[Don’t miss it!] Charleston, SC Restaurant: STELLA’S !


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Boonehall Farms – Like hitting the lottery!

A trip to Boonehall Farms is like hitting the lottery, but with great food instead of money. A wonderful selection of items at great prices – you just can’t beat it!

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Lunch is served!

Ahhh, salad. The ubiquitous term for all things healthy thrown together in one bowl, topped with whatever catches our eye (or our tastebuds), drizzled with a bit of dressing and devoured. It’s like sitting down to eat a big bowl of health.

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Thoughts for a quick meal: B… L… T… !

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

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Roasted Turkey Breast – Perfect for a sandwich!

Roasted Turkey Breast. Wow. Minimal effort and you have turkey for several days! Sandwiches, salads or by itself, and it couldn’t be easier! During warm months, like now, you can easily make this in the morning, let it cool and refrigerate – keeping the house cooler when things heat up. Continue reading “Roasted Turkey Breast – Perfect for a sandwich!”

Parmesan Chicken on Salad Recipe by Ina Garten!

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How To Store Fresh Cilantro!

I was whipping up a batch of Cowboy Caviar (If you haven’t tried it, ohmy! Give it a whirl, it’s good by itself, as a dip or added to other recipes – delicious!!) and had a large bunch of cilantro I didn’t want to go to waste. I had read what to do to be able to store it so that I could use it in more than one recipe. Continue reading “How To Store Fresh Cilantro!”