Emerging Artist to Watch: Mary Michaela Murray!

Weigh in by Mary Michaela Murray

Weigh In by Mary Michaela Murray  20×30″  Oil

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Continuing on the Artist to Watch Series (relatively new to this blog) is an emerging artist with great style and some really nice paintings. Her name is Mary Michaela Murray. This painting looks like it could be the original for a farmer’s market poster. You know the ones, they’re always so wonderful!. Great shadows and color!

Cut Up by Mary Michaela Murray

Cut Up by Mary Michaela Murray  30×20″  Oil

I have to say, I love when you buy one and get two free! Buy one painting and get the two paintings within the painting! These paintings of paintings are fabulous – Great job. I love seeing paintings of art supplies, paintings, etc. A peek into the artist’s world!

Read a bit about Mary, from her website:

Color moves me, and at once, arrests me—a sunny lemon on a cool blue tabletop; a punch of pink against a neutral gray vase; a patch of grass jumping from the purple shadows. These things compel me to stop, take notice, and breathe. I paint to recapture these moments.

Humble objects and ordinary scenes from my daily life inspire me to linger. It might be an oddly shaped spaghetti squash, the cyan of ceramic bowl, or a simple can of tuna on a counter. From these mundane snapshots I engage the objects, arranging layered relationships between figure and ground, light and shadow, color and value. This is when the fun begins, when I get “out of the way of myself” to freely interpret what is before me, and by tilting planes, jacking colors, skewing perspective, add drama to images we see every day.

In the end, it is not about mirroring what I see but sharing the pleasure I have in looking and lingering.

All images via MaryMichaelaMurray.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

I would like to thank Mary for submitting to my website – what a treat, I hate to think I could have missed an artist!

If you are an Artist (or Emerging Artist) I welcome you to submit your website for a possible ARTIST TO WATCH future feature.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist to Watch: Paulette Insall!

Under the Veil by Paulette Insall

Under the Veil by Paulette Insall  20×16″  Acrylic and Mixed Media

Paulette Insall. An abstract artist from the Portland, Oregon area. Her website is fabulous, and when you read about her, you’ll know why. A lot of work went into it, and it shows off her paintings beautifully. I love the orange color beside the greens in this painting. Nice with the movement and color!

Walk with Me by Paulette Insall

Walk with Me by Paulette Insall  20×20″ Acrylic and Mixed Media

What is it about orange tones and me? I love them. Next to this blue – whoa! Very nice. Love the layers. Paulette has many paintings, be sure to check them out!

Read a bit about Paulette from her website (I love this Paulette!):

So this is where I fill you in you in on the “mission” behind my work….the reason why I paint. Well, fully expressing this in words is quite a challenge, so I’ll start off with a quote I found years ago from artist Georgia O’Keeffe… “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” …so with that in mind, I’ll make an attempt at putting it into words….

My artistic process is about connecting….to my soul, my spirit, and God. My paintings are depictions of my soul’s landscape…….a visual record of my emotions and inner wordless dialog while engaged with the work, my spirit, and my Creator. Much like therapy, the creative process serves as a vehicle for reflection, transformation, and healing…letting what is deep inside, out. It also enables me to immerse myself in the Spirit, which brings me boundless joy and peace.

Much of my inspiration comes from nature and music….I find that both of these create a strong emotional response in my soul. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I am surrounded by a never ending wonderland of lush green forests…..and when the sun hits the tree covered hills….well it truly seems like I live where heaven meets earth. In my paintings, you can see the influence of the music in the flow of my brushwork and the influence of my surroundings in the palettes and compositions.

My hope is when you engage with my art that you will be brought into the present moment and you will see yourself in the work in some way…..that it opens a conversation with your soul….and starts a process of reflection…

…reminds you that you are surrounded by beauty and joy and wonder no matter your circumstances…

…that you are loved by your Creator…

..and that you are never, ever alone.

All images via PauletteInsall.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

If you are an Artist (or Emerging Artist) I welcome you to submit your website for a possible ARTIST TO WATCH future feature.

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Artist to Watch: Robert E. Buchanan!

December Path by Robert E Buchanan

December Path by Robert E. Buchanan  5×8″ Watercolor

Robert E. Buchanan does amazing things with watercolors. December Path is a nice, loose painting. I really like the moodiness of this painting. The sky is so typical of a sky seen in December, isn’t it? Great shadows!

Geometric Mood by Robert E Buchanan
Geometric Mood by Robert E. Buchanan 18×27″ Watercolor | Private Collection

This is another fabulous painting, Geometric Mood. Look at the detail. Quite different from the looser painting above. I love them both. I love the shadows in this painting, it makes it come alive!

