#3 Bathroom Reno: DEMO DAY!!

Demo Day: What do you want to save?

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#2 Bathroom Reno: Our Inspiration Photos and Ideas!

Inspiration for Hall Bath Renovation |  Image: @amiecorleyinteriors

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#1 Bathroom Renovation: The “Before”…

“Before” – Armoire in front of the doorway | Painting by Nancy Hoerter

We have very little experience when it comes to renovations. Our house was built in 1931. It has oodles of charm (did I just say oodles? 🙄) When we moved into our house the walls and ceilings had been blown with a popcorn texture 😳 – The walls are plaster, so we had them re-plastered so they were smooth. The guys did a fabulous job! We also had all the floors sanded and refinished. Other than that we did everything ourselves, paint, etc. – About 10-15 years later we did renovate our kitchen. We found contractors for each job. The problem is when there is a problem with one it backs up everyone and it’s not easy to get back on the schedule in a timely manner. That’s why we wanted to use a contractor, someone who managed what was going on and noted anything that needed to be changed, etc. We wouldn’t have known the small things that turn out to be pretty big things.  Continue reading “#1 Bathroom Renovation: The “Before”…”

29 Broad Street – Charleston, SC – What a transformation!

29 Broad Street, Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC has some of the most beautiful architecture everywhere you look. However, there are some buildings that are in dire need of repair – Lucky for Charleston, there is a boutique general contractor here that KNOWS exactly how to restore a building to its original glory.

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Rooftops of Charleston!

Rooftops of Charleston

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The Book House – Deforest Architects!

The Book House – Deforest Architects

I usually post a house plan on Thursday, but every once in a while I’m going to start posting stunning homes that I have run across online. I will be featuring some top notch architects/designers, so be on the lookout!

Introducing, the Book House by Deforest Architects. I’m only including a few photos to taunt you, there are many on their stunning (and full of information) website! Be sure to check them out. It’s easy to get lost in their beautiful website!

The Book House was a remodel project of the entire house for two avid readers and their dogs (you’ve got to see the dogs!) – I love the modern details and the steel windows and doors. Especially nice when you have a view, and do they ever! You should see the view from the bedroom! I think that the steel windows compliment this house so nicely.

Gorgeous, right? I can picture myself on that chaise, book in hand… or on the sofa looking out at a stunning view, check it out from another view…

Yes, those “windows” are doors that open to the outside bringing the fresh air in. The back of this home is as beautiful as the front. Jaw dropping… Beautiful!

Check out links for more information from Deforest Architects, so many beautiful projects that they’ve taken on from around the country, you just have to see to believe:

Website |  Blog  |  Instagram

A little information about The Book House:

Awarded First Place – Northwest Design Awards

Project Team: Ted Cameron, Eric Nebel
Interior Design: NB Design Group
Structural: Evergreen Design
All images via DeforestArchitects.com , used with permission…
Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

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Paint color for walls – Something dramatic!

Wall color...

Old Navy by Benjamin Moore – Paintings, see below…

We love to change paint colors. It’s a problem. We probably need therapy, but it makes such a difference for a pretty insignificant amount of money. We love the all white look. LOVE IT! The creams and whites. We tried it. Painted the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and it was horrible. Capital H Horrible. The bathroom is fine, but the bedroom and living room, ugh. At first I thought I LOVED it, my eye went straight to the window and grabbed the green from the trees. Beautiful. Then we hung our art, put back our rugs and oh. Hmmm. Not so much. It didn’t flow.

We have had a medium brown(Kuba by Ralph Lauren – no longer made) in a few rooms and a dark grey in the dining room. We bought a sample can of Benjamin Moore paint (I love how they do that). I painted the room I thought we would start with, the dining room. A nice, dark navy. This is the brightest time of day, it usually looks more like the left hand side versus the right hand side.

I thought the brown worked so nicely with all of our paintings, but whoa, I didn’t realize how there is blue in all the paintings. Sweet! We have since decided not to start with the dining room, so the above has since been painted back to Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal. The color above is Old Navy – we may keep it or try it a bit darker (custom color, they’re so good at) – although, living with this blue, I think we want it to read blue and not black, so we may go with Old Navy… It’s good to live with it for a while – I will keep you updated!

Top: Julia Nichols, Bottom two: Ken DeWaard Subject: Monhegan!

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