Cut Lilies Can Make A Room!

Lilies make a room!

Lilies. I love them. They have the most wonderful scent ever! We usually buy 4 stems, and they last about 2 weeks. I usually try to find a few stems that have blooms that have not opened so they will last longer. This is what I do: Continue reading “Cut Lilies Can Make A Room!”


Charlie Sunbathing…

Charlie Sunbathing

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A Maine House – Windows to the Sea!

Maine House – Windows to the Sea!

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The Conference on the Front Porch – 2018!!

The Conference on the Front Porch 2017 Image

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A friendly reminder…

How is it possible that it is the END of July already? End. Of. July. I guess I could also say how did Fred and I go from being the “young ones” in the neighborhood to being the “older ones” – Life passes quickly, that’s how… Continue reading “A friendly reminder…”

Morning Walk: The Bridge is Open

Morning Walk

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Happy Birthday Charlie! 🐾

Charlie is 9!

It’s hard to believe Charlie, our Jack Russell is NINE years old today! I started my first blog with Charlie as the subject “Life With Charlie” because it was the only way I could get any peace. The first year that we had him I walked him so often trying to get him to walk on a leash nicely, not eat the leash as we walked, etc. He’s a little pro walking now, he just keeps up and those little legs are going a mile a minute. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Charlie! 🐾”