Coming Soon – SUNSHINE…

Coming Soon…

We’ve had some challenges the past few years. COVID reared its ugly head, the weather that has been so bizarre, wild fires, mud slides, freezing and no power in many areas in the north and the south, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, the list goes on, and on! But… all that said, there IS hope!

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A Blast From the Past!

A Blast From the Past

I don’t have a lot of “stuff” that I keep. Mentally, too much “stuff” can be exhausting to some people (me!). However I do have a few treasures that I have saved from when I was a (very young) kid. I’ve always loved paper (still do), writing, reading, art. Some things never change…

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Edelsteen House Plan by Perch Plans!

The Edelsteen House Plan by Perch Plans!

I can imagine this house plan in so many different settings. Since it has so many wonderful windows and doors, I can see this plan fitting perfectly where there is a water view or maybe woods – any view would be amazing. I love the wrap around porches and the clean lines of this Dutch inspired house plan. I think this house has amazing lines. I love the cuts in the roof.

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Cates Creek by Sailer Design!

Cates Creek by Sailer Design!

Can you imagine an outbuilding (or a tiny house!) so fine? With so many people working from home (WFH) during this era of COVID-19, this could be a fabulous office, art studio, and so much more – the possibilities are endless! What a wonderful roofline and gorgeous windows. This is one special space!

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St John’s Lutheran Church Steeple – Charleston, SC

St. John’s Lutheran Church | Charleston, SC

Steeples everywhere… Charleston, SC has so many churches. Churches that have stood the test of time, that have gone through so much and have survived or brought back to life after a hurricane or earthquake over the years. #somuchhistoryhere This steeple is so striking with the palm and the stunning blue sky. Let me tell you the copper gutters that you see here are huge! This is one beautiful church!

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