Tis the season… Supporting local artists (of all kinds)!

I grew up in an artsy family. We were always doing something, art, crafts, etc. We grew up playing outside mostly (in Michigan), but in cold or rainy weather we were plenty busy with arts/crafts. My dad was always tinkering on something. He would buy a book and learn how to do whatever it was at the time and then he would do it. Amazed me every time. Made jewelry, polished rocks, made wine, developed his own photos in a dark room he built, watercolor, oils, gouache, fly tying, canoe building, wooden bowl turning, adirondack chair making, jewelry box creator, lamp builder with wood he turned, the list goes on and on and on. I think that’s why I love to figure things out so much!

This bowl has been in our family for what seems like forever. Not sure which art fair my parents bought it at – I’ve always loved it – on a visit several years ago we brought it back with us (thanks Mom and Dad)! So if you see an art fair, take advantage of an opportunity right before your eyes. Find something special that speaks to you and support an artist! They work so hard!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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