Featured Artist: Janet Ledoux!

Island Woods by Janet Ledoux 38×28″ Oil

This is a place you would like to be, right? I can almost hear the silence in this Island Woods painting by Janet Ledoux.

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When I first saw this painting, I thought about Cathedral Woods (Monhegan, ME) – When you’re hiking through those woods it is so silent, at least until you get nearer to the cliffs where you can hear the ocean. But in the woods it’s silent, and cool, and underfoot feels different, softer, but compacted. Hard to describe. It’s a dream…

For some reason we usually make it to Cathedral Woods on the last day, and are in a hurry, next time, we’ll go there early on and take our time.

What a wonderful painting – it jogs your memory of happy times – the palette is soothing and different, the shapes are fabulous. You will love to see more of Janet’s work!

See more of Janet’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Events

Read a bit about Janet from her website:


I paint in a sunny studio in coastal Biddeford, Maine during the winter months. When the weather permits, I pack my easel and head out in the landscape all over New England to work in the changing weather.  I enjoy the immediacy of the outdoor painting experience. I really see the light and color when I am out in the world working and that translates to art with more truth. When I am in the studio I tend to work on larger pieces and get interested in surface effects and mark making.  I work with oil paints primarily now but I have used watercolor, gouache, pastel, graphite and ink as well. Textiles, sculpture, photography, old master paintings are inspiration as well as other contemporary artists. I am influenced by music and listen to all kinds. 

JANETLEDOUX.COM – (read more via the BIO link above)

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