Vivacious Day Lilies!

T h e y  m a k e  y o u  s m i l e , d o n ‘ t  t h e y ?

Day Lilies… in all their beautiful yellowness are a symbol of happiness and cheer. I have them outside of my window, and when I look out in the morning, they are so happy – they start my day out the right way… with a smile!

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Featured Artist: Susan Landor Keegin!

H o p e   3 6  b y   S u s a n  L a n d o r   K e e g i n   6 x 6   O i l 

Today’s featured artist brings us paintings from the best of two worlds, Maine and California – two fabulous locations with the most stunning scenery.

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Easy Double Bean and Corn Enchiladas | Recipe from Cait’s Plate!

E a s y   D o u b l e   B e a n   &   C o r n   E n c h i l a d a s !

I was sitting by the pool reading Eating Well magazine (one of my favorites) – and I happened upon an image of enchiladas with the recipe written by a registered dietician. They gave the hashtag…

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