Tzatziki – Oh, la la!

Who in the world doesn’t love tzatziki? I cannot imagine there could be a soul alive that doesn’t jump at the chance to devour it, and making it at home is beyond quick and easy. I have purchased the store bought kind, but it never measures up to a good Greek restaurant’s tzatziki, until now!

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Celebrate Good Times!

What a wonderful week!

I cannot believe how quickly time goes by, you may have heard me say that a few times this past week. But it’s true! So if there is something you’ve wanted to do, make plans to do it. I know with COVID it’s not the time for everything, but you can use this time to PLAN for when this extended pandemic is over!

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Quick Cold Cucumber Soup – A favorite!

Cold Cucumber Soup – FIVE STARS! – Recipe by

You are looking at utter perfection in a very pretty glass. This cold cucumber soup recipe is what dreams are made of. Short ingredient list, comes together SO quickly and lasts a few days in the refrigerator. It’s pretty and more importantly it’s COLD and bursting with flavor! Seriously, a ten minute soup (well, a little extra with prep time, but not much).

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Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe!

Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe | Bonus: Makes two loaves!

We were in the middle of a heat wave. Charleston, as many of you know can get quite steamy. Heat index was 117℉ 🥵 – what better recipe to make than a batch of pumpkin bread? You know, have the oven going… brilliant! Actually, it really was. It was delightful to have a slice of pumpkin bread for breakfast or a hearty snack. It only bakes (in my oven) for 40 minutes (some ovens may take a bit longer) and POOF, you have two loaves of heaven right in front of your very eyes!

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The BEST Rhubarb Pie Recipe Ever!

The BEST Rhubarb Pie Recipe EVER!

I am not being overly dramatic when I say that this is THE best rhubarb pie recipe EVER! It’s a culmination of a few different recipes, deletes of some ingredients (spices – I love rhubarb pie very basic, it’s that good). I also have found THE PERFECT PIE CRUST (hint, you don’t even have to make it)! It tastes homemade, and I am beyond thrilled at this discovery! I had to make this pie twice to be sure I had the recipe just right 😉

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Best Banana Bread Ever!

How many of you buy bananas, wait for them to ripen and when you go to grab one they are DONE. As in speckled and smell very sweet, but not the type most of us like to peel and eat. If you’re like me, you have tried MANY different banana bread recipes. This one isn’t DIFFERENT (no chocolate, oats, etc.) – but it is so tasty (with minimal sugar) – it’s Classic – and it’s divine. Banana bread usually starts to dry out a few days after you bake it. This photo is day 3… (Yes, it took me that long to remember to get a shot!)


Spinach Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Fresh Corn – Spring is here!

Spring/Summer Pasta – Quick & Easy!

The temps are getting a bit warmer and the humidity is starting to creep up… What to do for dinner? Well, I don’t know about you, but one thing NOT to do is to turn on the oven. It seems to heat up our kitchen and ugh, makes me not want to eat. So I was trying to think of something quick to throw together with fresh ingredients…

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Veggie Pasta with Walnuts, Olives and Feta!

MmmmMmmm Good!

This “recipe” is a family favorite. My mom has some rendition of this most days of the week. Pasta (all different pastas, brown rice pasta, regular pasta, multigrain pasta – each adds its own twist) – This is a pretty quick meal that you can change up to use what you’ve got. Don’t want to use pasta? Use Zoodles or the like, I think a little pasta will keep you full longer, just load up on the veggies.

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A Breakfast That Will Keep You Moving!

Yes, even I overcook eggs… #damnit

Decisions, decisions. What to make for breakfast? What to make for lunch? What to make for dinner? Is anyone else becoming weary from thinking about it a little too often? I wasn’t sure what I wanted, I just knew it wasn’t scrambled eggs, or a sourdough English muffin. I wanted something that was going to make me FEEL GOOD, give me lots of ENERGY. I think this did the trick!

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Quick and Easy Tacos – Best Ever!

Quick and Easy Tacos – These are the best ever!

Tacos. Who doesn’t love a good taco. This is a quick meal to throw together, especially if you can run to Whole Foods and grab a container of freshly made guacamole, while you’re there you can also grab a container of fresh salsa (or this day, I just cut up a few campari tomatoes)…

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A Refreshing Drink Splurge

Topo Chico Twist of Lime Mineral Water

Have you seen this mineral water in stores near you? It’s so refreshing – I’m not a big mineral water (or anything fizzy for that matter) person, but this is different, it’s delicious. It’s also no calories. It comes in a beautiful green bottle (which is part of the fun I think!) – A handful of daisies would look nice popping out of the top. #reuse

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Pasta with Shrimp, Garlic & Parmesan!

Pasta with Shrimp, Garlic and Parmesan🧡

Is there anything more precious to have in your possession than a good recipe? A recipe that comforts (especially these days), and is so quick and easy to pull together yet tastes like a five star restaurant. Sometimes the most simple recipes are the ones that we long for… THIS is that recipe!

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