Get Outside If You Can!

Get outside if you can!

The day after Thanksgiving… most of us have probably indulged a little more than normal whether we stayed home or went to visit friends or family. Today’s the day to get outside and walk, run, or just take in nature!

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Thanksgiving 2020!

Sunrise | Charleston, SC

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of things to be thankful for! These are trying times, I know many of us are staying home this Thanksgiving, missing family and friends. I am among them.

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Spanakopita and Tzatziki from Trader Joe’s!

Greek Spanakopita and Tzatziki from Trader Joe’s – A tasty treat!

I found a delicious treat at Trader Joe’s, Greek Spanakopita and Tzatziki! It’s perfect for a special occasion – which is today (cooking for tomorrow) – I limit processed foods but today is an exception. (Sorry for poor image)🙄

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The Bluebird Cottage House Plan (SL 2026) by Sailer Design!

Bluebird Cottage by Sailer Design

Small but mighty! This guest suite has such charm, I think it’s fabulous – Love the lines of it, very classy. This looks lovely painted this wonderful creamy white, it compliments the roofing and pavers, everything about this is exquisite!

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Eric Bowman – Show at the Maxwell Alexander Gallery!

End of the Trail by Eric Bowman | Maxwell Alexander Gallery

WOW. What more can you say. To me, the white fabric is stunning against this fabulous dark background. The desert is awe inspiring as is the sky. The light on the horse and the man is brilliant and so beautiful.

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