Let Sleeping Dogs Lie… While you organize your life!

Let sleeping dogs lie, quite literally in this case. The sun was streaming in, Charlie had his walk checked off the list and a full belly. He happily hopped into his bed, tucked himself tightly and fell asleep. How nice to be Charlie! Now, let’s talk organization… I have a simple strategy for tackling a big (or small) job. Closets, drawers, you name it. #letsgetitdone

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Great Northern Beans, Collards & Homemade Cornbread!

Great Northern Beans, Collards & Homemade Cornbread!

Beans. They should be far more popular than they are. Some people think beans are cheap and not worth all the time to make. But, the truth is, they don’t take all that long, and the taste can be out of this world delicious, with the added benefit that they’re easy on the wallet. Growing up, long ago, we used to eat beans every once in a while – my favorite part of that meal was the (Jiffy) cornbread, ha ha. But I was a kid with a limited palette. Thank goodness I’ve grown up and oh boy, are these beans ever fabulous. The taste is out of this world. The secret is in the…

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Featured Artist: Kevin Mizner!

Morning on Monhegan by Kevin Mizner 20×24 Oil

Kevin Mizner. His paintings bring back wonderful memories and are so true – not just in the way a scene looks, but how it FEELS. The wharf on Monhegan is the place to be, it’s where the magic happens. Arrivals, departures – hellos, goodbyes, the waiting, the excitement of arriving, the bittersweetness of departing, the trucks lined up to pick up baggage from those who arrive. Ahhh, great memories! Memories that Kevin has captured perfectly.

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Sunset at the Ashley River Memorial Bridge – Charleston, SC

Bridges. There are several bridges in Charleston, SC that allow boat traffic through, these are bascule bridges that draw up (with 12 hour advance notice). This is the Ashley River Memorial Bridge that takes you from downtown Charleston to the West Ashley side of Charleston (West of the Ashley river). There are two bridges 1/10th of a mile apart. They’re quite dramatic.

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The Cabot Barn Home by Yankee Barn Homes!

The Cabot Barn Home by Yankee Barn Home

Can you imagine? A stunning setting and a beautiful home – it’s what dreams are made of, right? (Not to mention there are two options for configuration of the upstairs on this plan giving you added flexibility). This is a beautiful plan that takes advantage of the stunning views that surround it. I think I would paint this house black. Seriously, it would fade into the setting. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be in the evening with the warm glow of light coming through the windows. I may even upsize the windows a bit, depending where I lived at the time. I love that Yankee can modify a plan to make it yours!

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Exquisite Architecture – Charleston, SC!

Grace Church Cathedral | Wentworth St. | Charleston, SC

A beautiful church with stunning architecture. This is Grace Church Cathedral located in downtown Charleston, SC. It’s an example of outstanding architecture that has withstood the test of time. You can read about the history of the building and it has been through a lot, yet lives to tell the story. Just look at the intricacies!

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Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Make this year the best year ever!

Happy New Year, 2023! Can you believe we just keep flying through the years? No matter what’s going on in the world, let’s all try to make this year the best year ever. Not only for ourselves, but for each other as well. Life presents us with paths to follow, we just have to make the right choice at the time. We’re all just trying our best, right?

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My Kind of Fireworks…

Happy New Year’s Eve! Wishing you a happy, healthy, full-of-good-things 2023. Count your blessings and most importantly, BE a blessing to someone (anyone!) else. As you reflect on 2022, think about the connections you’ve made – make the extra effort to inquire about someone’s day/life/year… I am friends with so many of you, and appreciate all the time you take to reach out to me. I am blessed (and thrilled) beyond belief. Thank you – Here’s to a safe and wonderful 2023!

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A Cheese Ball Recipe To Ring in the New Year!

A fabulous cheese ball recipe!

Well, the New Year is almost upon us and I found you the perfect cheese ball recipe to celebrate. It was perfection. We enjoyed every bite. The recipe makes 1 cheese ball, but it would be a big one (perfect for a party) – but it was just us. So I made it into 3 – 1 cup cheese balls – perfect for celebrating. Also, this can be gluten-free if you use the right crackers (I used Hint of Salt Wheat Thins).

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View from Crosby’s Seafood – Charleston, SC

Crosby’s Seafood. It never disappoints. We stopped by to pick up some shrimp for the next week. The view is over the top gorgeous. Living in Charleston, SC – I never tire of the views here. I don’t take them for granted either. We live in a stunning setting – if you worked at Crosby’s, this is your view. What?!

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!!

This is one of my all time favorite images for Christmas. This was taken in Michigan, over ten years ago. The sky was magical (as it often is), the lights were bright against the dark sky and the mood was festive.

It’s Christmas Eve! I hope this Christmas (or holiday season) is especially wonderful for you. May you delight in every single moment of it.

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Christmas Eve at the Grave, 1896 by Otto Hesselbom

Christmas Eve at the Grave by Otto Hesselbom

I ran across an image of this painting last year. It moved me. So many astounding elements: The figure who appears to be crying. The lit Christmas tree. The graveyard in the moonlight. The moon and the plentiful stars, all of which give hope. I know for many this is a tough time of year. Please hang in there. If you can do anything to help someone else, please do – let’s be a world filled with kind humans.

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