Featured Artist: Vahe Yeremyan!

South Bay by Vahe Yeremyan 19.5x 20″ Oil

Vahe Yeremyan. Wow. There is such a nice abstract quality to Vahe’s paintings. Just look at all the different shapes that make up his paintings. The coast in the distance with the gorgeous blue water, a stunning sky and fluffy clouds just add to the beauty of this painting.

See more of Vahe’s work via these links

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

BIO (this is an excerpt):

My emotions, inspiration and life is about painting; it is as ordinary as breathing-it is natural part of me. I can’t imagine a single day without oil colors, brushes and canvases. I portray the tranquility of nature, extent of the sky, smoothing beauty of landscapes, fruits and light-filled meadows… Harmonious colors and bold compositions helps to keep the conversation to the viewer. I am thankful that life has given me opportunity to be educated by the brightest professors and gain inspiration from the greatest masters of all times. These masterpiece paintings challenged and helped me to explore new techniques, achieve my goals and pursuit the excellence.

My love to fine art inspired me to obtain a Master’s degree in Fine Art and later PhD in Fine Art Therapy. I was happy to be professor in Fine Art department, mentor and share my experience with my students. I always encouraged my students to paint from their heart.

I believe that art is about love and spirit which cannot be fractional; it should generously shared with the world.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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