Viansa Winery | Sonoma, CA!

VIANSA WINERY (taken years ago) SONOMA, CA

Rolling hills, a vineyard, a different climate, a stunning building that reinforced the feeling that we were somewhere far, far away. The views were exquisite, the winery was amazing, and there were oh, so many photos to be taken! What’s not to love? We truly felt as if we were in Italy!

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Idea House at Fontanel (SL1855) by Historical Concepts for Southern Living!

Idea House at Fontanel by Historical Concepts for Southern Living

Just look at this amazing expanse of a porch – Can you imagine the wonderful gatherings this space could accommodate? There is also a rear porch accessible via the downstairs bedroom, casual dining space as well as the keeping room. Matter of fact, if you had glass door on the front and back door you could see in the front right through to the back!

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Yet another bowl of tasty goodness!

Yummy bowl of goodness!

Bowls are popular. They can be quick (oh so quick!), healthy (well, as healthy as you make them) and so darn good! It’s nice to take a day and prepare some veggies for the week, then just a quick heat up of the ingredients that sound good to you at the time and *BAM* Dinner. Is. Ready! #woohoo

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Featured Artist: Daphne Pulsifer!

“Reaching” by Daphne Pulsifer | Bronze Sculpture

When I first saw this image – it stopped me in my tracks. The words Daphne wrote about “Reaching” really resonated with me. This pandemic has gone on now over one year. By now, most of us know someone who has had COVID-19 and has struggled with it, in the best case scenarios. Who ever would have thought that a year later this would still be here and even worse than ever? Read Daphne’s words, you’ll know what I mean!

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Oak Trees + Sunlight = Happiness

Morning Walk…

I was out on a morning walk, and ran into this sight. Whoa! Grab the phone, catch the light in the Spanish moss hanging from the live oak trees (and closest in image is a crepe myrtle). I love walking in Charleston, you always run into something to photograph… I’ve learned not to leave my phone at home!

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San Fran from a while back…

San Francisco, CA

Well, since like many of you, we haven’t been anywhere lately, so I thought I would share an image from long ago. Taken in San Francisco. Aren’t these are the coolest boats? I love how they’re lined up. They are absolutely striking! #theyhavesuchcharacter San Fran is a city where you can walk forever!

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The Star of the Show!

The Star of the Show!

A simple salad – made extra special with one ingredient. A very cool radish. Not any ole radish, a watermelon radish. Which, remarkably, isn’t anything to look at on the outside, but once you cut into it, jaw drop. It’s like a tie dyed radish! The more colors we eat the better, right? So why not opt for some really incredible colors?

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Featured Artist: William Jameson!

December on Roan Mountain by William Jameson 12×12″ Oil

Doesn’t this painting just scream WINTER? To me it looks like the perfect winter day. I feel like I have taken a hike through Roan Mountain on a sunny day. Crisp and cool with snow, but warmth from the sun makes the hike absolutely perfect! Of course I haven’t been on a hike in the snow (I’m in South Carolina, which rarely sees snow)…

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Camellias in Charleston, SC!

Camellia’s in Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina. Always beautiful, always something blooming, even this time of year. Camellias are beautiful flowers and they are abundant here. Some people like to float them in a pretty glass bowl – I snapped this while out on a walk 😉 There was a tulip tree nearby budding, so hoping a frost doesn’t zap it before I can get some beautiful photos!

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24 Ocean Springs Boulevard by Our Town Plans!

24 Ocean Springs Boulevard by Our Town Plans!

A pretty remarkable use of outdoor space, right? This plan has a wonderful porch on the main level and a large roof deck above. There is also a screened porch off the back via the master suite (upstairs). I love the carport too! A carport is enough to help keep hail off of your car at least! In sunny South Carolina it would also keep your car out of direct sun, a major bonus!

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