Gorgeous Geraniums!

Early Spring, I bought several geraniums from our local Harris Teeter (grocery store). They were a deal at $5 each. They’ve since been repotted into larger, prettier pots and they are doing miraculously!

We have several, and one from last year, not sure which one is the old one. In the Spring we put them in the full sun, but now that hot summer is upon us we put them under the palm for some filtered sun. They’re much happier this way!

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Charlie… a big dog trapped in a small body!


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Marigold – A Portrait!

Marigold – A Portrait!

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Happy birthday Kiddo!

Just look at this water! It looks so clear – and so chilly – as in teeth chattering, at least for someone who has lived in the heat of the South for the past 29 years. I grew up living on this river (in Michigan) – it was heavenly. We would jump in down the street and the current would bring us down the river (about 5mph if I remember correctly) where we would climb out, then walk back and do it all over again. Over and over and over… Continue reading “Time…”

How To Store Fresh Cilantro!

I was whipping up a batch of Cowboy Caviar (If you haven’t tried it, ohmy! Give it a whirl, it’s good by itself, as a dip or added to other recipes – delicious!!) and had a large bunch of cilantro I didn’t want to go to waste. I had read what to do to be able to store it so that I could use it in more than one recipe. Continue reading “How To Store Fresh Cilantro!”

A Canopy of Oak Tree Limbs

The Charleston, SC live oak trees are something to be treasured. In this photo, I shot upward. The limbs form a canopy over the road which is magnificent, especially on hot days! There is enough shade to walk laps (one time around the block is 0.8 miles) and for the most part stay out of direct sun. It also helps if you get caught in the rain, the trees shield you from regular rain – but not hard rain.

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