Greek Salad with White Beans and Pita

Greek Salad with Cannellini Beans and Pita

Just in the nick of time! After Thanksgiving and maybe being a little overly thankful for all the delicious food – it’s time to take a food holiday – a break… and this recipe puts you back in sync – no meat, tastes great – leaves you feeling like you haven’t stuffed yourself and you still aren’t looking for anything to eat at night – it’s that satisfying.

This is another fabulous recipe from Cooking Light Magazine, what would I do without them? Their recipes are always out of this world good without tasting too healthy! This recipe replaces meat with cannellini beans, it’s tasty and it keeps you full!

Click HERE to print the original recipe from Cooking Light magazine!

What I did differently (for 2 dinner size servings):

I didn’t use red bell pepper. When I mixed up the vinaigrette instead of using garlic powder I took a fresh piece of garlic and made a cut and rubbed it in the small bowl – this gave enough garlic flavor. The only other thing I didn’t do is grill the pita – I don’t have a grill pan, and the first time I made this I heated with a little olive oil in a regular skillet and it really didn’t need all that. Just a quick heat (microwave or in a dry pan for just a minute) worked fine – we used Whole Wheat Pita’s from Trader Joe’s, they have excellent taste.

If you like salad, give this recipe a try, it’s a keeper! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Original recipe via Cooking Light Magazine – Recipe by Adam Dolge

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