The N E W R E A L I T Y

Positive Thoughts Amongst the Covid19 Pandemic

Here goes, most recent first…


Whew, we’ve been busy. Busy staying home. We have done our best to stay at least six feet from everyone and only go out when necessary. We ran to the grocery store today and I SCORED some packets of yeast! Made an oatmeal bread #todiefor What a treat! I even left plenty for others to buy #icouldhavemadeafortuneonebay #imnotthatperson You really appreciate it when you can’t have it. Like so many things, the simple things in life that we take for granted like toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, EVEN FREEZER BAGS WERE SOLD OUT! I swear we need a little chest freezer. It would be nice, but it would also be nice to not worry about it during hurricane season, which I read is going to be a doozie this year because the water is so warm. Tropical storms may start this year in MAY! Oh good grief, one disaster at a time. I’m still thinking about areas around the country where recent tornados have done so much damage.

On the positive side… I’m getting in a lot more exercise than I used to. We try to walk early at least on weekends, before it gets too warm. Then we take several bike rides around the neighborhood and back home. It’s nice to say hello to a neighbor from the street. #keepingourdistance I have to say, I’m still seeing people gather together and not distance themselves. I don’t get it. They must not watch the news or read about what’s going on… The President, thankfully, isn’t going to get the nation back to work by Easter, a thought that would have spread this pandemic like wildfire. We are now to social distance ourselves from each other until the end of April. I would guess it will extend past that date, but they can only take it day by day, it’s hard to predict something that is so vicious!

I’m thankful that our Mayor in Charleston issued a Stay at Home order (other than to exercise, walk your dog).


I mentioned this on FB yesterday, I cannot believe how some people (I thought) were hoarding certain items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and now the latest… flour (I’ve read) and yeast (I know for a fact)  – my initial thought was HOW MUCH YEAST DOES A PERSON NEED? How many loaves of bread are you going to bake? Then as I was looking at online sources (all sold out) one source kept popping up.   eBay! I have to say eBay is not where I would even feel comfortable purchasing a food product like yeast what the hell is going on? #stopthehoarding Yesterday a $5 bag of yeast was being AUCTIONED  33 bids with almost 10 hours to go and it was up to $52! I wonder what it sold for with almost ten hours remaining? I wish there was a REPORT button beside items. Just like the Equate brand zinc lozenges I saw on Amazon  – 18 lozenges on Walmart site $2.97 but sold out. On Amazon they were $79!!!!!!! Peruse items you think people may be looking for and see the shocking amounts being paid! #notme #dontbuyit #investigatingirishsodabread #noyeast

ON A POSITIVE NOTE… We are so fortunate to have a 90 degree sunny and non-humid day. We took a long walk early and two bike rides throughout the day. It feels good to be out I am wishing for an early spring for the rest of you!

💇‍♂️ FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020

Well the cases of Coronavirus continue to rise. The United States has now surpassed other countries in the number of confirmed cases, and we don’t even have many tests… The stimulus bill was passed which should help so many at least for a while. I am happy to hear that people will feel relief soon. These are trying times, don’t let it get to you. We are all feeling the stresses of this in our world.

On a positive note… Fred knocked off work (from home, thankfully), and he said, How about a haircut? Well… it’s not like we’re going anywhere, right, so how bad can I mess up? He got his clippers out and I watched a quick video, then got to business. Hey, it turned out pretty good! Yay, me! Ha ha. #desperatetimes #heyshedidprettygood

What would we do without the Internet or YouTube to show us how to do things, to watch free concerts, to view museums. Since many libraries are closed, remember you can read ebooks online – visit your local library’s website. I sure do miss our library being open as well as all the businesses nearby.

The weather is heating up – just whipped up a tuna melt for dinner, tasty. Now going to sit out in the fresh air for a bit, then take the dog for a walk. I hope you’ve been staying home, staying entertained, I know I have. #cleancleanclean

Enjoy your day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow – DO NOT STRESS, as a friend of mine (Jen!) said – just PREPARE. She’s right. We are as prepared as we can be.

🍞 THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2020

Let me start on a positive note and say, whoa! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY, sun is shining with clouds (which I LOVE), the temperature is going to 69 and the dew point is low (it’s not humid). Absolute perfection! This weekend it will soar to high 80’s and in some areas 90. It feels good to be outside, still home, but being in the backyard is so nice!

