The Beach at Botany Bay!

The Beach at Botany Bay!

Unbridled beauty is what you’ll find when you stroll the beaches at Botany Bay Wildlife Preserve located in Edisto, SC. This beach is a short walk away from the parking area, so be prepared for a little walk – the splendor of it all is so worth it!

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There are no amenities: no snack shop, restrooms, no anything really. The lack of those things is what makes this place so special! LEAVE NO TRACE is a good thought process when you’re here. You don’t leave anything behind to spoil this stunning beauty – and you don’t take anything with you, not a shell or even a speck of sand. Leave it for others who come to see this astounding beauty!

There are a few very special places that I’ve visited – you know the kind of place that is awe inspiring, that lowers your stress level, the sound of the sea, the cool trees on the beach, the birds… all together it is heaven! Go visit if you haven’t already!

On another note… Enjoy your Labor Day! I’ll be posting some favorite photos this week, back to normal posts next week – Featuring a fabulous artist next Monday, stay tuned! Enjoy and #staysafe!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!); if you are interested, please contact me…


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