Raleigh Retreat House Plan by Lake and Land Studio!

Raleigh Retreat (Back) House Plan by Lake and Land Studio

What a great livable plan, especially for a retreat! The back porch is stunning and where I would be most of my spare time. The front is equally as sweet with a nice porch and inviting design. This is a great plan if you are on water, in the woods or in any beautiful setting where you can take advantage of the views.

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Plan 865000SHW L-Shaped Modern Farmhouse Plan by Architectural Designs!

Plan 865000SHW L-Shaped Modern Farmhouse by Architectural Designs

I ran across this L-shaped modern farmhouse style plan and I adore every bit of it! The living space is fabulous and there’s a little something for everyone. GREAT porches – front, side, rear. I love the porch with no spindles. Be sure to click the link to see more of this plan – they have so many wonderful photos so you can really “see” this house – it’s the next best thing to actually visiting in person.

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Salisbury Court House Plan by Our Town Plans!

Salisbury Court House Plan by Our Town Plans

Porches. This plan has gorgeous windows – it also has wonderful porches. The type of porch that isn’t just for looks, it’s for living – extended living really. It brings the outdoors in and during nice weather becomes a favorite place to spend time, visit with friends, read a good book, chat on the phone, etc. I love how the front porch wraps around to the breakfast area with French doors!

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Model 1800 House Plan by GO LOGIC!

Model 1800 House Plan by GO LOGIC!

Makes a statement, right? I LOVE a black house – the shape, and design of this particular plan lends itself well to a black (or other very dark) exterior. It’s stunning. Very cool lines, and check out GO LOGIC’s image from winter – whoa! (Click to see the PDF via the link below).

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Favorite Things: Jeni’s Ice Cream!

The first two flavors of Jeni’s Ice Cream that we’ve tried. #wow

I have seen Jeni’s Ice Cream at grocery stores, and remember driving by a Jeni’s in Charleston, SC (always with a long line of customers), but I never tried it. After talking with a neighbor (ALMD, you are responsible for this, ha ha) – and after recuperating after a cold, where nothing seems to taste good – Jeni’s sounded fabulous!

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22348 Garage Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects!

Garage Plan 22348 by Allison Ramsay Architects

Garages are all the rage right now. Beautiful garages are being built and they’re stunning! Some offer living space up and down (depends on zoning restrictions in your area) and some have garage space, like this plan, with living space above. Nice if you have someone who wants to stay with you for an extended period, or even to use as a guest room and studio space. Also nice if you’re renovating, build the garage first, then move into it until the house is built or renovated. What a sharp look this plan has!

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Who Knew? So many pretty berries on a Yew!

Yew with berries

We were out on a walk, phone in my pocket and as we walked by this Yew, the berries hanging over the fence in a multitude of colors was fascinating to me. I don’t recall seeing all these different colored berries in the past. Sometimes it’s the little things that really stand out. #beautiful

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Furniture moving can make your space brand new!

This is a snippet of the (original) living room that was previously the dining room… last week we moved the rooms around again – changed the furniture – and it’s like new! This is now the living room again. It’s so refreshing to walk into a space that has been completely transformed. This shot mainly showcases the view of the gorgeous trees and oh! The shadow on the wall from the sunlight on the sheepskin – Love it! Nothing like shopping your own home to find treasures and furniture, paintings etc. to change your views!

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Cherau Residence House Plan by Lake + Land Studio!

Cherau Residence House Plan by Lake + Land Studio

What an amazing house plan! So different – and so perfect, especially if you’re situated on the water, but even if you’re not – it will still be fabulous. I love the porches (there is a LOT of living to be done on these magnificent porches!). Note the outdoor kitchen, and oh… a room I’m super thrilled about…

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Tour one of the most popular house plans on artfoodhome.com – Tideland Haven!

Tideland Haven House Plan | Our Town Plans

This stunning house plan has remained one of the top house plans featured on artfoodhome.com as well as Southern Living for all these years, and the popularity is not slowing down, it might even be picking up! (Perhaps our quest to be outdoors makes this THE perfect house plan in this day and age!) It has so many wonderful features…

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Alexander Place House Plan by John Tee!

Alexander Place House Plan by John Tee!

Who doesn’t love a good house plan? I mean seriously, there is so much thought that goes into a plan. For me, it’s the layout – what works best for each of us. We all have key elements that we love (or not) – and since we are all different, and our tastes are different, there are house plans for everyone. I feature plans that I personally like, and this is definitely one of them. The lines of this house are fabulous!

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Cara May Cottage by Allison Ramsey Architect (19912A)!

Cara May House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects (Image)

If you’re looking for a small house plan, or perhaps a guest cottage – the Cara May Cottage is so sweet! I highly encourage you to check it out. I adore the seating area for the dining space (and the color!) – brilliant! This is a sharp plan, love the exterior – the sweet front porch is larger than it looks. Organization is key, and they’ve done it perfectly.

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The Wentworth House Plan by Yankee Barn Homes!

Wentworth House Plan by Yankee Barn Homes

Style! Isn’t this fabulous? I love the pitch of the roof, and the fabulous wide windows! I also think the barn doors that close over the front doors are stunning AND useful! Whether it’s a snowstorm or a hurricane, (or if you’re just out of town) – extra coverage can be very nice! Nice 2 car garage with access via covered walkway.

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Adorable Cottage House Plan by Architectural Design!

Adorable Cottage by Architectural Designs

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this house plan? Fairy Tale. That’s what comes to my mind. For a small plan, it’s like something in a movie. So much charm and I absolutely love the lines of the roof – that steep pitch, those windows. Very cool!

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Liberty Boathouse by Lake + Land Studio!

Liberty Boathouse by Lake and Land Studio

This boathouse is a dream. It’s part cottage/getaway/house – however you choose to use it – it’s amazing! If living on the water appeals to you (heaven!), and maybe owning a boat sound like fun, you can have it close by. There are two kitchens (unique layout appeals to so many). Check it out!

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