Today’s topic that I’m sure every one of you have experienced: Product shortages at the grocery store. It’s crazy to still see empty shelves. The shortages started out with toilet paper, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer (and still remain) – and now… bread yeast – and I just read FLOUR. I bought a 3 pack of yeast a week ago. Oh, how I wish I would have bought the jar!

Yesterday, I pulled out and dusted off the bread machine. With no bread in stores, and no bread in my mouth for the past several weeks, I thought it was high time to whip up a loaf. I measured out all of the ingredients, toasted the oatmeal, set them out in order (you have to add to the bread machine in a specific order). The last item = yeast. The ONLY item I did not set out because I KNEW I had it! Turns out it went missing. We tore this house apart. Every drawer, every shelf, the refrigerator, bags, no luck. My guess is that while unloading a bag it may have gotten tossed. #thatsokimgoingtogetskinnyhaha

So… I went online to see if ANYONE has it. No. Well, Walmart not near here, it says they have it, but is it worth it to run out for one item? Definitely not. And not to Walmart. I’m staying away from big stores, and running in and quickly picking up what I need. As the cases of Covid 19 are rising at an exponential rate, I think I will wear gloves on my next trip and I will wait until I really need things so I can stock up again so I don’t have to go out.

On a positive note (because I really am trying!) on a trip to Harris Teeter (grocery store) a few weeks ago for items that they were out of, like everyone else – I saw they had a new shipment of geraniums, they were beautiful. Hell with it. Time to buy something pretty to make us smile through this… #dowhatchagottado

I’m so proud of Charleston, SC for closing things down, they mean business. It’s either that or the obvious will happen. So, we are good with it. We are staying home except to take Charlie for a walk. There is plenty to be done. The weeds are popping up #alwayssomethingtodo – I started a book but keep stopping because my concentration levels are down a bit. Need to get back to it, because there is no better escape than getting lost in a book!

Tonight for dinner… pasta with sautéed zucchini, onion and banana pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan. Out of lettuce, but have 1/2 of an English cucumber and some little tomatoes, so might make a little cuc/onion salad to go along with!

☕️ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 2020

During this unsettling time I am grateful. I’m sitting here this am drinking wonderful coffee and reading a book which is transporting me away from worries and straight to Nantucket. No worries (and no packing! 🙌) and most of all I’m still at home. Where everyone has asked us to be.
It’s so hard for me to not jump up on my soap box and preach to people that they not only risk getting sick themselves, they risk getting others sick. Now is not the time to go visit people especially if you’ve been in a compromising situation such as a plane, a large gathering of people, or God forbid, a cruise ship. No matter your age you have GOT to start doing the right thing. The governor of NY has done so much for his citizens – he just received 7,000 ventilators yesterday yet they are still 30,000 short. Think about that – over 37,000 people need a ventilator.  That alone should make you stay home. Thinking it won’t happen to you because you’re young – WHOA – it’s NOT true, it CAN happen to you! Worse yet, you can spread it to some unsuspecting person who is being so careful – this virus spreads easily.

Believe it or not. The subways in NYC are full of people crammed up against each other as if it were a normal day. Now some people are leaving New York and spreading it to other areas.


The frustration is mounting. My dreams are always happy but are now troublesome. I’ve limited my news intake. That helps. We are staying home until we absolutely need something at the store. We are good for a while. No complaints here about eating RAO marinara sauce and Barilla Plus Penne. So far I’ve managed to refrain from brownie or cookie making and made a huge fruit salad that should last days.

As I sit here this AM, drinking my beloved (whoa, that was dramatic) coffee I remain thankful. Thankful for Fred, my husband. Thankful for our families who we talk to on a daily +++ basis. Our friends, especially the one friend who offers so much wonderful advice. Thank you Dr. G! You help to put things in perspective and I appreciate it so much, and to another friend, Jen – who always offers wise words – you are so appreciated!

So, today is starting a new day. I’m vowing to do at least one (maybe two) yoga classes. Trying to worry less. Now is the time to pull out a coloring book  Seriously, it helps! The only time we go out is to sit in the backyard or walk Charlie. It’s nice to run into others from a distance. #weareallinthistogether and we are definitely #strongertogether

I am so thankful – I just pray there is an end in sight sooner rather than later (to this virus). I do think it is pulling people together – slowing them down. It’s not something we want to happen but it’s here and if we each do our part by staying away from others it will be gone sooner rather than later.

