The Bancroft House Plan by Yankee Barn Homes!


This is the The Bancroft House Plan by Yankee Barn Homes. This plan is 3,055 square feet with 3 bedroom and 3.5 bathrooms. The garage has 1,931 square feet! Whoa!

Makes quite a statement, doesn’t it? While in Maine, I always adore these barn homes. I could see us in one of them, with wide old pine floors, soft antique rugs, a sleek Rais fireplace, pine chests, white slipcovered furniture and a ton of paintings! Oh yeah!

The outside design is gorgeous. All those windows! Love it! Be sure to check out the REAL images on Yankee Barn Home’s website!


The main floor has the master bedroom, with bathroom, closet, craft closet and it’s own screened porch. I LOVE THIS!

There is an open great room/dining room, and in most plan an open floor plan means loss of walls which also means there is nowhere left to hang paintings! That is important to us. THIS PLAN gives you many windows, an open floor plan and plenty of walls for paintings! There is great storage in the kitchen, a nice laundry, mudroom, etc. that connects you to the garage that also has storage.

I love storage!


The Bancroft House Plan by Yankee Barn Homes

The upstairs of this plan has a bedroom, bathroom, closet and deck on the far end, as well as a guest room with private bath and closet. Then there is that dream space… An office (or studio!!) over the garage, complete with storage! Can you imagine?

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Winter Light…

Winter Light

Isn’t Winter light absolutely stunning? Especially when that warm, golden glow is on a cool tree against a beautiful sky. Wow. It catches my attention every single time!

Happy Sunday!

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Bowens Island Dock at Sunset

Bowens Island Dock

Another Bowens Island photo (Charleston, SC). This is out on their dock, near the time of sunset (as if I needed to explain that beautiful golden light)…

Each time we go I spend as much time taking photos (if the light is right) as I do eating, ha ha… It’s just such a beautiful location! Check it out if you haven’t been!

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Three Hot Floor Lamps!


Visual Comfort 91025HAB Studio 34 Floor Lamp    Image: Visual Comfort

It’s not always easy to find a fabulous floor lamp that not only looks great but also works well. I have found three. The 91025HAB Studio 34 Floor Lamp  is fabulous, it can be traditional, but also fit well in a modern setting. It comes in a variety of finishes and it has a dimmer. So when you really need to read you can turn the light up, and when you just want ambient light that is beautiful, dim it as low as you like. It adjusts up and down and the arm swings back and forth.


Holtkoetter 9424 Lighting for the Aging Eye Floor Lamp   Image: Holtkoetter

Lighting for the Aging Eye, you read that right. Brilliant, because for those of you over 40, you know how important good light is, and this provides just that. The Holtkoetter 9424 Floor Lamp is adjustable in height and the light swings how you want it. There is also a dimmer, which makes the gorgeous work of art even that much more beautiful!


Aerin Clemente Floor Lamp    Image via Circa Lighting

The Arein Clemente Floor Lamp is another gorgeous lamp that we considered in a tight spot near a large abstract painting. This lamp is still on my radar it’s so sharp. I see many places that carry it are sold out in the white (shade) – there are different shade color options available.

There is nothing like good lighting!

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Ashley Harbor – Charleston, SC

Ashley Harbor - Charleston, SC

Ashley Harbor – Charleston, SC

I snapped this photo with my phone while (Fred was) driving over the Ashley River Bridge – it was an interesting sky with a lot of yellow. Looks serene… almost every time we drive over the bridge I am scrambling for my phone… always scenic!

Happy Sunday!

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Light, Shadows & Reflections

Light, shadows & reflections...

I was unloading the dishwasher when the sight of this caught my eye. It was pretty cool how the light, shadows and reflections from a nearby painting appeared.

It’s the little things! 😉

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Wolf Moon…

Wolf Moon 01.12.17

Wolf Moon – Photo taken January 12, 2017

The Wolf Moon is the name given to the full moon in January, when the wolves would howl at the full moon. Read some cool facts and see some beautiful photos of a Wolf Moon from!

Did you realize the full moons have names each month? Pretty cool, eh?


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