Forest Bathing 101: just. breathe.

Waynesville, North Carolina

I love a misty/foggy day, especially when it’s relatively cool outside. We recently spent a few days in Waynesville, NC – where we spent some much needed time away from devices and pretty much every other distraction. This photo captures the serene beauty of the day. No sunshine. #woohoo A nice thick fog blanketed pretty much everything. There was mist at times and a short thunderstorm one evening 💛- we fell asleep listening to the rain. #perfection What a treat! There is scientific evidence to prove that forest bathing is good for you… (Click to read the article).

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Rain or Shine, Sleet or Hail…

View from Outdoor Porch at The Swag

Rain or shine, sleet or hail (or even snow!!) – some places we visit are so special it really doesn’t matter what the weather is.- each has its own appeal. Our last trip to the mountains had a good bit of fog and it was lovely! I love cool weather (yet live in South Carolina) – the difference in temperatures between Charleston and Waynesville is mind blowing – especially for a 4.5 hour drive. I see why so many people love to visit the mountains. Of course the fog lifted and the mountains were glorious – what a treat!

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Storing Cilantro in the Refrigerator – the easy way!

Storing cilantro in the refrigerator so it will last!

Storing Cilantro in the refrigerator is no big deal, but if you want it to last – it becomes a deal. I love to use Cilantro in a marinade for grilled chicken (which is even tasty cold the next day!) – but I also love it in a brown rice bowl with homemade guacamole, black beans, homemade pico, a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of pepper jack cheese. It’s also good in your breakfast wrap (corn tortilla, cooked egg, pepper jack, a spoonful of leftover black beans and a sprinkle of cilantro). #whoanellie!

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Jessica Lee Ives | Light Shapes Life Show at the Lupine Gallery (Monhegan, ME)!

Light, Water, Magnetism by Jessica Lee Ives, Oil, 40″ x 60″

Jessica Lee Ives. I love how she’s able to portray her subjects in the water. Whether it’s floating, jumping, diving – the view from underwater is magnificent. Jessica captures her subjects well, the ripple of the water, the COLOR of the water, the light reflecting off of the water – all are difficult, yet Jessica masters each so well.

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Happiness continued….

To me flowers = happiness. Imagine my surprise when I stepped out of the dentist’s office to find a bevy of beautiful flowers. Woot, woot! #miniphotoshoot What brings a smile to me will bring a smile to another, so here’s your smile for the day. I don’t know what type of plant it is, but the color (and the combination of plants/flowers) was beautiful. Unexpected for sure. Don’t you love that?

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A reminder to get outside…

An accidental iPhone image = a good reminder for me to get out and walk (or do whatever to stay active). Nothing is off the table. For instance, I’m a big sweeper. I love to sweep. I’m outside, it clears my mind and it’s rewarding – we have a big area to sweep, especially with constantly falling leaves/berries/blooms/squiggles/acorns/you name it. Another way to spend the summer is gardening (or in my case trying to keep mondo grass from taking over a path) – the stuff grows like crazy…

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A GREAT Salad is easier than you think!

Are you one who thinks that a good salad is a lot of work? It may be easier than you think. Other than the washing and the chopping – you’re done. No stove to use, no oven heating up the kitchen – just a bowl of deliciousness awaiting you after you assemble and let sit in the fridge to chill for a short time. Sometimes unexpected ingredients are a nice twist…

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It’s Geranium Time!!

Flowers in Charleston, SC are plentiful right now. The colors delight the eye and the scent, ooooh, makes me so happy. People have been happily planting for some time now. Garden centers are packed (especially on weekends!) The geraniums are gorgeous and come in so many beautiful colors! I’ve always loved the geranium colors like salmon and light pink – in this image the blooms look red, but they’re more of a fiery fuchsia, which stands out nicely.

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It’s Spring! What to plant?

When the sun is shining (which it isn’t in this photo) – and the days turn warmer – who likes to head out to their favorite location to purchase flowers to plant? I think so many of us do. Flowers bring happiness and cheer (especially if you can snip a few to bring indoors!) – Our stunning orange violet is on its way out, sadly. It has been a bright pot of cheer all winter. (Not my garden pictured above 😉).

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The Grasshopper Lamp in Light with Shadows!

Light and shadows are two of my favorite things. I love to see morning or evening light hitting subject and creating a remarkable shadow. I especially love shadows on brick – the way our gas light has sharp outlines onto the brick certain times of day – and the way this lamp shows off it’s sleek design – all captured with shadows.

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How To Grill Sirloin Steak – The Easy Way!

I love sharing recipes I run across that make life easier. Instead of guessing when a steak is done, this is a good guide to ensure they turn out beautifully. We don’t have steak often, so when we do, it is absolutely amazing – we used to wait for a restaurant for steak, but no more! It’s easier than you think! I chose sirloin steak because it’s lean, so if we’re going to eat beef, I try to keep it on the leaner side.

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Featured Artist: Matthew Cornell!

The Gallery by Matthew Cornell | 8″ x 8″ Oil on Panel | Robert Lange Studios

The Seeds of Change show opened on Friday, May 5, 2023 – so if you’re in the Charleston, SC area, stop by Robert Lange Studios. Owners Megan and Robert Lange have created one of the most successful galleries and they’ve managed to keep it so current. They have such creative and talented artists. Their gallery is stunning, so be sure you stop by and say hello!

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Make that wish!!

I just said to my husband the other day – I NEVER see dandelions here in Charleston. I miss them. I remember seeing them growing up (much to my dad’s chagrin). The bright, happy yellow flowers were so pretty. Then I heard some people made soup with them… hmmm, I’ll pass on that one. But when “it” gets to the stage pictured above, the white fluffy things (ok, seeds) were the best part – because that’s when you take it, make a wish and blow on it, watching all the “little fluffy white things” blow in the wind like snowflakes.

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The 323 House Plan by Truoba!

323 House Plan by Truoba – Back View

Looking for a contemporary house plan? This plan checks the blocks for a having great features without being overly large. This is the back view of the house – pretty spectacular covered porch, isn’t it? There is a lot of living to be done with this much square footage outdoors where you can forest bathe to your heart’s content!

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