Flu, Rest, Recover & Prophylaxis

Flu, Rest, Recovery & Prophylaxis
Flu, Rest, Recovery & Prophylaxis

I just heard on the news this morning that the flu is now prevalent in 45 states. South Carolina being one of those states. One of us was diagnosed with the flu (not me) on Sunday. It hasn’t been a good time at all. Thankful that we’re otherwise healthy and that my husband’s fever finally broke. Many are not so fortunate. We had flu shots this year, which can shorten the duration or make it not quite as miserable as if you didn’t get the flu shot. It’s still possible to get the flu having had the flu shot however. I am being treated (prophylaxis so that I don’t get the flu) with the same medication (antiviral) as my husband, but a different dosage (once daily instead of twice and for me, twice as long).

Homemade Chicken and Rice Soup
Homemade Chicken and Rice Soup

Luckily I had many items on hand “just in case”. Gatorade, coconut water, chicken stock, rice, and thankfully, some leftover rotisserie chicken that I froze a few weeks ago. The first day for Fred was tough, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, a few saltines, Gatorade and that was about it. Fearing the same fate would soon bestow me, I ran to the store and picked up ingredients to make Chicken and Rice soup (recipe coming soon). I cannot tell you how good it is! Fred is finishing up his beloved Campbell’s (which always tastes good when you’re sick) and will have mine for dinner tonight. (I like the taste of Campbell’s soup when sick, but it’s got soy in it and I have to avoid)…

The doctor told Fred that he’s contagious for FIVE DAYS (and longer if you still have a fever). So keep that in mind if you have the flu to help to stop passing this horrible flu virus on to others. Get someone to drop off groceries at your door. Both times I went to pick up prescriptions I had to pick up the little pen device to sign the machine saying I was picking prescriptions up. Afterwards there is nowhere to wash your hands, no hand sanitizer, ugh… 🥴

Currently I am under the weather, have felt better, but I don’t have the flu so I am super grateful for that. I made some iced green tea with slices of fresh ginger in it, that seems to help. And I’m heating up this incredible soup. Yesterday’s post was good timing about no longer writing my blog daily. Often, just not daily. Be on the lookout for said incredible recipe!

Everything happens for a reason!

4 thoughts on “Flu, Rest, Recover & Prophylaxis

    1. Thank you Heather. You said it, it strikes hard and fast. Frightening. I was so relieved when Fred’s fever finally broke. From the people I called to find ways to get it down they said this year’s flu has a high fever that is hard to get down. He’s on the other side now, doesn’t feel good, but doesn’t feel like he did those few days. The key is not spreading this to anyone else. Home bound 5 days. It’s a little easier to do that when you still don’t feel great. Soup, liquids, rest are key. 🙏


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