Photo Op – Charleston! Another restaurant menu to check out…

Broad Street, Charleston, SC

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Boonehall Farms – Like hitting the lottery!

A trip to Boonehall Farms is like hitting the lottery, but with great food instead of money. A wonderful selection of items at great prices – you just can’t beat it!

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Gorgeous Geraniums!

Early Spring, I bought several geraniums from our local Harris Teeter (grocery store). They were a deal at $5 each. They’ve since been repotted into larger, prettier pots and they are doing miraculously!

We have several, and one from last year, not sure which one is the old one. In the Spring we put them in the full sun, but now that hot summer is upon us we put them under the palm for some filtered sun. They’re much happier this way!

#prettyasapicture – Catch you back here tomorrow!




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View from Ravenel Bridge – Charleston, SC

View from Ravenel Bridge – Charleston, SC

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A smile for only $3.33!

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Shingle #101 House Plan by Lake + Land Design Studio!

This is the Shingle #101 house plan by Lake + Land Design Studio – isn’t it charming? This plan is 2,263 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Inspired by a plan on the hit HGTV show “Home Town” – This house has so much charm and character – not easy to find in new homes these days. With so many wonderful details, this could easily be considered a dream home! Continue reading “Shingle #101 House Plan by Lake + Land Design Studio!”