Happy New Year – Today begins year 8!

While at the computer with Charlie in the chair (with his feet dug into my back),  I began this blog. I’ve been at it, and have had a daily post appear since 1/1/2011.I started out writing my posts and publishing right away, which was often a challenge, so I soon started to schedule my posts.

I have heard from many of you throughout the year (what a joy!) – I appreciate it so much. What a bunch of thoughtful, oh so cool people you all are! I’ve also had several people tell me that they like my personal posts the most and that they hope I write more of those.

Hmmm, hadn’t really thought about it until y’all mentioned it! I’m happy to share my stories, so I will pop one in here and there – thank you for the suggestion!

During busy times, or when I need a break – I post more photos with a quick blip. I’m back to normal starting tomorrow! That means you’ll see more artists, recipes, house plans (and more personal posts). I want to take this time to thank you for being part of this blog. Those of you who leave comments and send me wonderful emails are definitely a BIG part of this blog.

Thank you! I am grateful!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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