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Welcome to my blog (year ELEVEN!) – My name is Barbara Stroud… I live in Charleston, SC and I love to write about things that I’m passionate about. ART, FOOD and HOME…  Come back and visit: http://www.artfoodhome.com!

ART I love to share the artists that I come across who’s work I am passionate about with you. There are so many talented artists it truly amazes me. I am an aspiring artist, well, kind of. I need to work alot harder to become a real artist. I have many friends who are great successful artists. I come from a family of artsy people, so I was hoping I totally had the genes to pick up a brush and create a masterpiece… hmmm, nope. Have to do it the hard way… by painting. That’s ok, I look forward to every little bit of information that I receive from various artists! We love to collect art, we have wonderful collection of paintings. Art is like jewelry for your walls. You can have a plain room and dress it up with art work, LOVE IT. FOOD I love recipes, love to cook and bake, so I will include the best of the best here for you! HOME My husband and I love our home. We love to decorate, change things around and find things that are special to us. I will also share the neat places in Charleston, SC that we visit, restaurants, neat shops, galleries, etc.

I also share with you other things that fly through my head that I feel you may be interested in! Check in often or subscribe so you don’t miss anything. It’s my New Year’s resolution to keep up with this blog. It has been my goal to get this up and running by 2011, ok, so I started it at 3:52 on New Year’s Eve (2011)… and need to run to the store, walk the dog, etc. etc., ha ha… I look forward to hearing your comments!

Updated Nov. 20, 2014 – haven’t missed a day… yet! Let me know what you like to read about!

Updated June 11, 2015 – boy does time ever fly! I’m still going strong, haven’t missed a day of posting… Hey, if you’re an artist, and your work jives with what’s on this site, submit your name and website (via the submission page at the top of the screen) – same with architects! Check out that page for more information! I need to give my husband kudos for recommending topics for me to cover, he’s great at it! Thank you Fred!

Updated January 3, 2016 – this year began year 6 of this daily blog, woohoo! Again, thanks go to Fred (husband) for thinking up good topics and reminding me to take photos of food before it’s too late 😉

Updated January 19, 2017 – going strong into year 7. Time flies when you’re having fun 😉

Updated January 24, 2020 – this begins year 10! Beginning this year it’s not a daily blog, but as close as I can get to it! House Plans, Artists, Recipes and Photographs are the main features. I’m aiming for four posts/week – more than enough to keep me busy and keep you with some house plans, recipes and artists to see!

🙌 Updated January 21, 2023 – Whoa, time flies – this begins year TWELVE! I look forward to sharing more cool stuff with you. Things I love and hope you will too. Thanks for checking in!


26 thoughts on “About Moi

    1. Shannon, I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog! My husband and I love art dearly. It’s a big part of our lives… We have met many wonderful artists over the years, most are friends now. I appreciate you taking the time to comment! b


      1. PS… meant to mention that I LOVE your gallery (haven’t been there, but you have a fabulous website), great artists! Frank Gardner and Elizabeth Pollie to mention a few! One day we’ll need to get to Texas for a visit!


  1. Brock

    Hi Barbara, I noticed you enjoy Geer Morton’s work. I have a large collection (around 200) or Geer’s sketches from the 60’s -70’s… They are mostly charcoal on paper and very inspiring! There are very dear to me and I would love to share some pictures of them with you… If you can, send me your email address I will send you some pictures.

    Cheers, Brock


  2. Recently, I was honored with 3 Awards given to me by fellow blogger Wendall A. Brown (foreverpoetic.wordpress.com). It meant so much to me. One of the criteria for accepting the award is to nominate several other bloggers. I wanted to nominate you because your blogs (each and every one of them) has been a wonderful inspiration and joy to me. If you’d like to accept, you can go over to the post at http://serendipityplus.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/beautiful-blogger-very-inspiring-blogger-sunshine-award/ and get the low down on how. Absolutely no pressure. Just know that I think your blog is awesome and worth telling everyone about. Thanks for sharing your life with us. 😀


  3. Thank you for the awards, they mean the world, really! I hope to be able to create a post to forward those awards on… one day soon. Please don’t think I’m ungrateful… just busy ; ) You’ve got a great blog fiztrainer! Keep up the great work!


  4. You wrote a beautful article about Peter Justl and the paintings of horses that he does. TONIGHT at 10 Broad Street, Mary Martin Gallery and Peter Justl are presenting a large collection of his horse paintings for the Gallery Row art walk between 5-8. Drop by if you can.
    Mary Martin


  5. Can’t find an email address for you so I’ll make my request here on your blog. I discovered your photo blog which I enjoy on a regular basis. I’d like to ask a favor of you. My husband and I will be in the Charleston/Mount Pleasant area in Feb and March. Would you please send me the names of 5 restaurants (or more!) that you would recommend. All kinds; just those that you would enjoy; after getting the list, I’ll check menus and prices to see what would appeal to us. Your familiarity with the area is a big plus, and I appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much!! Mura.kate@gmail.com


  6. scott

    Like you, I’m from Michigan. Lived in CHS for over two years. Miss it every day. Thanks for helping me fulfill my dose of Charleston online!


  7. Hello Barbara, I wanted to (belatedly) thank you for including me as an artist feature back in October. It was an honor and your words were very kind. I see that you are a Monhegan fan as I am. I hope to run into you some balmy day on the island with a paintbrush in hand. Your blog is full of life and energy. Keep up the good work! Janet


    1. Thank you for the sweet comment Janet! I really appreciate it. I hope to run into you on Monehgan as well! A fan… ahhh, yes! You know the feeling 😉 Thanks again!


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