No mountains in Charleston…

A quick snap of my phone the other day. The sun, some dark clouds, and blue sky. Quite the mix. It was as if nature didn’t know if it should be summer/winter – dry or rain! I love that dark cloud line that looks like low mountains on the horizon – no mountains here, just a swath of dark clouds!

I love weather and appreciate whatever it is outside (well, I may whine if it’s hot and humid – hee).

Enjoy your Saturday!


Catch you back here tomorrow!


Thoughts on Gift Giving…

🎁 Gift Giving Thoughts

I try to listen throughout the year for gift giving ideas. Hints that are given without meaning to be a hint for a gift. Something someone wishes they had, or needs, or has recently lost/broke, etc. It’s amazing the ideas you can pick up if you listen!

There is nothing better than buying just the right gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive. So many of us have enough “things” – so I look for gifts that are useful, practical and don’t take up a lot of space. Something that the person can use like a gift card for spa services (a nice treat), movie pass, restaurant gift card, coffee shop gift card, homemade (or store bought) bakery treat. Sensible gifts like socks, underwear, while not terribly exciting (although with all the bright patterns out there now they sure can be!) are very practical and if you know the right brand/size could be very much appreciated. Some nice socks like SmartWool (warmth), Feetures (running/walking socks) or just some gorgeous socks (men: Ted Baker) or even some gorgeous (yes, gorgeous!) Sockwell compression socks for that special someone who is always on their feet!

Those are just a few ideas- there are oh, so many! Have fun in your quest for just the right gift! Make it special (not necessarily expensive, just with thought behind it).

Catch you back here tomorrow!

A good gift idea: Sheepskin seat covers!


Now, this is a good gift idea! Especially for those who are in their vehicle any length of time! Real sheepskin keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and importantly doesn’t give you that electric ZAAAP that you get when it’s dry outside! I’ve been zapped so badly I was sure I was going to end up with curly hair! is one of the companies that you can order from, you order based on the year/make/model of your vehicle. That way you KNOW it will fit properly.

For those of you with heated seats (not in need of a seat cover), if you get cold hands while driving there is also a cover for your steering wheel 😉

Do you know someone who this would make a good gift for?

Check out their website:!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Great gift idea! S’well Tumbler…

S’well tumblers, water bottles and travelers (similar to tumblers with lids) – I’m telling you these are AMAZING! I first saw this at LL Bean in Freeport, Maine. I like the smaller (10oz.) size. There is another that I bought for my husband, taller and 18oz. It would take me forever to drink 18oz!

What I love about these is that they DON’T SWEAT 💦. I’m conscious of BPA, etc. So have gotten away from plastic, but when I use a glass it sweats from the heat/humidity. Ick. I hate sweat! There also isn’t an odd aftertaste, like I’ve had with other steel water bottles – my water tastes like it just came from a (purified) mountain stream!

This S’well tumbler keeps hot drink hot ♨️ up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold ❄️ for up to 24 hours. That means you can set your glass on a wooden table with no risk of condensation. I do it all the time, I feel like a rebel, hee.

The water bottles are beautiful (can a water bottle be beautiful? YES!) The opening fits most ice cubes which is nice and they come in 9oz or 17oz. There is even a 25oz. bottle that will hold a bottle of wine!

These bottles are made of vacuum insulated high-grade 18/8 stainless steel and have ThermaS’well ™ technology – including a copper layer which creates that wonderful condensation free exterior – NO SWEATING! Woohoo! They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes. Mine pictured above is TEAKWOOD and it’s gorgeous! They are sold at a variety of places (via the Swellbottle website, Nordstrom, Dick’s, etc) – see more info on!

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Newly A Nonagenarian – Special Wishes!

Happy Birthday Penny!