#doyourpart #beresponsible

📣 TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2020

What trying times we are in. I just listened to Mayor John Tecklenburg’s speech (Charleston, SC) – he mentioned how South Carolina is “entering the acceleration phase” – now is the time to take further action to get people to stay home, social distance and help flatten the curve, before it’s too late. City Council meets on a daily basis (via Zoom/not in person) – and updates us daily. I am thankful to live in a city where they are taking it so seriously. There are so many restaurants and so many people affected by closures. I know this decision didn’t come easily.

We’ve heard health experts warn this country that we will lose thousands of people if we don’t take this seriously. Yet people continue to gather. It’s frustrating because if people could just stay home for 14 days we could be in a much better situation. Our hospitals are already overwhelmed, and they are at the beginning stages.

The acceleration phase that I mentioned means that there is “significant community spread, and that we’ve entered the period of maximum danger for our citizens, with infection rates and deaths due to this disease set to rise exponentially.”

No one wants to keep the city (or country!) shut down forever. This virus is hurting everyone. I think this is the smart thing to do, actually the ONLY thing to do at this stage. I don’t want to lose anyone or even KNOW of anyone who has got to lose someone to something like this, especially when it’s preventable if you just stay home.

I think I will order more Christmas lights… that will bring a smile to my face right now… Why don’t you join me? #youprobablyhaveastringintheattic #nowisthetime #strongertogether

🎄 MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2020

Strings of lights  Beacons of hope.

People across the country are putting up a string or two (or more!) of Christmas lights to help spread hope to us all. I thought it was a cool idea, so I put up several strings of lights. This morning when I woke up it was still dark, as I walked to the front of the house I saw that my husband already had the lights on. What a cheery start to the day to see the lights twinkling outside! Read more via Southern Living!

I see so many people offering wonderful things, mostly online viewing – from art to nutrition to movies or yoga classes! #wereallinthistogether

Today “Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued Monday a Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order requiring Michigan businesses to suspend in-person operations from 12:01 a.m. Tuesday through April 13 to help stem the spread of the novel coronavirus.” This is to help stop the spread of the virus as well as to help give  the hospitals that are overwhelmed and working without enough proper safety items such as masks, gloves and face shields, not to mention hand sanitizer. (Listen to it via the link above in orange).

I hear about people congregating still. Not keeping the 6 foot distance that they need to. Beaches were packed with people until they were closed. Then the boat landings were packed with people. Now more than ever is so important to take this seriously and STAY HOME. Be smart, wash your hands every time before you eat, or if you go anywhere or just because it’s smart!

Did anyone else read the article that said if we all stayed home and six feet away from each other then this could be over in 14 days? Truth? Who knows, but judging by the sound of things it doesn’t seem like keeping people home or having them do the right thing is happening completely. Charleston, SC Mayor Tecklenburg gave a speech yesterday. He is always mild mannered and soft spoken. You could hear the frustration in his voice. Why aren’t people listening? Is it because they think it can’t happen to them? Do they not realize it spreads to other people, and YES, it IS possible that they too can get sick?

We are doing our part. I want this to go away. I do not want healthcare workers traumatized. I have family and friends who are like family that work on the front lines of this mess. I want them to be safe. 🙏

If you make a quick trip to the store call a neighbor and see if they need anything.

#stayhome #besafe #weareallinthistogether #stayinghomecouldsavealife #EASY!

🧹 SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2020

I have to say I’m avoiding the news for the weekend. But I did read a snippet that said that a new Covid19 test is coming soon, one that will yield fast results. I’m thankful for that because I don’t think there has been much testing here in our area. When you look at our overall numbers, they’re low, but I think they’re low for a reason. We need those tests. I have read about people waiting days and days for results – which is risky, especially if they don’t exhibit any symptoms.

Prepare as my friend Jen says. Once you’re prepared you can be home, there is so much to do! When in doubt… CLEAN! Haha. A garage, an attic, a basement – you know, those areas that we tend to put off. I think I have my pantry in alphabetical order by now (KIDDING!!). When in doubt move your silverware drawer to a different location – that’ll keep you busy for months, ha ha. #truestory

Beaches are ALL closed here I believe, most nonessential businesses. Although I did read that people are shopping for beach things at Lowes and for plants. I really wanted to get some plants because what better time to start a garden, right? But.. .is it worth risking getting myself, my family or someone I don’t even know sick?

