Laundry Day Ideas…

Cotton face masks drying in the sun…

A year ago, WHO would have thought that we would be adding “washing masks” to our weekly reportoire? This was a chilly day, I washed the masks and then needed to find a sunny spot for them to dry. Hehe… Worked like magic! Also a tip for getting the nose piece back in place…

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Stunning Sunset!

Charleston Sunset

Sunrise or sunset? I love them both equally. If you owned a home where you could see a stunning view of either, which would you prefer? Sunrise or sunset? I think I would pick sunset, because then I would never miss it! We are up early, but there is always the chance you could miss it…

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Cates Creek by Sailer Design!

Cates Creek by Sailer Design!

Can you imagine an outbuilding (or a tiny house!) so fine? With so many people working from home (WFH) during this era of COVID-19, this could be a fabulous office, art studio, and so much more – the possibilities are endless! What a wonderful roofline and gorgeous windows. This is one special space!

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The Farmington Saltbox House Plan by Classic Colonial Homes!

The Farmington Saltbox House Plan by Classic Colonial Homes!

I think this home is a beauty both inside and out. It looks stately from the front, but the side view is what you can’t miss! I love everything about it. This is a classic saltbox style plan as their website will explain. This plan really can look like something built back in the late 1700’s! You must visit their website to read the full description of this plan, it’s wonderful!

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Alder Cottage by Lake & Land Studio for Southern Living House Plans!

Alder Cottage by Lake and Land Studio for Southern Living House Plans

This house plan has so many wonderful features not to mention a large screened porch on the back. What a dream! The three windows in the front… that’s the kitchen! Absolutely perfect! There is a master down with an additional bedroom as well as two bedrooms upstairs with a small sitting room – so nice for guests (or family)! The one bedroom downstairs could be used as an office if you’re working from home like so many of us!

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Genuine Canine (GC) Dog Collars!

Genuine Canine Dog Collar Modeled by Charlie

I LOVE well made items. A dog collar, from the nicest feeling leather that will hold up for a very long time and is able to get wet (this company KNOWS dogs love water), it’s just so sharp, I think, if you have a dog, you will be very interested! I just happened to have a model, although he’s a hairy little guy so it took about a zillion photos before I could see the collar. This is one sharp collar, especially with the GC stamp – very classy!

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Idea House at Fontanel (SL1855) by Historical Concepts for Southern Living!

Idea House at Fontanel by Historical Concepts for Southern Living

Just look at this amazing expanse of a porch – Can you imagine the wonderful gatherings this space could accommodate? There is also a rear porch accessible via the downstairs bedroom, casual dining space as well as the keeping room. Matter of fact, if you had glass door on the front and back door you could see in the front right through to the back!

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Camellias in Charleston, SC!

Camellia’s in Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina. Always beautiful, always something blooming, even this time of year. Camellias are beautiful flowers and they are abundant here. Some people like to float them in a pretty glass bowl – I snapped this while out on a walk 😉 There was a tulip tree nearby budding, so hoping a frost doesn’t zap it before I can get some beautiful photos!

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24 Ocean Springs Boulevard by Our Town Plans!

24 Ocean Springs Boulevard by Our Town Plans!

A pretty remarkable use of outdoor space, right? This plan has a wonderful porch on the main level and a large roof deck above. There is also a screened porch off the back via the master suite (upstairs). I love the carport too! A carport is enough to help keep hail off of your car at least! In sunny South Carolina it would also keep your car out of direct sun, a major bonus!

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