Featured Artist: Paige Oden!

The Shell Collectors by Paige Oden 12×16″ Oil

Paige Oden. Beautiful paintings – bright, happy paintings without being too bright. I love the pop of orange and the colors of the sky and water. Nice figures.

Paige’s comments on The Shell CollectorsThis painting is also from my time spent on Balboa Island. I often paint on the island because it is where I grew up and I feel a connection to the simple beach lifestyle and beauty. Also, because of its tight space and natural waterways, it cannot change too much. I mean yes, the tiny beach bungalows have given way to over-sized tiny castles… But if you look at the bay views and canal waterways and alleys, you can see the genuine love of a simple beach day where time stands still.

See more of Paige’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  | Workshops

Read a bit about Paige, from her website:

As the daughter of nationally renowned illustrator Dick Oden, I earned my BFA in Painting and an MFA in Figurative Sculpture, studying under artists such as Ed Moses, Ken Auster, John Lincoln, Stephen Werlick and bay area sculptor Stephen De Staebler. Upon returning from school in Italy in1988 (Fine Arts scholarship) I completed a figurative sculpture scholarship at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C and then finished my MFA bronze works at CSULB metals foundry in 1991.

It was during my CSULB MFA program in 1991 that I also taught painting classes at the nearby Orange County High School of the Arts (aka OCSA).  Now, nearly 25 years later I continue my association with OCSA as the Director of the Visual Arts Conservatory where I get to design and oversee the arts curriculum, guide the 14 member faculty and oversee the admissions process for the OCSA Visual Arts Conservatory and its 200 extremely talented fine art high school students.

Overseeing and redesigning the OCSA Visual Arts Conservatory was an opportunity I could not pass up. While it has deferred my painting career, it is an opportunity to guide and mentor the most talented fine artists of our local future. The OCSA fine arts curriculum is comparable to any arts college with outstanding faculty. I cherish the opportunity to bring in the most talented and often economically challenged student artists and then offer them a curriculum and education that will create a fine arts college portfolio that will get them to the most prestigious art colleges in the world, Yale, RISD, College of St. Martins, SAIC, and on and on. Most of our students could not get to these schools without the leadership of the OCSA. The OCSA experience will change their future forever so how could I not jump at the chance to be the guiding factor in that event!

Throughout my 14 years of leadership at OCSA I have continually painted in my home studio though not at the pace of her pre-OCSA career. I have been awarded many awards for her OCSA teaching career including the OTIS Teacher of the Year Merit Award. I have been lucky enough to receive multiple grants and have studied with Camille Przwodek, Ken Auster, Randy Sexton and Colin Page.

I participate in various regular California gallery exhibitions and sell my work to longtime collectors while acting as the Director of Visual Arts at OCSA and raising my family.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via PaigeOden.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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