Featured Artist: Nathaniel Meyer!

Nocturne by Nathaniel Meyer 20×16″ Oil

Fabulous, right? I love the subject matter in this painting, the large (very cool!) moon, the stunning trees with a life of their own, the moonlight on the water. I want to be right there, perhaps sitting on that big rock, absorbing the silence, watching for a fish to jump.

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Stunning Sunset!

Charleston Sunset

Sunrise or sunset? I love them both equally. If you owned a home where you could see a stunning view of either, which would you prefer? Sunrise or sunset? I think I would pick sunset, because then I would never miss it! We are up early, but there is always the chance you could miss it…

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Cates Creek by Sailer Design!

Cates Creek by Sailer Design!

Can you imagine an outbuilding (or a tiny house!) so fine? With so many people working from home (WFH) during this era of COVID-19, this could be a fabulous office, art studio, and so much more – the possibilities are endless! What a wonderful roofline and gorgeous windows. This is one special space!

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St John’s Lutheran Church Steeple – Charleston, SC

St. John’s Lutheran Church | Charleston, SC

Steeples everywhere… Charleston, SC has so many churches. Churches that have stood the test of time, that have gone through so much and have survived or brought back to life after a hurricane or earthquake over the years. #somuchhistoryhere This steeple is so striking with the palm and the stunning blue sky. Let me tell you the copper gutters that you see here are huge! This is one beautiful church!

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The Farmington Saltbox House Plan by Classic Colonial Homes!

The Farmington Saltbox House Plan by Classic Colonial Homes!

I think this home is a beauty both inside and out. It looks stately from the front, but the side view is what you can’t miss! I love everything about it. This is a classic saltbox style plan as their website will explain. This plan really can look like something built back in the late 1700’s! You must visit their website to read the full description of this plan, it’s wonderful!

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Berry Cobbler (Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry)

Health experts tell us we should eat the colors of the rainbow for good health. These deep dark berries are beyond amazing all by themselves, but when you toss them in a casserole dish and top them with a little somethin’-somethin’ they become ✨magic✨! I try to keep portions small, this is a teeny bowl 😉

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Featured Artist: Carl Bork!

Aspen Way by Carl Bork 18×18″ Oil

Fabulous, right? I love the sweet layers of paint, applied skillfully with a palette knife. Layers of paint adds such a nice texture don’t you think? Carl has a way with color, light and a palette knife, just wait until you see more of his work. I love the winding path, the gorgeous trees, stunning shadows and the darkness deep within that makes it all stand out!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! #idontskipabeet

Perhaps this is a rather unorthodox Valentine image. Not the typical Cupid, roses, chocolates or kisses. But it is pretty cool, don’t you think? #cantbeetit 😉 Ahh, Valentine’s Day – a dreaded day by many, a cherished day by others. A day of celebration, handing out cards and gifts or just another day? What is it to you? 💖💘

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