Absolutely not. #wearehappytostayhome

Also, just wanted to mention that this page “The New Reality” is not meant to seem like this is the new “normal”. It may be the new reality and new normal FOR NOW. Praying this passes and passes quickly – how quickly it passes depends upon how many people can heed the advice to stay home with the exception of doctor, pharmacy or quick run to the grocery store.

I’m looking so forward to my post tomorrow 🙂  I think you’ll like it too! It may give you an idea 🙂

🍞 SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2020

Fred has teleworked all week (thankfully) and has been remarkably busy. Charlie and I have been in the sunroom busy with our own projects. Blog, researching anything and everything regarding what’s going on in the world. We have everything we should have to stay at home for a while (hopefully) without having to make another run out to the store for something.

We walked yesterday and ran into neighbors, so we were able to visit from a distance which felt good. We aren’t people who get bored being at home, but still there is such an unsettled feeling in the air with what’s about to come our way (or most likely what is already here, but because we are testing only a tiny few we have no idea how many people may have this virus). Kids are still going to the beaches in droves. It’s spring break. I get it. But putting someone else in your family (or ANYONE) at risk – I cannot comprehend. I can tell you I could not have a good time going to the beach. However, I’m a few years older than all the kids that are there. Just a few! ha.

We had to pick up more food and medication for our dog yesterday at West Ashley Veterinary Clinic. I have to say, they have thought their process out so well. You call to tell them what you need. Then once you are in the parking lot you call to let them know you’re there and they bring what you need to the car after you pay over the phone. If you have to have your dog examined there is a drop off point. You hand off the dog, they take it and do their part and then bring your dog back to you. Minimizing exposure to their staff and to you. I commend them for their efforts. It’s a lot more work on their part for sure.

I woke up this morning after actually sleeping last night – was going to read, but checked email and got sucked in (NOT TOMORROW!). Then we putzed around. Cleaned, ran to the store hopefully for the last time. I made a potato salad (forgot about the potatoes while doing something else, so it’ll be more like mashed potato salad, but it’ll still be good). After I cleaned that up I made a Date Walnut Bread recipe from America’s Test Kitchen – I’ll let you know how it is. It kept me busy for a while!

I printed a page of Colin Page’s Coloring Book that he’s working on – so would like to work on that and snap a picture to share to Facebook. It’s nice how so many are offering things to help keep people busy. I am the #queenofbusy Thank you to Colin and The Page Gallery (check out their blog!)

It’s a warm one here today, was 90 in the car… cooling down tomorrow. Keep busy.

Wash your hands | Clean your phone | Take a walk!

🐓FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2020

Good morning – the new reality is still upon us and looks like it will be for some time. There is so much to get used to. Lack of social contact, keeping our distance while running to the store for a few things, finding things to do without leaving the house.

I made a quick grocery run this morning, no toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, acetaminophen, etc. but I did score some chicken at Whole Foods #winwin and a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer which is the first I have seen in weeks. Harris Teeter was without cart wipes this time 😳 which gave me a freaky moment. We are good for a while, need to get gas at some point but will be there when they open and get in and out. There are a few things we need but not immediate so we are good and #hunkereddown (that was for my friend Penny)… instead of self isolating, I think hunkered down seems a bit more positive!

I see so many business offering free things, like online yoga videos (I think i’ll do one once I finish this!) – art challenges, virtual museum tours, etc. If you aren’t already on NextDoor in your neighborhood, now may be a good time to join. Get in touch with your neighbors (it’s free!) and see what’s going on without contact. A very creative woman in our neighborhood came up with a scavenger hunt for kids today. HOW COOL IS THIS? She asked anyone who wants to participate, please put an object (that you would not normally see) in your front yard. Kids (and adults) will stay on the sidewalk. Leave the item out from early AM until dark since kids won’t be all doing this together. They can be walking and visiting, and still be keeping a safe distance from others. She encouraged ANYONE who wants to do it to participate. 🙋‍♀️

If you’re running to the store – check with a neighbor to see if they need anything. Another tip – those of you with battery thermometers, you may want to check the battery!

Be safe! Stay home! Let me know what’s going on, what you’re up to – or anything else! 🙏

🌎 THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020

This was meant to be blog within a blog… However, I’m just going to add to it each day. The most current will be at the top!

I cannot NOT mention all that’s going on in the world, with Covid 19 (Novel Coronavirus) – this country, this WORLD is going through something unprecedented – These posts are my reaction to what’s going on in the world. Please join me and share YOUR thoughts. #stayhome #besafe 🙏🤞🙏