Charleston: Interesting at an Angle!

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Isn’t It Grand? House in Charleston, SC!

Stunning House in Charleston, SC

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Here She Goes Again!

That look! “Here she goes again” – this dog is a ham, and I’m not exaggerating. He loves his photo to be taken. He will pose and wait for me to grab my phone. He’s had a lot of experience posing for the camera, that’s for sure.

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Abandoned Sailboat – Charleston, SC

Abandoned Sailboat – Charleston, SC

I snapped this photo while we were on our way into downtown Charleston – heading over the Ashley River Bridge. Continue reading “Abandoned Sailboat – Charleston, SC”

This View Never Gets Old…

Charleston, SC

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The American Farmhouse Plan by Mitch Ginn & Associates!

American Farmhouse by Mitch Ginn and Associates

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