A Healthy Lunch For Hot Weather

Quick & Healthy When the Weather Is Hot

You know how it is when the temperature rises… the thought of cooking/baking isn’t appealing. Sometimes you just want something light, fast and healthy. This couldn’t be easier…

I wrote this when the heat index was around 108℉ 🥵🥵 – We woke up in the wee hours and got outside and walked. Woohoo, nice to have that done before you even realize you’re even doing it, ha ha. It was a warm day and nothing sounded good. Something healthy but not too heavy. Nothing hot. Then I saw this! Sourdough bread (toasted), fresh raspberries and peanut butter. Toast doesn’t heat the kitchen up and it was light and delicious! Strawberries would also be amazing!

When it gets really warm outside, what are some of your go to meals? Salads seem ideal (do you have any favorites?), anything quick, especially if I can make it ahead, earlier in the day appeals to me the most.

Message me your ideas! You can use the CONTACT ME link above or comment on this post (or social media), I’m pretty good about responding when I can!

Enjoy your day! #staysafe

ps – I have no control over any political ads that may appear on this site. My apologies… 🙄

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