Featured Artist: Anne Blair Brown!

Choice Seating by Anne Blair Brown 12×12″ Acrylic

Anne Blair Brown. An artist who’s work I have admired from the very beginning. She has a way of taking a scene, loosening it up and making it even more wonderful than real life! Anne has an upcoming exhibit in Charleston, SC…

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Charleston Gate

Charleston, SC Gate

Charleston, SC is a magical city whether it be on foot or any other mode of transportation. I prefer to walk because there are so many wonderful photographs to be taken. Everywhere you look something demands attention – and a photograph.

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If 2020 Were An Image

If 2020 were an image, it would look a bit like this…

Yes, 2020 looks a bit like this. So much information about the presidential election, lack of leadership, who said what about whoever, the riots (and I’m not talking about the peaceful protests), the hate, the negative non-stop attack ads that make the “slip and fall and we’ll make you rich” commercials seem like Hallmark. I know my head isn’t the only one that is swimming in a sea of disinformation.

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Featured Artist: Ashley Sellner!

Hydrangeas by Ashley Sellner 14×11 Oil

I love when people write about their experiences during the pandemic when stay at home orders were in place. I appreciate when someone can take that experience and create something positive – especially when there is so much up in the air and at stake. Today’s featured artist did just that – check it out!

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