Missing this view…

The view from a cottage in Port Clyde, Maine…

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a hell of a year. We stayed right here, still haven’t been anywhere. I know it’s a small price to pay, but it hasn’t been easy. I cannot wait to get to MI to see my family. I can’t wait for them to get here to see us, and I am certainly missing this view from a cottage we rented in Port Clyde, Maine. The sound of the surf. I want it back. Right now, please 😉

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Simpler Times – A photo from the past…

A 2007 Norwegian Cruise (with mom, pictured here)!

This photo is a blast from the past, 2007 to be exact. Fred and I were on the cruise with my parents. It departed Charleston and went to George Town (Grand Cayman), Cozumel (Mexico) and Key West (Florida). I appear a bit apprehensive in this photo. This was before the ship left port. The cruise was in March, and the weather was beautiful here. We arrived in style…

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The Springfield Poolhouse by Lake & Land Studio!

Springfield Poolhouse by Lake & Land Studio!

Having a nice poolhouse is the perfect compliment to a wonderful swimming pool. A poolhouse can be used to relax, entertain, or even to use as a studio or work from home office! I love the cupola. A poolhouse takes a pool to the next level I think!

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Quick and Easy Tacos – Best Ever!

Quick and Easy Tacos – These are the best ever!

Tacos. Who doesn’t love a good taco. This is a quick meal to throw together, especially if you can run to Whole Foods and grab a container of freshly made guacamole, while you’re there you can also grab a container of fresh salsa (or this day, I just cut up a few campari tomatoes)…

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Do you know what these are called?

The votive candles have these twinkling with light ✨

Aren’t these the coolest? One of these was given to me years ago and I love it. I place a small tea light (with a base so there is no cleanup) and light it. When friends and family members need special prayers I light it. Reminds me of lighting a candle at church. We met recently with an antique dealer, she told us what these are called, do you know?

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A Refreshing Drink Splurge

Topo Chico Twist of Lime Mineral Water

Have you seen this mineral water in stores near you? It’s so refreshing – I’m not a big mineral water (or anything fizzy for that matter) person, but this is different, it’s delicious. It’s also no calories. It comes in a beautiful green bottle (which is part of the fun I think!) – A handful of daisies would look nice popping out of the top. #reuse

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Friday thoughts…

A cool old stool…

I looked at my phone to read my post for today… Surprise! There was no post! 🤦‍♀️ I flipped through my recent images and found this photo of an old stool that I took. Our home has a mix of Mid-Century Modern classics, a few antiques (gorgeous pine and some other pieces). I love our mix of old and new.

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High Five to Roper St. Francis Healthcare!

Roper Vaccination Drive-Thru Site – Charleston, SC

“We’re Here For You, As Always” – was posted on a sign on one of the pillars in the parking garage where the COVID vaccines were being administered. I have to give Roper the highest of accolades when it comes to stepping up and getting people vaccinated (without even getting out of the car!), and doing so in a calm, extremely organized way. HIGH FIVE, Roper St. Francis Healthcare!

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Featured Artist: Keith Thomson!

Rollergirl by Keith Thomson 30×40 Mixed Media

Keith Thomson. An incredible artist and more! I checked out his website (so interesting!) and absolutely love his paintings. They are so different. They’re fun and spirited. Some of you will remember these funny hair dryers (still in use today) – you know, I wish I had one, ha ha. Then I could have my coffee and read while my hair is drying! #winwin

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Wysteria Blooming – A Sure Sign of Spring!

Wysteria – Charleston, SC

Wysteria, plentiful here in Charleston, SC. The aroma that drifts through the air is enticing. If you’re walking down the street it will stop you in your tracks and make you search for where the heaven scent (pun intended) is coming from! Wysteria is a vine (that you need to keep in check). Spring is when it shines in all its glory!

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