The Story of Us ❤️ 28 Years!

The Story of Us – Happy Anniversary Fred!

So many milestones this year… married 28 years – in our house 25 years – and another birthday (earlier in the month). Whew, does time ever fly! So thankful for each and every day! I’m sharing “our story”…

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FRED! You are the love of my life, my sweetheart, best friend and so much more. I cannot imagine my life without you! You are a ray of sunshine, your smile lights up a room. I thank God every day that I met you. I can’t believe we’ve been married 28 years (how can it be when we’re only in our 30’s? Hehe) – Here’s to many more happy and healthy years together. 🙏❤️🙌🥰😘✨🙏

Everyone has a story on how they met, and I always find them fascinating! Whether you met in France while you both reached for the same baguette – your eyes locked and the rest is history, or if you met at Lowes when you went to pick up a plunger – you both reach for the same one, haha, you get the drift. It never has to be fancy – However you met is your story – This is ours…

I love the story of us. I was dog sitting for a friend… I had just arrived and they were introducing me to their new puppy. I saw Fred drive by and pull into his driveway a few doors down. Hmmm. 👀 What a cutie!!! After talking with my friends for a bit I saw him come out of his house – it looked like he was going for a run. Well, there is no time like the present to pop over and say hello, right? I had the puppy on a leash and took him for his very first walk – bless this dog, he walked right up to Fred and sat down. We talked for quite a while. He was so kind and interesting and gorgeous (still is!) – He invited me over to see his house. While on the tour, I noticed his degree hanging on the wall – CHECK. Now I have first name and last name 😉 This was pre-Google – it was pre-computers (at least for the average person). But I had his name, so if I ever wanted to send a card, I had the address and the full name… A few days later it was Easter Sunday. I walked out to pick up the paper and there was a beautiful gift bag tied to the front door. I thought to myself – my friend is so lucky, she has people dropping gifts off at her door on Easter! I carried the large bag into the house and set it on the table where she couldn’t miss it. I walked back outside to get the paper… and thought to myself… I wonder if it could be for me? 99% doubting it, I thought I would just see if there was a card – there was… TO ME! 💃💃💃 I couldn’t believe it! I KNEW who it had to be from. I opened the bag and inside there was a large stuffed bunny – it was beautiful. I still have the bunny, packed in a safe place, ha ha… the card was so sweet. I peeked down the street – no car – I found out later he dropped it off on his way to church. Well, that’s how it went… we were together from that time. We were married over a year later in a pretty chapel in Summerville, SC. We didn’t have (or want) a large, extremely fancy wedding – it was perfect. Everything about it was filled with love. It was beautiful, filled with flowers, and many friends and family – we had the best time and we still do. I thank God every day. Now you know the story if you haven’t heard it before ❤️❤️❤️

A P.S. to the story – the puppy had never been walked on a leash. He did great walking up to Fred but would not walk away – I tried to walk away smoothly, but of course that didn’t happen 👀 – I ended up carrying the puppy home – at least we laughed about it! Laugh whenever you can – it will get you through!

✍️ Until next time…


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