Is your brain being hacked?

Our WIFI was out for four days. Four. A big truck drove through the neighborhood and broke large tree branches and snapped a few cable lines. Of course you only lose service when you have a lot to get done, it’s the way of the world. We toughed it out and lived through it HOWEVER, it really made me think about a show on 60 Minutes that I watched not long ago. It was about how some apps are designed to create a habit so that we are constantly checking for email, for likes, for comments. I urge you to check it out – if nothing else it will make you a little more aware when it’s happening. After I watched that show I started reading again. At least at night, I’m going to take time away from the computer to escape.

We don’t want to live in a world where we cannot connect face to face. It’s all nice and convenient, but there has to be normal everyday interaction with people. Otherwise things are going to get a little weirder than they already are…

If this sort of thing interests you (it IS fascinating to me) – read about it HERE!

Of course I am thankful to the Comcast man who we found working on an unrelated job down the street – he worked to get our service restored. He went above and beyond. (It was a hot day, as you can see by the windows). I am thankful to have WIFI back, but also AWARE that I need to set limits. Do you? Is your brain hacked?

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What is it about the silent (and not so silent) effects of water? How is it that we can sit and watch water all day long. There is something mesmerizing about it. You get pulled in and lost in your thoughts. I believe this is called

R E L A X A T I O N . . .

There’s nothing like it! Now go relax! 😉


Holiday week – posting photos daily for the many of you who are away from the computer. Not a bad idea, enjoy yourselves! Back to normal posting next week…

Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Another Year Wiser?

I skimmed my photos looking for a photo that doesn’t make it look like I am my age. Ha. Good luck with that. The fact is, as time goes on, even though you feel the same way you always have in your heart (well, add in a few aches and pains) it’s an undeniable fact that if you are lucky to still be on this earth, you are going to age.

I remember the exact day I discovered I was no longer “young”. My parents had flown in from MI and we were all going on a cruise out of Charleston, SC. We were on a shuttle full of young, very excited kids. I didn’t think anything of it until one young girl said Ma’am, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re on a bus full of young people – it’s SPRING BREAK!!”

Oooohhh. Mmmmmm. Geeeeee. 😳

My first inclination was to turn around and look behind me. Surely there was a very old person sitting there. No… she was talking to me. Then it hit me. Wow. I AM NOT YOUNG. I really never thought of myself any other way, so that was a big HELLO! It didn’t make me sad, it made me laugh actually. I mean, really, what else can you do? (After a week with young college age kids on Spring Break let me tell you – I was never so happy to not be young. Ha ha… I am completely happy exactly where I’m at!)

There are magic potions and treatment to help reverse. I clearly don’t use them. I’m trying to be positive here, every wrinkle is from a life well lived. I am so fortunate to be married to such a wonderful man, have a great family who are all healthy – this is truly a gift, the best birthday gift you could ask for when you think about it!

So I spend my birthdays going forward feeling blessed, and thankful. Thankful for friends and connections made over the years, for the ability to spend time with my husband and little beast Charlie (and of course for the ability to write this blog 😉). I’m thankful for my parents and sister and all my family in MI and sprinkled throughout the country – I’m thankful for Fred’s parents and family, all nearby… When you wake up in the morning – it’s a good day! Be mindful of all you have to be thankful for. If you see someone in need, do your best to help, in whatever way is possible for you.

Now, when your birthday rolls around – remember these words – don’t stress about the small stuff. Life is short – enjoy each day…

As for the “another year wiser” – lets hope so!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Gas Light – B&W

Sometimes images in black and white are more dramatic, don’t you think? Gas lights have so much character – they give off such nice warm light.

Happy Sunday to you! Can you believe tomorrow is already Monday? Where does the time go?

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Aiken Horse House (C0517)by Allison Ramsey!


Aiken Horse House (C0517) By Allison Ramsey

This is the Aiken Horse House (C0517) – this plan is 1,150 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms of elegant living space. You read that right, elegant living in a horse house – Wow! This house is beyond spectacular! I love how Allison Ramsey shows real life photos of a plan built, the images are stunning – be sure to CHECK THEM OUT!


The first floor of this horse house are (obviously) the stalls, storage and tack area. However, if you aren’t into horses, this plan could still be tremendous! The possibilities are endless – what a great artists studio this would make! There would be room for painting (walls could be reconfigured), there could be an office space, a storage area for supplies, ample walls to hang paintings. How nice would this be to walk downstairs and into your studio, whether it’s painting, wood working, etc. Of course, this is also a FABULOUS plan if you have horses.


Aiken Horse House (C0517) By Allison Ramsey

The second floor features a master bedroom/bathroom with walk in closet. A second bedroom and bathroom, a kitchen with a PANTRY, breakfast area and living room. Then the pièce de résistance… the SCREENED PORCH that is the width of the house. I am in love! If you haven’t checked out the real life photos of this elegant horse house, click on that link above. Wow…

Absolute perfection.

All images via, used with permission…

Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

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Dogs need a mental challenge – BONUS: This will slow down fast eaters!

Kong Wobbler

This is a Kong Wobbler. It’s good for dogs who get bored easily and need a mental challenge. They say that mental workouts wear them out far more than a long walk. Hearing that had me rushing to the store to get one of these! At first Charlie was having a time, barking at it, whining, then he quickly figured it out. We now feed him in his Wobbler, it takes him a while to get the food out because it moves so it’s not as easy as it looks. He’s a smart beast and getting it figured out pretty quickly, but it does have another bonus… it slows down their eating! So if you have a fast eater and are looking for a solution, I would think this would do it!

Oh Happy Day!

Read more about how the Wobbler works, from the Kong website!

Now that Charlie’s bandage is off, we are able to walk and enjoy the Wobbler – Life is good!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Daylight Savings Time Begins – Time to Spring Forward!

spring forward

A good trick I use to remind myself to set the clocks back before we go to bed… Set the clock on the stove forward an hour this morning… then you will notice the time is wrong when you see it later in the day, and that prompts you to change the rest of the clocks. I know the entire country doesn’t participate in Daylight Savings Time, but for those of you who do… you know what to do (Ex: If it’s 8AM, set your clock to 9AM, ahead one hour)!

Daylight Savings Time begins at 2AM (Sunday), but not many of us wait up for it!

Catch you back here tomorrow!