The Laurel Cottage Plan by C. Brandon Ingram!

Laurel Cottage by

This is the Laurel Cottage designed by C. Brandon Ingram. This 992 square foot, two bedroom, two bathroom home has so much class. The design is stunning. Details make it look like a home built long, long ago. To have what looks like a older home in perfect condition with all the modern amenities is a dream come true!

I love the wonderful front porch and the screened porch on the back of this plan. I can imagine using it so often and enjoying every single minute!

The interior of the Laurel Cottage is dreamy. Perfect for elderly parents or relatives to move in and have their own space. The bedrooms are almost identical with a very nice closet and linen closet as well as a bathroom. One bathroom has a tub, the other has a shower. Even though this home is only 992 square feet, it’s designed to feel much larger!

The center of the home is the living, dining, kitchen. Having an open design allows interaction from one room to another but for a smaller home it also makes it feel a bit larger. The living area has 11′ ceilings, and 10′ ceilings elsewhere. A tall ceiling adds such elegance and also the feeling that this is an older home that has been very well maintained! I urge you to check out C. Brandon Ingram’s website – be sure to check out some of the other homes he has built. Stunning!

More info about C. Brandon Ingram:

Website  |  About  | Instagram  | Laurel Cottage House Plan

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