculpture.  He initially found years of success in the field, exhibiting nationally, instructing, and working on bronze monuments, however when opportunities turned toward 3D computer modeling, he did what any level-headed husband and father does at age 30 – he abruptly quit, moved into a motor coach, and travelled the country selling cookware.  

In 2011 after visiting New Orleans, Long decided it was time to enter into the arts again, but as a painter, with which he had no experience.  It seemed possible to learn while selling work to tourists on the street, so Long stayed in Louisiana and perused painting magazines at bookstores, teaching himself a multitude of techniques through painting thousands of pieces.

He currently travels the country painting and selling his work online and through markets & festivals.  Long hopes to continue painting in a variety of genres until he makes his unavoidable, manic switch back to three dimensional expression.”

All images via Chris Long’s Daily Paintworks Gallery, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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