This is THE roasting pan to get for your Christmas bird!

Cuisinart MCP117-16BR roasting pan/Image:

THIS is the pan to get. I can tell you from experience… We used it on Thanksgiving Day, greased the rack and the bird with olive oil, tossed a little salt and pepper and whipped it into a convection oven where it came out tan and crispy. I then used the pan to make the gravy… Let me just say… AWESOME! It’s beautiful, looks like a piece of art! We invested in a nice roasting pan because I didn’t want a repeat performance of the last holiday that we hosted… turkey made to perfection, using a cheap nonstick roasting pan with a nonstick rack. Turkey was perfect. Started to make gravy and I’m thinking to myself “What are all these black floating things”?? You guessed it… THE PAN! So I started over with the gravy, thanks to a call to my dad, Christmas was saved and the gravy was wonderful! So BEWARE if you have a nonstick roasting pan… no need for it, since when you make gravy it deglazes all the stuff on the bottom, so nothing sticks anyway!

(Note: I bought this roasting pan at Coastal Cupboard in Mount Pleasant, SC, but it’s readily available everywhere, as well as AMAZON, click HERE for link!)

Knowledge is power. Hee hee… Catch you back here tomorrow!