This one’s mine! 🧡 🍋

A fresh (and beautiful) lemon from our neighbor’s tree!

Living in Charleston just got a wee bit better. Lemons are in season and whoa are they beautiful! Our neighbor has a magnificent lemon tree just bursting with lemons. Have a recipe, need a lemon? Perfect! It’s like a nice pot of basil but even better! I don’t know what he does to make this tree so happy, but wow! This tree is beautiful, especially when the sun is hitting it. The lemons, whoa…

These lemons are divine. Thank you CW for sharing your crop! We appreciate it so much. #toocool!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving as well as the weekend following, to either shop or relax. Hard to believe Christmas is coming soon…

You know what I think may make someone a good gift? A lemon tree! Keeping it light until I am back in the swing of things.

👩‍💻 Until next time… 🍋❤️


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