Bless This House…

Over ten years ago we put down a walkway with pavers in our backyard. At that time there was a little edge that had concrete to hold the brick from shifting. I pressed this nickel-size “Bless This House” trinket into the wet concrete. Usually there is dirt right around it and plants, I brushed them out of the way to get a little shot… I love this!

Funny how I had this post scheduled for today – I wrote it last week (prior to knowing about Hurricane Irma) – so this photo seems really apropos, don’t you think? Not just for our house, but for the many, many homes that have been/are in/will be in Irma’s path. It’s been an exhausting several days of not knowing the direction Irma is headed. As I write this little blip (Friday 9/8) conditions seem more favorable for the Charleston, SC area, and less favorable for all of Florida. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is enduring the wrath of Irma. I think we are all weather obsessed right now – we have hunted for stations that still had gasoline, we’ve got our supply of water, peanut butter, crackers, and, well hell, doughnuts. As of today we should feel the rain, wind and possible flooding mainly on Monday and Monday night. Prayers for those dealing with the devastation, recovery & cleanup. 


Holiday week – posting photos daily for the many of you who are away from the computer. Not a bad idea, enjoy yourselves! Back to normal posting next week…

Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Bless This House…

  1. Love the “Bless this house” button, smart move. Enjoying daily what you post, I believe it is and will continue to be blessed. But you mentioned a small item in your hurricane preparedness- donuts, you have donuts? What’s that address again?

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