The Conference on the Front Porch – 2018!!

The Conference on the Front Porch 2017 Image

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A friendly reminder…

How is it possible that it is the END of July already? End. Of. July. I guess I could also say how did Fred and I go from being the “young ones” in the neighborhood to being the “older ones” – Life passes quickly, that’s how… Continue reading “A friendly reminder…”

Morning Walk: The Bridge is Open

Morning Walk

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Happy Birthday Charlie! 🐾

Charlie is 9!

It’s hard to believe Charlie, our Jack Russell is NINE years old today! I started my first blog with Charlie as the subject “Life With Charlie” because it was the only way I could get any peace. The first year that we had him I walked him so often trying to get him to walk on a leash nicely, not eat the leash as we walked, etc. He’s a little pro walking now, he just keeps up and those little legs are going a mile a minute. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Charlie! 🐾”

Gorgeous Geraniums!

Early Spring, I bought several geraniums from our local Harris Teeter (grocery store). They were a deal at $5 each. They’ve since been repotted into larger, prettier pots and they are doing miraculously!

We have several, and one from last year, not sure which one is the old one. In the Spring we put them in the full sun, but now that hot summer is upon us we put them under the palm for some filtered sun. They’re much happier this way!

#prettyasapicture – Catch you back here tomorrow!




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Charlie… a big dog trapped in a small body!


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