Glenn Court House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

Glenn Court House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living

Our Town Plans does it again with a gorgeous house plan that could easily be built alongside older homes and fit right in. So nice with a front entry porch as well as a side porch. You can enter the garage from the back and then enter into the back of the house. I think it’s nice that you don’t see the garage. Read on to see the rest of this plan…

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Red Fox House Plan by Sailer Design

Red Fox House Plan by Sailer Design

A guest house or a home? Well, I think the decision is yours. The Red Fox house plan will fit seamlessly with any of the Sailer Design house plans for use as a guest cottage. How nice to give your friends and family their own space. A well-appointed interior with the bonus of a covered porch is a #winwin in my book. Stylish design for sure.

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The Cabot Barn Home by Yankee Barn Homes!

The Cabot Barn Home by Yankee Barn Home

Can you imagine? A stunning setting and a beautiful home – it’s what dreams are made of, right? (Not to mention there are two options for configuration of the upstairs on this plan giving you added flexibility). This is a beautiful plan that takes advantage of the stunning views that surround it. I think I would paint this house black. Seriously, it would fade into the setting. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be in the evening with the warm glow of light coming through the windows. I may even upsize the windows a bit, depending where I lived at the time. I love that Yankee can modify a plan to make it yours!

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211 Rose Wood Lane by Our Town Plans!

211 Rose Wood Lane by Our Town Plans

Exquisite. How nice to have a garage with living space above and storage below that looks more like a house (to me). Outbuildings with apartments seem to be all the rage right now. I think it’s incredibly handy if you have a lot of family or friends who come to visit. This gives them their own space (and gives you your space as well). It’s also a great space for kids coming and going from college, or other life escapades – they are close, but also have their own space. I think this plan has a wonderful look to it.

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Our first attempt at a wreath…

Holiday decorations. It seems especially festive this year. Since the days are so short right now (crazy short!) by the time we have dinner and take our last lap around the block it seems like it’s always dark. There is a plus to the short days. The happy and bright Christmas lights! They spread holiday cheer like nothing else. #doesnteverybodyneedthatrightnow??

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Truoba Class 115 House Plan!

Truoba Class 115 House Plan!

I know I post a lot of coastal plans – probably because we live on the coast, but it’s fun to look at other plans. I happen to love so many different styles of homes, I could go on and on. A Mid-Century Modern type plan is always fun to me. This is a modern plan with a lot of windows (therefore a lot of light!) – it’s a dream.

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The River Place Cottage Plan by Watermark Coastal Homes!

River Place Cottage Plan SL1959 by Watermark Coastal Homes for Southern Living

This is an iconic coastal house plan – with exquisite detail and an exceptional floor plan. The exterior looks like a home that was built long ago and maintained in the best possible way. Can you imagine how pretty this house must be in the evening with warm lamps on? I adore the screened porch on the side of the house with a stunning fireplace. #itswhereiwouldbe

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The Ramble Farmhouse (SL2052) by Beau Clowney!

The Ramble Farmhouse (SL2052) by Beau Clowney

What a house, right? The Ramble is a great name for this plan. Those steep rooflines absolutely make this house over the top! This plan has a nice front porch, a large back deck as well as a stunning screened porch with a fireplace – what a dream! There are great images via the links below…

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Brookfield Colonial House Plan by Classic Colonial Homes!

Brookfield Colonial House Plan by Classic Colonial Homes!

What a great plan if you have a lot of company, or if you have a parent or elderly child living with you. You have your space, they have theirs and you can get together in the common spaces. How perfect is that? I love the lines of this house, the steep rooflines, the windows and the breezeway between the two spaces.

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House Plan CA-02-2026 by LIVEWELL Home Design!

House Plan CA-02-2026 by LIVEWELL!

I love the porch on this home as well as the side screened porch. The perfect spot to hang out on a nice day! The windows are a great pick making this home fit in if it were built in an older subdivision. I think they fit this home nicely. #windowsareimportant Great lines to this home.

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A way to eat salmon if you you’re not a fan:

Candied Brussels Sprouts, Potato Croquettes and Wild Caught Dill Salmon (Cooked on a Cedar Plank)

I’ve tried to be a sport in the past. I WANT to like salmon, it’s good for you, yayaya… BUT, it’s strong taste about did me in each time. We would go out to eat and my husband would have me try a bite of his… #itsanogo Then, one day we were talking with a neighbor (thank you CW) who had been to a nearby restaurant. She said she always orders the salmon. I thought, ugh. And then…

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Duck Blinds House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects!

Duck Blinds Plan C0050 by Allison Ramsey Architects

Sweet as can be, right? This is a small house, but it’s far from tiny. This plan lives much larger than what it looks. Don’t you love that it has so much charm? New homes often are lacking charm compared to homes that are older, yet this one has the best of both worlds. Charm + Efficiency = Woohoo!

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Shiloh Creek House Plan by Lifestage Home Designs!

Shiloh Creek House Plan by Lifestage Home Designs for Southern Living

Porches… especially porches that wrap – make a stunning visual statement and provide areas for entertaining, relaxing, reading, the list goes on. A porch can make a house feel more like a home. Especially when you have part of the porch screened and part unscreened. The best of both worlds.

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

We are fortunate to live in an area surrounded by Live oak trees. They were planted when these homes were built (mostly in the 1930’s). One in the front yard and one in the back (of most). Visually, they make a stunning streetscape as their limbs have grown together over the years. The Spanish moss hangs, swaying in the breeze. The Resurrection fern grows, changing from bright green (with rain) to crumbled brown (no rain) and back to bright green again.

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Raleigh Retreat House Plan by Lake and Land Studio!

Raleigh Retreat (Back) House Plan by Lake and Land Studio

What a great livable plan, especially for a retreat! The back porch is stunning and where I would be most of my spare time. The front is equally as sweet with a nice porch and inviting design. This is a great plan if you are on water, in the woods or in any beautiful setting where you can take advantage of the views.

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