In my prayers today…

Today is Inauguration Day. An inauguration day like no other. Tension in this country is at an unprecedented high. The divisiveness feels insurmountable at times. But #havefaith. We have entered a new year… A new year, a new administration.

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Featured Artist: Tom Hoitsma!

#75 by Tom Hoitsma 74×60″ Acrylic & Latex on Canvas

We have a mix of art in our home. We love different forms of art and I think they work well together. Paintings can evoke wonderful memories of special places, moments in time. Art makes life more colorful and happy! After 2020, I think ART is something we all need… desperately!

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Seabrook and Kiawah, SC

Kiawah, SC

Islands. We love them. We have so many in close proximity. Some feel more “islandy” than others. A friend offered for us to visit her place on Seabrook Island (SC) – we took a quick day trip and were astounded at the beauty. How could something so beautiful be so close? Unless you live or are staying on the island it’s gated. So that’s probably why we’ve never had the opportunity prior to this.

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The Cape Farmhouse by Classic Colonial Homes!

The Cape Farmhouse by Classic Colonial Homes

A striking plan by Classic Colonial Homes. This is a gorgeous farmhouse plan with a wrap around porch, click the link to see the side view of this home… wow! The 2 bay carriage shed (garage) also has an option to create a bonus room above. Classic Colonial Homes can work with you to customize these plans to make them all yours!

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Unfried Fried Rice with Shrimp!

Unfried Fried Rice with Shrimp

Well, this was an unexpected treasure to find! I’ve been hooked on making meals with brown rice, sautéed kale, some sort of bean or pea and usually and egg. Next pass I will make this with an egg (scrambled) and some green onions sprinkled… it’s quick (especially if you sauté a batch of kale early in the week then use it throughout the week).

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Featured Artist: Cody DeLong!

Between A Rock and A Hard Place by Cody DeLong 40×30″ Oil

Cody DeLong. Many of you probably know about Cody and his incredible work over the years, his paintings continue to wow! I think this painting is so interesting. Just look at the light this painting has in it – look at the water which is so incredible with it’s subtleness. Beautiful! The background (jaw dropping Grand Canyon) is gorgeous and I love the bighorn sheep – especially the one that’s on the move. It brings this stunning painting to life!

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View from a morning walk…

View from a morning walk… Charleston, SC

The other morning my husband and I went for a walk – it was such a nice day. We are so fortunate to be so close to the most beautiful scenery ever! The ever changing vista (colors of the marsh grass, level of water that changes due to the tides, the birds, etc). Absolutely spectacular! This was one of our views…

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The Village Double (Duplex) C0552) by Allison Ramsey Architects!

The Village Double (Duplex) C0552 by Allison Ramsey Architects

Something different to start off the new year… I was thinking about how this COVID-19 Pandemic that we’ve been living through has changed our lives (temporarily!) – many of us are staying home and working from home now more than ever. We have family members we’re unable to see due to the circumstances. But just think, what if you built a duplex? Say you’re working from home, and you have a family member who may be alone and perhaps doing the same thing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be next to each other? You could both have a work from home space as well as a living space.

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The Lost Kitchen (Erin French) – Gift Market Finds…

The Lost Kitchen (Erin French) – Gift Market Finds…

We are big fans of The Lost Kitchen, a restaurant owned by Erin French, located in Freedom, Maine. Erin has become a remarkable success – through hard work and dedication she has built an amazing restaurant and even during the pandemic has found ways (Farmers Market and a Gift Market) to help others sell their goods.

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For those of you world travelers (and for those of us who are home)!

City Hall | Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina has some beautiful architecture. This image is of City Hall and it’s quite spectacular, don’t you think? If you haven’t been to Charleston, SC – you may want to add it to your list of wonderful places to visit! Speaking of… part of this post is for those of you who are world travelers, I have something you may be interested in… #digitalnomadsthisisforyou

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