A Lighter Lunch After the Holidays!

Do you need a lighter lunch after the holidays? This is it!

I can say, for the second year in a row, we didn’t eat a heavy meal, ha ha… but still, this is so refreshing it’s crave worthy. Using the freshest of ingredients, it comes together quickly and you will be delighted how good it is (and how long it keeps you satiated!) #winwin

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! This is a day filled with magic and wonder, so keep in mind the reason for the season 😉 Some of you have traveled long distances to be with loved ones this year. We’ve been through a lot since COVID, it’s not making it easy, is it? Thankful to have medical advances to help keep more of us safer…

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The World’s Best Christmas Cookie Recipe!

Are you looking to make the most perfect Christmas cookie ever? One that can be decorated (or not) but the decorating is the highlight of making these delicious cookies. The combination of cookie and frosting are out of this world delicious. If you make them once, you’ll make them every year…. #forever

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A Celebratory Day!

A beautiful day for celebrating…

I love the change of seasons here in South Carolina. While it’s not as noticeable as the northern states it does have some color changes that are spectacular. There are certain trees that change color, this one especially, so bright and celebratory. As if ringing in the beginning of the holiday season or a very special day…

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Tis the Season – ESD

Tis the Season…

Is there anything more wonderful than decorations during the holidays? I love seeing businesses decorated festively during Christmas (and any season/holiday) – We were recently at ESD, there were so many beautiful decorations everywhere, what a treat for the eyes! This is just a small snippet of decorations at Elizabeth Stuart Design (the aforementioned ESD) in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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Parmesan Chicken, Sauteed Spinach and Fresh Pasta with Olive Oil and Parm

Ina’s Parmesan Chicken, Sauteed Spinach and Fresh Pasta with Olive Oil and Parm

The other day I made Ina Garten’s Parmesan Chicken Salad, which is a such a treat! It’s a wonderful sautéed chicken breast (with bread crumbs and parmesan) atop a simple salad of baby greens with a quick lemon vinaigrette. It tastes so fresh and delicious. I had extra chicken, so I made extra for us to eat the next day. Oh My!

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Featured Artist: Michaela Moffett!

Balcony Botanicals by Michaela Moffett 8×5.5 Gouache

Michaela Moffett. She has wonderful work on her website, you must check her out. She seems like such a delightful person. It’s evident that Michaela paints often and loves what she does! In addition to original art for sale she also does commissions and teaches private lessons.

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Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken with Rice, Pineapple and Haricot Verts

Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken with Rice, Pineapple and Haricot Verts

This year, we chose to do a simple, tasty Thanksgiving dinner. Something that didn’t involve so much cleanup, prep and ingredients. There were just the two of us, so something different was in order. I cannot tell you how tasty this meal was. We thoroughly enjoyed every single bite. Next time…

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Featured Artist: Elizabeth Graeber!

Large Green Winged Bird by Elizabeth Graeber 11×14″ Gouache on Paper

Elizabeth Graeber is an artist and illustrator. Her work is so creative, imaginative, happy, colorful and utter perfection if you’re looking for something to make you (or someone else) smile! From pet portraits, to illustrations for businesses, wallpaper, you name it and Elizabeth can do it!

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The Benning Street House Plan (SL1909) by Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

Benning Street House Plan SL1909 by Our Town Plans for Southern Living

I love the look dormers give a house. I’ve never owned a home with dormers, but I like to think about how I would decorate these spaces. This plan has a fabulous front porch, I can see myself spending a lot of time on a porch as lovely as this. The windows and shutters as well as the front door and surround are fabulous. Another beautiful home by Our Town Plans!

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