Read a bit about Robert, from his website:

The work of Robert E. Buchanan reflects his love of nature and design. His goal is to create extraordinary images from everyday experiences and places. Whether working with watercolor, oil or acrylic, Robert’s work shows a mastery of technique and expression. Light, atmosphere and mood are key elements in all his paintings. His award winning portraits exhibit likeness as well as beautiful composition. 

Born and raised in Norristown Pennsylvania, Robert E. Buchanan received his M.F.A. from Syracuse University. His work is in the Harley-Davidson Museum and he has received over 75 awards for his paintings. Numerous magazines and books have showcased his paintings. Robert’s work is in prominent collections all across the United States.

All images via RobertEBuchanan.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

If you are an Artist (or Emerging Artist) I welcome you to submit your website for a possible future Artist To Watch post!

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Artist to Watch: Dorothy Woolbright!

Summer Finale by Dorothy Woolbright

Summer Finale by Dorothy Woolbright  14×11″  Oil

Dorothy Woolbright has some beautiful old world type paintings. I love those beautiful browns, especially with the pop of color from the sunflower. Very nice!

Be sure to check out Dorothy’s website and her blog!

Read a bit about Dorothy, from her website:

While her career path has led her to teaching and publishing, she has continued in her spare time to pursue her passions of drawing and painting.  Her award winning work has garnered recognition as Best of Show and Director’s Choice in several art shows locally and nationally.

Dorothy’s method of study continues to be a combination of studying the masters’ works, taking workshops and lessons, and keeping her drawing skills sharpened by attending weekly life drawing classes.  Dorothy prefers to paint and draw from life and she has studied painting still life in oil at the Scottsdale School of Art under Daniel Keys, Jean Chambers, and Kathy Anderson and landscapes in oil under Kathryn Stats.  She has continued her study with Qiang Huang and portrait artist, Anna Rose Bain.

She is grateful to her teachers, Kelli Folsom, Dennis Parker and Judy McCombs, whose influences have inspired her to continue her creative path. 

Dorothy lives in Oklahoma City close to her children and grandchildren and travels extensively for creative inspiration and adventure.    

All images via DorothyWoolbright.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

If you are an Artist (or Emerging Artist) I welcome you to submit your website for a possible ARTIST TO WATCH future feature.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist to Watch: Craig A. Carlson!

Dreaming by Craig A Carlson

Dreaming by Craig A Carlson  30×24″  Oil

As you may notice, I have created a new artist-type post that I will pepper in with my regular artist features. A while back I added a page to my site for artists to submit to be featured, they can choose whether they are an “emerging artist” or “artist”. It has opened my eyes to artists I may have otherwise missed. Are you an artist that would like to be featured? If so, see the ARTIST Submissions page, select if you are an Emerging Artist or Artist, and send me your website and email address. It’s that easy. No submitting images (but you do need a website). I look forward to featuring many more in the upcoming year – these will be “Artists to Watch”/”Emerging Artists to Watch”!  I am excited! The talent that is out in this world is truly amazing!

I think this painting “Dreaming” is so wonderful. This woman truly looks like she is lost in thought. The face, the hair, all so fabulous. Wonderful light in this painting. Be sure to check out Craig’s website!

I see that one of his portrait mentors is Ray Kinstler. I have featured him in the past, he’s a wonderful man and an extremely talented artist! A fabulous mentor for sure! Thank you Craig for submitting!

Read a bit about Craig, from his website:

Craig Alan Carlson has been painting original commissioned portraits  and figurative work in oil since 1985. He has an impressive client list of over 1000 portraits. He is always intrigued with trying to capture the essence of the person whom he is painting.

A native of Chicago, Carlson studied commercial art at Western Illinois University and continued his education at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and the Art Students League in New York city. He has been represented by the top portrait agencies in the country. His portrait mentors include  distinguished artists Joe Bowler, Ray Kinstler, John Howard Sanden, and Michael Del Priore.

In his commissioned portraits and his gallery pieces, Carlson seeks to accomplish “enough detail to satisfy, but not bore the viewer.”Always intent on refining his painting techniques,he is intrigued with the variations and applications of color to achieve the most realistic skin tones and lifelike features. “I just love painting people, portraits and figurative work. Nothing excites me more than trying to capture the essence of a person with soft light or sunlight illuminating them. I like doing landscapes and still lifes, but doing a painting with a person in it is really makes me come alive!”

Carlson has won first and second place in the Alabama National Fair and a Purchase Award at the South Carolina State Fair.

All images via CraigACarlson.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!