Today is our friend’s birthday, she turns 90! Her name is Penny and she’s an amazing individual. She has a vivid memory and can recount stories from years ago with the sharpest detail! Penny shares her life stories – you know, those very special stories that you can learn by… You’ll see what I mean when you check out her blog. YES! Her blog…

Penny writes an incredible blog about the “Recollections & Ruminations of a Quirky Old Dame”. She has a gift with her sharp wit and love of storytelling. Her posts will put a smile on your face. Penny is cool and “with it” – she keeps up to date on what’s happening, and she makes me laugh. This is a woman who loves life. She dives in, unafraid to try new and challenging things, such as starting a blog at age 89. I started out posting it to WordPress for her (posting, not writing), and now she does it all. Penny is an inspiration, a sweet friend and the one special person who told me about Effie’s Oat Cakes!

Penny and I originally met via email – CC’d from another friend. Fred and I have had the opportunity to meet Penny in person – What a treat! Since the time of emailing we have met on Monhegan Island a few times – and what a good time we have!

Penny – What is your secret? I’m guessing it’s a wonderful attitude, a love of reading and writing – a close family and many, many friends (and quite possibly two Effie’s Oat Cakes each morning – I’m hoping that’s the true secret!)

Your gift of sharp wit and love of storytelling makes your blog, Nearly Ninety the absolute treasure that it is!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

Paying it forward…

The coolest thing happened to us the other day. We were having lunch at Five Loaves Cafe in Charleston, SC – and as the woman walked up to our table (we thought to give us our bill), she explained that the restaurant chooses a few tables each day to surprise and take care of their meal. So there was no bill, it was on the house – they just ask that you pay it forward through random acts of kindness – give back however you can.

I have to tell you, I’ve read about this happening to other people and I always thought it was such a cool thing to have happen! There is no better feeling than giving. It leaves you smiling the entire day. It’s been fun to think up ways to pay it forward. We always try to be mindful of that, but this is extra special given the time of year…

So… pay it forward however you can, whether you treat someone to lunch, buy them a coffee, or just random acts of kindness – bringing an elderly neighbor dinner or treats – a nice visit. The possibilities are endless!

As I mentioned, Five Loaves Cafe had fabulous food! I love how you can order a half of sandwich, half of a salad or a cup vs. bowl of soup. They also have a soup “flight” that allows you to sample three different soups. We’re looking forward to going back for dinner! We also want to try their other restaurants, Sesame Burgers and Beer and Ember Kitchen (Charleston, SC).

I can tell you this post took me far too long to write – Reason? I got stuck looking at their  menu and couldn’t get out! Oh! Everything sounds so good! Can’t wait to get back…

Bravo to the GlowFisch company – you rock! Your restaurants are fabulous, good food, good people and good beliefs! We will most certainly be back!

Happy Holidays indeed! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Watching Intently

Charlie watching intently out of the back window while perched in a chair. Not a muscle moves. Not even one of the many hairs on his body. He’s watching for any movement, squirrels and birds mostly.

Dogs love to be at the same level we are. He will hop up in a chair and sit back like you or I would. It’s crazy to see and makes me laugh every single time. I think it started when he was a puppy. The only way he would stay calm is to get in my desk chair (with me in it), he would sit up, back against the chair- paws in front and digging into my back. Once he got situated he would fall asleep, which also meant if I wanted a moment of piece I wouldn’t move a muscle. It’s how this blog was born. On 1/1/11 I decided I may as well do something productive, so why not figure out how to create a blog, the writing part was easy, the figuring out took a bit.

It’s been a great adventure. I can’t believe next month begins year EIGHT of a daily blog, which, I have to be honest, at times I have considered stopping just because of the enormous amount of time I spend on it. Even though my posts are rather fluffy and most don’t have a lot of research to be done (house plans and artists are different, those do take time), they still take a lot of time.

I hope you are enjoying this blog. I have received so many wonderful emails throughout the years – it’s what keeps me going. As a friend mentioned… it’s time to monetize – But how? Sounds like I have some research to do! Better get busy!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog!