From the Archives: Charleston Sunset

Charleston Sunset

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Contemplating the Snow – Charleston, SC

Contemplating the Snow

Snow in Charleston photos continue… back to normal posting tomorrow. Please bear with me. Snow in Charleston, SC is a precious thing! I love…

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Snow man and beast…

Man and Beast – Charleston, SC

Ah! The Charleston, SC snow that fell earlier this week was amazing. This weekend I’m sharing a few shots. There are so many (ok, too many) – it’s rare, so I had to document, ha ha… Fred and Charlie out and about – Charlie loved the snow – tried to eat a good deal of it. He was wild!

I have to say…

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Snow Days – Charleston, SC

This may look like a regular snow day to most of you well-seasoned-in-snowy-weather peeps. But here in tropical, sunny Charleston, SC this was a rarity. A very welcomed one! I’ve never seen so many people outside enjoying themselves. You have to admit, it’s really cool as a kid, but as an adult, it’s JUST as much fun. We had about 5″ of wonderful snow – some areas around here received almost 8! As I write this…

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Stunning view from Ashley River Bridge – Charleston, SC

View from the Ashley River Bridge – Charleston, SC

I’m getting better about…

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No mountains in Charleston…

A quick snap of my phone the other day. The sun, some dark clouds, and blue sky. Quite the mix. It was as if nature didn’t know if it should be summer/winter – dry or rain! I love that dark cloud line that looks like low mountains on the horizon – no mountains here, just a swath of dark clouds!

I love weather and appreciate whatever it is outside (well, I may whine if it’s hot and humid – hee).

Enjoy your Saturday!


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Featured Artist: Colin Page (& Show at Anglin Smith Fine Art)

Pond Flowers by Colin Page 24×36″ Oil

Colin Page. An accomplished artist from Maine with incredible talent. We met Colin about ten years ago in Port Clyde, Maine. We loved his work at first sight – what a treasure! Colin has such a unique painting style, you can notice one of his paintings from a distance and know exactly who’s it is.

This painting of a lily pond is stunning – I love the dark contrast in the water as well as the reflections. There is a simple beauty to this painting and looking at it I instantly feel calm, as if I’m sitting right there. Ahhhh….

Fish Market by Colin Page 24×36″ Oil

Incredible, right? This painting is of the Shem Creek area in Mount Pleasant, SC – but the way Colin paints it – it’s not too specific that it couldn’t be another similar area. There is so much going on in this painting and it holds my interest. The people walking, watching, working… The bird on the dock, and that incredible shrimp boat with all that wonderful rigging set against a stunning sky.

Anglin Smith Fine Art in Charleston, SC will be having a show November 3-17, 2017 “New Works by Colin Page” – click here to preview the paintings – and just wait until you see them in person! Go if you can!

OPENING RECEPTION tonight, Friday, November 3, 2017; from 5-8PM

See more of Colin’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Colin, from his website:

Colin Page was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Whether working on location or in the studio, Colin strives to capture the atmosphere and light of a scene. Colin currently lives in Maine, where he focuses on painting the landscape, and scenes that show his life as a father of two young girls. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions and group shows nationally and abroad.

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