How to DECLUTTER Your House and Your Life!

We have decluttered. Major declutter… and it feels so good! There is no extra anything – it’s so nice to open a closet or drawer and not have so many things I’m not using that are in the way. “Stuff” clutters your mind as well as your house. I am not proclaiming to be Marie Kondo. I have heard so much about her but haven’t had an opportunity to watch a show or see what she’s about. I know she has to do with organizing, I am intrigued.

But… I am also decluttered to the point where there is nothing in this house that we do not use. From clothes, to kitchen, bedding, attic, bathrooms, including every single closet/drawer/shelf in this house.

Every. Single. One. GONE THROUGH… As a bonus, as you go through everything, it’s a treat to put things back in order, nice and neat… The attic is now empty and the Kidney Foundation is scheduled to pick up. We debated about having a garage sale, because we could have made money, but we decided to just let it go. The chance of pulling something back to save and repeat the viscous cycle of saving “stuff” is there, so I would rather not chance it 😉

The tip is easy. I make three piles.


2. SAVE.



Every item I picked up, I asked myself if I was going to wear/use this item in the near future?

If I am saving it:

  • a) Until it fits
  • b) Because I’m keeping it but not sure why
  • c) Because I may “need” it one day (eye roll)
  • d) in case a family member wants it

It goes in the DONATE pile. Select a deserving charity, one that gives back. I just happened to receive a card in the mail for the Kidney Foundation. You call, they come… easy peasy, right?


If the item fits/is useful/is in working order/is something I don’t hesitate about if I use or not it goes in the SAVE pile!


If it’s something that you can’t donate… place it in the, THROW AWAY pile/trashcan! Nobody wants something that should have been tossed eons ago. We didn’t have much to toss, but we did recycle quite a few jars (I may have a thing with jars… my only downfall, ha).

Ohmygosh, I feel like I can breathe again – and I promise you, we are not pack rats. We clean out closets and donate several times a year. We have an older home with limited closet space, so it’s rather imperative to get rid of what you don’t use, but this was all the stuff that i’ve been saving because it’s good and I couldn’t just get rid of it. As I speak… it’s on the truck, driving away. Woohoo!

No looking back – our neighbors probably think we’re moving with the number of boxes/bags piled outside, hehe.  Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “How to DECLUTTER Your House and Your Life!

  1. Sheila

    Wow, so proud of you both, major decision making….it helps when you know it’s stuff still good and someone else will be happy to give it new life…thank you stuff!🤓

    Liked by 1 person

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