Charleston Sky and the Round Holiday Inn

This shot was taken in Charleston, SC heading towards the Ashley River Bridge to downtown Charleston (about a mile away). On the left is the round Holiday Inn – a landmark for many. I thought the sky was so interesting and the light at this time of morning was pretty cool too.

Whatever ventures you have in store today (Christmas shopping? Groceries for a big get together, Christmas parties, office parties, etc.) – Be safe out there!


Catch you back here tomorrow!


No mountains in Charleston…

A quick snap of my phone the other day. The sun, some dark clouds, and blue sky. Quite the mix. It was as if nature didn’t know if it should be summer/winter – dry or rain! I love that dark cloud line that looks like low mountains on the horizon – no mountains here, just a swath of dark clouds!

I love weather and appreciate whatever it is outside (well, I may whine if it’s hot and humid – hee).

Enjoy your Saturday!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

Paying it forward…

The coolest thing happened to us the other day. We were having lunch at Five Loaves Cafe in Charleston, SC – and as the woman walked up to our table (we thought to give us our bill), she explained that the restaurant chooses a few tables each day to surprise and take care of their meal. So there was no bill, it was on the house – they just ask that you pay it forward through random acts of kindness – give back however you can.

I have to tell you, I’ve read about this happening to other people and I always thought it was such a cool thing to have happen! There is no better feeling than giving. It leaves you smiling the entire day. It’s been fun to think up ways to pay it forward. We always try to be mindful of that, but this is extra special given the time of year…

So… pay it forward however you can, whether you treat someone to lunch, buy them a coffee, or just random acts of kindness – bringing an elderly neighbor dinner or treats – a nice visit. The possibilities are endless!

As I mentioned, Five Loaves Cafe had fabulous food! I love how you can order a half of sandwich, half of a salad or a cup vs. bowl of soup. They also have a soup “flight” that allows you to sample three different soups. We’re looking forward to going back for dinner! We also want to try their other restaurants, Sesame Burgers and Beer and Ember Kitchen (Charleston, SC).

I can tell you this post took me far too long to write – Reason? I got stuck looking at their  menu and couldn’t get out! Oh! Everything sounds so good! Can’t wait to get back…

Bravo to the GlowFisch company – you rock! Your restaurants are fabulous, good food, good people and good beliefs! We will most certainly be back!

Happy Holidays indeed! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Oh! The light!

We have many old, large, live oak trees where we live – each one is so breathtaking. Their canopy is very large and this time of year when the light hits it’s just stunning!

Some trees have more Spanish moss than others. That’s a pretty sight, especially with the sun filtering through, very dramatic. These trees are like sculptures – stately. This time of year the light seems warmer and lights up the trees differently. Remember, it’s the little things in life!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

CFL Bulb Public Service Announcement: DISPOSAL

CFL Bulbs (I just happened to snap a photo of GE, it’s not to single them out)

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL). Ick. (Well, that was grown up, wasn’t it?) I have to admit I have never been an admirer. But I tried to get in the swing – they save energy, etc. So I bought some to use in closets (I’m trying)… I did manage to purchase the kind that do turn on rather quickly and were the least bright of some that are out there. (Many are obnoxiously bright).

One day I was reading an article about the dangers if you drop a CFL bulb. Seriously? I wrote a post a while back on the steps to take to clean it up (you do not just pick it up) – open windows 5-10 minutes, turn off heat/AC, click HERE for the full directions… There are also health risks associated with them. The bulbs I bought should last 8 years. We had them in a CLOSET where the light was turned on rarely. They lasted 3 years.

CFL Bulbs are NOT recycled with normal recycle material  and you do NOT dispose of them in the trash – for good reason. You can take them to Lowes or Home Depot – or see the link below in orange for recycle center for CFL bulbs near you). I happened to be at Lowes and I brought these little dangerous bulbs with me, each in a styrofoam cup and then securely in a bag. When I got to Lowes there were directions to put each bulb in its own bag and tie it off and then place in the receptacle.

I’m not buying any more CFL bulbs. That may not be green but it’s less risky for sure!

A good source:  You can find recycle centers for CFL bulbs near your home!

As I mentioned, the photo I took was the GE brand, this post isn’t brand specific and I am not referring to only GE bulbs – it’s ANY CFL bulbs.

Hopping off my soapbox now, just want you to all be aware in case your CFL bulbs break or burn out- Catch you back here tomorrow!

The Secret of Staying Young…

Normally I write my posts ahead of time and schedule them to publish. It’s the only way that I can keep up with a daily blog (next month starts year 8!!!!) – so each morning I’m as surprised as you are as to what my post is about. Well, this morning it really was a surprise since there wasn’t one! Oops!

We had lunch a few times this weekend at a wonderful place that we haven’t been to in years. I’m so glad we did. The food was SO good (which is why we went back the next day). I love that they have half portions. Good people, close by, and really good food! If you’re in the Charleston, SC area, be sure to check them out:

Five Loaves Cafe – here is their MENU, take a peek – daily specials as well!

Happy Sunday! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Kemper Residence House Plan by Lake and Land Studio

This is the Kemper Residence house plan by Lake and Land Studio. They have such amazing plans – and if you need something tweaked, they are there to work with you! This plan has so much appeal – great porch (front and back!) and just great looking! Click HERE for more info! There is also a stunning boathouse (pictured above on the right) – a future feature!

The main floor is pretty fabulous. It has an open great room/kitchen area with a fireplace, and the master bedroom is down. There is another bedroom that could be used as an office or as a guest room, maybe for someone who prefers not to use the stairs…  A vaulted ceiling in the great room makes it even greater, doesn’t it?

This plan is 2,240 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (as well as that wonderful loft space!)

Upstairs is another bedroom, bathroom and a loft area that’s almost 17′ x 21′ – if you wanted to use this as a bunk room it seems like you could fit a gaggle of kids up there, don’t you think? The rest of this space is open to the great room/kitchen. There is some dedicated attic space, which is nice for storage!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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