Tree – Harsens Island, MI – What a beautiful Island!

This old and broken tree stood out to me as we drove around Harsens Island on the way to San Souci Bar (great view of river and freighters) for a perch sandwich… when I got home it was intriguing but missing something – it needed to be more dramatic – isn’t it nice to be able to change our images to black & white with the click of a button? Remember the old days when you actually had to purchase black & white film?

I love the homes in the distance too. Harsens Island is a great place to visit – you just drive your car onto the Harsens Island Ferry and you’ll be on your way in no time!

The St. Clair River is the international boundary between the United States and Canada. The river carries more freighter traffic than the Suez and Panama Canalscombined. Over 1 billion US gallons (3,800,000 m3) of fresh water per day flow down the St. Clair River, and through its delta region, the St. Clair Flats.

Source: Wikipedia – link below

Read more of the history of Harsens Island via Wikipedia – interesting!

Catch you back here tomorrow!



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