Artist to watch… Otto Lange!

"Milkman" - Image:

OK, who here remembers the milkman? You know, the man who delivered milk and other dairy products to your house each week. Well now the secret is out, I’m old enough to remember and I kind of miss the concept of the milkman! How nice would it be to answer your door and have your dairy products right there? Or reach inside the milk box that was outside the door in case you weren’t home? Well, I think the milkman era has long been gone, but here is a painting done by a very cool artist entitled “MILKMAN”. I just happened upon this artists website and it’s just so different. Very realistic images. The artist’s name is Otto Lange and he lives in Athens, GA. He has work in several galleries…

He’s been in several publications, has a great BLOG and WEBSITE… So if you get a chance, check him out!

Oh… this has me now thinking about the bread man… He. Had. Pastries. I guess I’m glad there is no longer a bread man… I think I’d be in trouble!

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Artist to watch… Greta Van Campen!


Hey! It’s not too late! There’s still time to catch this show at the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine! I first saw Greta’s name mentioned while reading Colin Page’s Journal (if you haven’t read it… it’s addictive, this is one VERY talented artist, who shares a wealth of information). Greta’s work is so different. I am impressed. This is one girl with some energy! She has a great WEBSITE and BLOG. She’s in a fabulous gallery, the DOWLING WALSH GALLERY. So if you are fortunate enough to live anywhere in the Rockland vicinity and haven’t seen Greta’s show yet… I would find a way to make it over there…

Here’s a blip about Greta from the Dowling Walsh website:

Greta Paints America

“Over the course of 2011, I plan to visit all 50 of the United States and paint a portrait of America. The act of painting helps me to look more closely and honestly at all that is around. I want to explore contemporary America, while also learning about the history of the land and people in our country. I want to meet individuals from all walks of life and listen to their stories. My goal will be to preserve and share the experience of paying close attention to all that I see and learn by capturing it in paint. A car will serve as my main mode of transportation, but I’ll also be traveling by plane, bus, rail, boat, and foot. I want to begin the project with loose guidelines: one year, 50 states, oil paint, an open and curious mind, and the desire to learn, listen, explore, and look closely. Hopefully, if I hold true to those guidelines, the project will develop organically, leading me to many great discoveries!”

Greta will have a solo exhibition at Dowling Walsh Gallery from Friday, September 30th through Sunday, October 30th, 2011.

One more image… from Dowling Walsh’s website… check them out for more!


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Artist Carol Marine… House lost in Texas fire, can you help?


I know Carol Marine through her wonderful blog (Carol Marine’s Painting A Day) and Facebook. By now most of you have heard about the devastating fires in Texas… It has destroyed nearly 800 homes and displaced countless people. Artist Carol Marine and her family recently found out from a neighbor that their home was completely destroyed. Absolutely. Nothing. Left. Ugh. The good thing is that Carol, her husband and her 6 year old son are all OK. Her husband was brilliant in thinking to drive both cars, one with the camper… so they are set up in a park until they can determine what to do next. Fire insurance is great, but the benefits aren’t instant. It’ll be a while… It’s hard to imagine losing everything. I don’t know Carol personally. I know a lot of people who DO know her. From what I’ve always heard, she is just the nicest person, willing to help anyone at anytime.


Carol has many friends. She is a fabulous artist. What more can be said? How about… would you like to buy a painting OR contribute to a fund set up to help out?  Artist Frank Gardner has several of Carol’s paintings at Galeria Gardner, he is waiving his portion of the sales so that 100% of the purchase price goes directly to Carol. Another good friend of Carol’s has set up an online fundraiser. Can you help?

Here is a small portion of the entry, click HERE to be taken directly to the online fundraiser page.

They had good insurance, but it will take time for that to all kick in, so I’d like to help them in the meantime.

Please consider making a donation below to help them get back on their feet.

It’s true, the most important thing is that they’re safe. They are my family and I love them all dearly. But my heart aches for everything they lost – all the mementos, all the memories, their sense of sanctuary.

Thanks for your help. And please say prayers for everyone that lost their house, dear pets, or is still in harm’s way.

With love,


We all need to help each other out when we can… if you don’t have extra money right now, a prayer, a good thought, any positive energy sent Carol’s way would be most appreciated.

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Artist to watch… Frank Bruckmann!


What a unique story this artist has! Meet Frank Bruckmann. I first ran across this artist when searching for blogs about Monhegan. I found one called MONHEGAN SOJOURN, it was fabulous, not only did it showcase Frank’s art, but it included stories and pictures of Monhegan Island, a great love for many of us! I see that since the family has moved off the island they have started another blog (click HERE), more great art, stories, etc. I urge you to check it out! Also check out the artist’s website! The featured painting is entitled FROM WHITEHEAD and can be found on the artist’s website under the MONHEGAN tab!

Here’s a blip from Frank’s website:

Frank began his studies at the DuCret school of Art in New Jersey, and then took classes at the Art Students League in NYC. In Paris he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and spent nearly a decade in France and Spain, copying the masters in the great museums, and painting landscapes in the cities and countryside. 

Now a resident of New Haven, CT, Frank has found endless subject matter for landscapes in New England, but periodically packs his easel and travels farther and wider in his VW camper. 

How exciting is that? Check him out! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist to watch… Carol Marine!


Carol Marine… I found her years and years ago while searching through different painting a day sites. Carol’s blog is amazing, a painting a day… absolutely spectacular! I try to use an image that is still for sale when I post an entry. There are so many SOLD paintings, it was tough! They’re all so good, so happy… if you get a chance, check out her website, … Then check out her blog ( ) you will flip! So many amazing paintings! Oh happy day!

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Artist to watch… Daniel Corey!


Daniel Corey… another artist to keep an eye on, his work is outstanding. If you get a chance check out his blog, full of information AND very entertaining! Click HERE to get to his blog… Dan is represented by Camden Falls Gallery in Camden, Maine, the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island, Maine and Coco Vivo Gallery in Charleston, SC. Links are provided on his blog. Go ahead, check him out!

 This painting entitled LEGACY is awesome. Anyone who’s been to Monhegan likely will remember this beautiful lobster boat!
Catch you back here tomorrow! If you get a chance, check out my photo blog at !

Artist to watch… BRIDGET JENNINGS!

A wonderful artist to keep an eye on is Bridget Jennings. You can look at Bridget’s paintings for a while and always see something fresh and new. Her Mackinac Island paintings are so happy (AND such a great souvenier, better than some old bauble that’s going to get tossed into the first garage sale pile!) and bright. Her light and almost whimsical airiness gives the store front paintings such character. Bridget lives and paints in Algonac, MI where she grew up on the river and her local paintings reflect her love of the water. There are boats everywhere in Algonac, and Bridget can paint them! Check out her website!

Below are three of her paintings, the first one is DOCKED UNDER THE WILLOWS  (Algonac, MI) the second is KILWIN’S FUDGE SHOP  (Mackinac Island, MI) and the last one is MONHEGAN MOORING  (Monhegan Island, ME), it’s a small taste of the collection that she has painted! Enjoy!

Docked Under the Willows
Kilwin’s Fudge Shop
Monhegan Mooring

  Bridget is more than a great artist… she’s my sister, and she’s the best!

Bridget painting on Mackinac Island, MI