How to DECLUTTER Your House and Your Life!

We have decluttered. Major declutter… and it feels so good! Continue reading “How to DECLUTTER Your House and Your Life!”


A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME

A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME

I have so many images on my computer – it’s getting a little mind boggling. Last year I spent a good week going through images and deleting. But I love so many of them and keep them – time to “spring clean” again! Continue reading “A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME”

A holiday message!

A Good Message…

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with my niece and her family – they’re on top of things and already had their Christmas tree up and decorated… so of course I had to snap a few photos of their ornaments! Beautiful!  Continue reading “A holiday message!”

King Tides in Charleston, SC!

King Tide | Charleston, SC | November 2018

I’ve never heard of a King tide until the past few years. A King Tide is a pretty non-scientific term that describes the highest tides that have been occurring lately – Read more about King Tides via! Continue reading “King Tides in Charleston, SC!”

Merry Christmas To Me!

Christmas 2005

This is a memory… a good Christmas memory. Fred and I went for a drive on Christmas back in 2005. He told me to close my eyes until he reached his destination… there was going to be a surprise.

What??!! Continue reading “Merry Christmas To Me!”

Joy for only $2.99?

Cozy and happy – Christmas lights!

Several years ago we bought a Christmas tree, set it up, decorated it and it was beautiful. Then Charlie, our Jack Russell terrier, jumped off of our bed and landed wrong… Continue reading “Joy for only $2.99?”

Wall Paint Color…

We have purchased about 4,700 sample size containers of paint from Benjamin Moore. We want to be absolutely, positively sure on this color selection thing, because it’s a big deal. A bad color can break a room, while a great color can make it sing!

Continue reading “Wall Paint Color…”