Design Inspiration: DeVOL Kitchens

Image via DeVOL Kitchens Instagram | New York Showroom

You know when you run across a good design element (paint color, fabric, wallpaper, etc.) that you can’t get out of your mind? Use it for your next design inspiration! When we moved into our home over 25 years ago, we painted pastel colors, then a few years later once we were settled and also becoming unsettled (we have painted many colors over the years) and having a strong feeling that the pastel colors we selected did not embody the true feeling of our older home (1930’s). We ended up with a gorgeous deep and varying (chocolates) shades throughout the house. Then we were into greys, a nice dark grey that was so classy. Then, all of our inspiration was white… white, white, white. We painted again and everything was beautiful, sunny, airy, bright. Until it wasn’t. #timeforchange

After watching a season of FOR THE LOVE OF KITCHENS (DeVOL Kitchens out of the UK) on the Magnolia Network / Discovery+, we have a new design inspiration image. We love every kitchen that Helen Parker and Paul O’Leary design, they are a brilliant duo! This hand made tile (Emerald Green London Tiles), with the varying shades of green (individually handmade to order in their ceramics studio at Cotes Mill!) is over the top and exactly what we’re thinking about. One day, we would like to have it in our kitchen. Currently our kitchen is white subway tile floor to ceiling. We NEED SOME COLOR. So we’re thinking about Hague Blue (Farrow & Ball) cabinets, tile up to the cabinets on the stove side of the kitchen and up to the windows on the sink side of the kitchen and paint the walls Arsenic (F&B). This is all ONE DAY. But right now, what can we do that will tone down this white without too much $? PAINT. Paint is brilliant. You can transform a space for little money (especially if you do it yourself!)

If you haven’t watched For The Love Of Kitchens yet, please check it out if you love design, or just want to see some beautiful kitchens! You will fall in love with Paul and Helen, they’re amazing and have such exquisite taste.

As shown above, this is the New York Showroom (on Bond Street) – We cannot wait to visit one day! The paint color on the walls in this image is ARSENIC by Farrow & Ball (F&B) and it’s a delightful color that goes so well with the tile. Our kitchen isn’t large, so Arsenic wouldn’t be overwhelming. Cabinets are painted BOND STREET BLUE, which is DeVOL paint (ours could be Hague Blue by F&B, since DeVOL paint is not sold in the USA yet)… but that’s in the future.

We’re thinking greens and blues for three spaces. Our living area where we are in the evening, our study where currently, my husband works from home, but one day the table will be gone and we’ll use it to hang out, relax, read, etc. and our dining room (what you walk into from the entry). Decisions, decisions!

This all started from an image from DeVOL Kitchens Instagram. Our white house will be transformed into a sea of color and beauty and we cannot wait!

This post will continue next Wednesday…

✍️ Until next time…

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