Raw Bar – Charleston, SC

We were at a downtown Charleston venue for our Godson’s wedding rehearsal – and as we were on our way to the car I snapped a few photos. It was a beautiful evening so there were good shots to be had. As it always is in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Window Box at Dusk

Window Box at Dusk | Impatiens

I was letting the dog out before the rain began the other night and when I opened the door the window box looked so pretty. It’s really filling in after two weeks! SWEET! I love images when there is a light on in the house, so pretty. Lighting is important.

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Oak tree blowing in the wind…

Blowing in the wind #loop

These grand oak trees are everywhere in Charleston, South Carolina. They’re stunning, magnificent and oh, so striking! I’ve written about them many times. They have the Resurrection fern that grows on many of them. Look at the trunk above and see the crunchy brown looking fern attached to the tree, that’s a resurrection fern. If it rains it is stunning and bright green. Once the rain is gone and the tree gets dry it turns brown and crunchy again.

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Lobster Cove Life Ring Buoys | Monhegan, Maine

Life Ring Buoys | Monhegan, Maine

Since we haven’t been anywhere it what feels like forever, I felt like taking a little trip to Monhegan Island today, so I perused my photos and found this image from 2012. Taken at Lobster Cove, a quick and easy hike with a stunning view. There is just so much to love about Monhegan. We can’t wait to get back. Like many of you, we have been in place for over a year now, so we really want to go see family and maybe Monhegan next year? Who knows! 🤞

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Quick iPad Sketch of Charlie…

Quick iPad Sketch of Charlie…

I love apps that let me be creative – and bonus… no cleanup required! Charlie was looking out the sunroom window one day… and I did a quick sketch on my iPad. It looks so much like him. His lazy sit, his focus on anything that moves outside. Especially looking for the #bigbirds This app lets you draw in various ways with so many colors (and it’s free!) – I’m interested to know what app do you use? I don’t have an Apple pencil, so it’s either done with my finger or a stylus that is old and puffy, which isn’t the best combo.

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Take Two!

🎬Take Two!

Some of us garden with the trial and error method. It’s not such a bad method. For instance, I posted this window box that we planted (previous post) and it was stunning. Turns out we no longer get the amount of sun that we used to due to the live oak tree growing so happily. So after a month of trying to get the previous plants to work, we pulled them out and put them in a large pot in the sun. They really did prefer sun. #gofigure

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First Day of Summer is Tomorrow!

Charlie’s new (smaller) pool…

Well, tomorrow is the day! The first day of summer, June 20, 2021. Woohoo! A time of year so many of you are looking forward to. Out come the beach and pool supplies, quicker and lighter food to eat – ironically, even with the heat, more time spent outdoors. Summer is a good time to relax, grab a book and an iced tea and chill for a bit.

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Spotlight: Abide A While Garden Boutique!

Photo taken inside Abide-A-While Garden Boutique | Mount Pleasant, SC

We love to visit the garden boutique at Abide A While when we’re in Mount Pleasant, SC. I love to see their unique offerings. Abide A While is a happening place, especially on weekends! So if you’re in the area be sure to check it out. There is something for everyone. They have great gift ideas if you live here or are visiting and want to take something back with you.

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The Benefits of Goodreads.com (or the app!)

Image via Apple App Store

How many of you are familiar with Goodreads.com (or the Goodreads App)? How many of you simply couldn’t live without it? 🙋‍♀️ I used to keep a folder of sticky’s with books I’ve read. Epic fail to go through the folder every time I looked for a book (and it’s not something I want to drag along to a bookstore or library with me). Then I started a notebook, still, you have to look through it page after page. Trust me, you need Goodreads!

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2021 Lupine Gallery/Island Inn Show with Caleb Stone!

Fish Beach Way 18 x 24″ Oil by Caleb Stone | Image: Lupine Gallery

We all look forward to the annual art show at the Island Inn, Monhegan, Maine. The owners of the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan transform the dining room of the inn into a stunning art mecca each year. It is so exciting to walk into the dining room and see the art displayed so masterfully. Absolutely gorgeous paintings this year by artist Caleb Stone. It’s also a treat to be eating in the dining room at the Inn with a breathtaking view both inside and out!

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Pretty Flowers and TMI?

Happy Saturday! What do you have planned today? Our plans lately have been up in the air so we haven’t scheduled anything, but hopefully that’s about to change soon. I’m working on reading my way through the books I’ve collected the past few trips out. I don’t usually get much time in, a little in the morning, a few pages at night and that’s about it. But hey, it makes a book last longer, right? So who cares? Curious… What’s do you think of when you see this image?

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Islander Cottage (SL1951) House Plan by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

Islander Cottage (SL1951) House Plan by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

Wow, right? I love the house, the garage AND the covered breezeway leading to both the house and the upstairs guest suite from the house. A wonderful place to live or be a guest! I like this modern farmhouse plan a lot. You can see some of the real-life images – which really helps when trying to think about how you would live in a plan…

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The BEST Rhubarb Pie Recipe Ever!

The BEST Rhubarb Pie Recipe EVER!

I am not being overly dramatic when I say that this is THE best rhubarb pie recipe EVER! It’s a culmination of a few different recipes, deletes of some ingredients (spices – I love rhubarb pie very basic, it’s that good). I also have found THE PERFECT PIE CRUST (hint, you don’t even have to make it)! It tastes homemade, and I am beyond thrilled at this discovery! I had to make this pie twice to be sure I had the recipe just right 😉

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