Long Leaf Cottage SL1961 by Lew Oliver for Southern Living!

Long Leaf Cottage SL1961 by Lew Oliver for Southern Living! (Anna Braund Home – Overall Exterior)

I think this is such an interesting house plan. It’s intriguing and unique. Gorgeous doors across the front, they pull you right into the space. I love the porch, no spindles, barely a step up, which is great. A very classy design for sure, and just wait until you see the inside! Wonderful porches front and back!

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The Edgewater Carriage House Plan by Yankee Barn Homes

Edgewater Carriage House by Yankee Barn Homes

I love barn homes. There is a special ✨magic✨ about them. They can be as exquisite and fancy as you like or as warm and comfortable with a more relaxing vibe. This plan has a garage/pool room downstairs with a living space upstairs. The living space isn’t an afterthought, that’s for sure! So many windows – there is stunning light in every space! I could live there happily!

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Little Diamond House Plan by BrightBuilt Homes!

Little Diamond House Plan by BrightBuilt Homes

Stunning homes! Good design, smart use of space, well built and so classy. The Little Diamond is a very cool plan that has most of the living on the main level. There are many options for this plan which can increase space as well as bedrooms/bathrooms making this the perfect home for your needs. I love the covered area to the garage. Plentiful windows, beautiful garage doors and LOVE the front door as well!

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Jasper Road House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

Jasper Road House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living

Who doesn’t love house plans? We all like what we like, some of us are traditional, some modern, some of us like large homes and others prefer smaller. Whatever your preference there are plenty of house plans out there. What I really love is that most architects/designers will allow modifications to plans, assuring that it is your very own special place. I don’t create these house plans, I simply share what I like, and sometimes mention what I would change to make a plan work for me. This is fabulous plan, I simply LOVE the front porch and the side screen porch. It would be so difficult to leave that space! #stunning

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Never Forget

9/11. Specifically, 9/11/2001. I don’t even need to type a description of the horror that occurred on that very day. There were heroes, I will focus on them. There were heroes that saved so many people while everything was happening, there were heroes after it occurred that searched tirelessly through rubble. One thing I know, we will never forget…

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Sun, shadows and a new (vintage) rug…

Charlie in the sunroom, one of his favorite places…

Sun and the shadows make for amazing photos. No matter the subject, the shadows are always so interesting to me. Shadows, reflections, different ways of seeing a view, they all pique my interest. Our sunroom has been one of the favorite rooms in our house, a special place to sit back (or at times, a great place to work). The sunroom is being updated so photos soon, I hope. We started with…

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Celebrate Good Times!

What a wonderful week!

I cannot believe how quickly time goes by, you may have heard me say that a few times this past week. But it’s true! So if there is something you’ve wanted to do, make plans to do it. I know with COVID it’s not the time for everything, but you can use this time to PLAN for when this extended pandemic is over!

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The Verdier House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

The Verdier by Allison Ramsey Architects

I love cottage house plans and think they have such charm. This plan has a 8′ deep porches. What I love about this Allison Ramsey Architects is the ability to make modifications if you have something in mind that is really important to you. I might opt for a slightly deeper porch on the front and back, and you’ll see via the link below how their website shows images from homes that have been built so you get a good idea on modifications.

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Still the Man of My Dreams…

Our Wedding Day…

Married twenty nine years to the love of my life. Fred is the sweetest. We are partners for life in every way. I cannot imagine spending life with anyone but him. We met years ago, clicked right away, and the rest is history. We are probably different than most couples – we like spending time together, ha ha. This is our story…

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Thankful for another trip around the sun!

💫Another trip around the sun… thankful!💫

How many of you don’t have a lot of images of yourself? I’m the photo taker in the family and I’m not super comfy with it in reverse, so… a sprinkling of images throughout the years… and cake… and flowers. I’m thankful for another birthday (am I the only one that feels like they’re coming sooner and sooner??) I never really understood why birthdays are celebrated by the person who was born. They should celebrate the mother. Really!

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Grace Park Cottage (SL2063) by Bridgewater Consulting LLC for Southern Living House Plans!

Grace Park Cottage SL2063 by Bridgewater Consulting for Southern Living House Plans

Pretty eye catching, isn’t it? I love the French doors, the ceiling fans, the dog that appears to sit so regally on the front porch. This is a fabulous house plan full of wonderful spaces. I like the clean lines of it, the center hallway and the flexibility of the spaces. Not to mention the obvious… the front porch!

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Happy House!

Happy House Anniversary!

Many years ago we made the move to an older subdivision in Charleston. We live in one of the first neighborhoods developed (outside of the peninsula) – developed around 1926 – Our home was built in 1931. Due to the depression I’ve read that the neighborhood was started but there was a lull due to the depression. It was not built out until after World War II.

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Fiddle Faddle, Georgian Bay & Special Wishes

Fiddle Faddle NSSC | My dad, mom, me, Bridget (sister, looking into the camera)

Today is a big day for several reasons – but it’s also a day to be grateful/blessed for growing up in a loving environment. I don’t take that for granted, I am thankful every single day. This is my family on our sailboat many (many, many) years ago. I vividly remember the curtains my mom made for the boat, they were a very cool purple/gold/off white stripe. I ran across this photo of a photo and LOVE IT!

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GO Logic 1100 Model

GO LOGIC 1100 Model

What a super cool plan. This home can be as net zero friendly as you like. GO Logic offers many options – you can select a plan, and then look through the many options for everything. The look changes significantly with each making each plan very versatile. They’ve got some gorgeous two story plans, but this one story caught my eye…

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View from Mingo Point | Kiawah, SC!

View from Mingo Point (Kiawah, South Carolina) June 2021

Drop dead gorgeous, right? Mingo Point (located on Kiawah Island, SC) is a popular event venue. Our nephew and his fiancé were married here back in June. It was a beautiful wedding. Over the top beautiful. Every moment there was something stunning, the sky, the clouds (and of course, the bride, groom and all in attendance!) – When I saw these clouds roll in around 9PM I had to get some photos!

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