2022 Workshops at Bluebird Hill Retreat!

Bluebird Hill Retreat

Most of you have heard of Anne Blair Brown and Trey Finney. Fabulous artists. You may know that they restored a wonderful property to use in the most creative way! Be sure to see the links below to the video and the before and after photos! #WOW Also, workshops scheduled for 2022 with both Anne, Trey as well as a select number of visiting instructors.

What a fabulous place to get away, take a workshop and just be where it’s beautiful and quiet and away from the hustle and bustle. Anne Blair Brown and Trey Finney have really outdone themselves by creating the most perfect and creative spot for you to enjoy. Watch a fabulous video about the Bluebird Hill Retreat.

Check out all the available workshops (a few are waitlist only) – an excellent website, full of information! Click HERE to jump to the Workshops (but I encourage you to check out the entire website!) In addition to Anne Blair Brown, there are workshops by Kathie Odom, Joseph Gyurcsak and Peggi Kroll Roberts! What a fabulous selection of artists! You can also join their website on the home page of the Bluebird Hill Retreat!

Read a bit about the creators of this wonderful place, from the Bluebird Hill Retreat website:

“We are Trey Finney and Anne Blair Brown. Pleased to meet you! Bluebird Hill was built in 1880 and we lovingly renovated the house, barn, and turned the old smokehouse into the cutest bunkhouse! We are excited to share this beautiful property with like-minded creatives who want to soak up the land and get away from it all, if only for a brief amount of time. Come see us! 

To learn more about us, please visit our websites: https://anneblairbrown.com/ 🎨 http://treyfinney.com/

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