Featured Artist: Frank Gardner – Show at Orleans Modern!

Rainbow by Frank Gardner 18×18″ Oil | Orleans Modern Art

Frank Gardner – uber talented artist living in San Miguel, México – the images are stunning and his paintings are even more so. I love the touch he adds to his paintings. If you’re in the Orleans, Massachusetts area – stop in and check out Frank’s show, it’s going on now!

The show is at Orleans Modern Art, and it’s going to be fabulous! The show started on Saturday, July 9th through July 22, 2022! Go write that on your calendar before you forget!

I love Frank’s style of painting – it captures my attention and I can stay “in his paintings” for a while. The paintings tell wonderful stories (to me). Rainbow is a good example – friends, families all out and about. There is a festive vibe that puts a smile on your face. Frank’s paintings seem to do that – make you feel good about what you’re seeing – a respite in a day filled with news that just shouldn’t be. What a gift to be able to paint like this.

We met Frank many, many years ago in Port Clyde, Maine -when a group of young, very talented artists rented a house and painted morning, noon and night for days on end. It was so much fun passing by them and seeing their work. Each one was incredible – you may have heard of the Paintapalooza group that painted in Port Clyde many moons ago. Frank’s work was amazing then and it’s amazing now. To read a short article about the Paintapalooza group from 2009, click HERE.

Visit Frank’s website to see more of his work and to subscribe to his newsletter also check out Frank’s Instagram (@frankgardner_art) – His paintings are stunning!

FRANK’S BIO via Orleans Modern Art:

Frank Gardner is an internationally renowned artist who lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He paints extensively throughout Mexico, the American Southwest, and the Northeast, where he was born and raised. He is represented in galleries in Mexico, New Mexico, Texas Massachusetts.

Frank makes an annual trip to Cape Cod to visit friends and family, and in search of new subjects to paint.


👩‍💻 Until next time!

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