Mama Cardinal – Nesting…

We feel fortunate to be able to witness such a sweet site right outside of our windows. A mama cardinal has nested in our bushes and she is vigilant in her duties. Such dedication. Amidst all that is going on in the world, this is a site that brings hope.  Continue reading “Mama Cardinal – Nesting…”


Beach Sculpture by Mother Nature – Botany Bay (Edisto, SC)

Beach Sculpture by Mother Nature – Botany Bay (Edisto, SC)

Botany Bay – located in Edisto, SC is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches that I’ve ever seen. From the moment you enter the Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management area you will be stunned by the beauty. Continue reading “Beach Sculpture by Mother Nature – Botany Bay (Edisto, SC)”

Our Sanctuary!

Today is Memorial Day, and many of us are outside enjoying our backyards – I wish I could pass along the scent of everything blooming right now. The lagustrums (against the back fence and bordering our yard), the Confederate Jasmine (to the left of the buoys) – Ohmygosh!  Continue reading “Our Sanctuary!”

Pier at Brittlebank Park – Charleston, SC

Yesterday I wrote about visiting places right near you… well this is another shot of Brittlebank Park, located very close to us. I was surprised by just how nice it is! The gorgeous dock extends into the Ashley River. The covered area is a dream, off to the right is a floating dock. That funny building you see on the horizon – that’s the “round Holiday Inn” a landmark for many.  Continue reading “Pier at Brittlebank Park – Charleston, SC”

Lowcountry Beauty Right Under Our Nose!

View from Brittlebank Park, Charleston, SC

You know how it is… there are so many wonderful things to do right where you live, but have you done them? Many people have not, including us… So one day, after stopping at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) we popped over to Brittlebank Park (literally across the street from DMV) situated on the water with stunning views to check it out –  There is a wonderful dock with a covered pier for fishing – although situated where it can certainly get congested (especially during events), we went at a quiet time, one man fishing, and it was beautiful outside! Continue reading “Lowcountry Beauty Right Under Our Nose!”

A Canopy of Oak Tree Limbs

The Charleston, SC live oak trees are something to be treasured. In this photo, I shot upward. The limbs form a canopy over the road which is magnificent, especially on hot days! There is enough shade to walk laps (one time around the block is 0.8 miles) and for the most part stay out of direct sun. It also helps if you get caught in the rain, the trees shield you from regular rain – but not hard rain.

Continue reading “A Canopy of Oak Tree Limbs”

Lowcountry Marsh

Lowcountry Marsh

I snapped this photo while walking – it’s so hard for me to not stop and take photos. I’m not sure my other half appreciates this trait in me, but it can’t be helped… So I snap away, then try to catch up only to stop again.

The marsh here in the Lowcountry is dramatic and beautiful. Always changing – low tide, high tide, grasses change, birds, sky and oh those trees! Continue reading “Lowcountry Marsh”