Featured Artist: Ken DeWaard (Upcoming WORKSHOPS!)

Stonington Painting by Ken DeWaard

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81 Camp Street House Plan by Our Town Plans!

81 Camp St House Plan by Our Town Plans

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Featured Artist: Kathie Odom!

Bloom Where You’re Planted by Kathie Odom 16×20″ Oil

Kathie Odom. You may have seen her featured on this blog several years ago… Kathie is a fabulous plein air painter (painting outside). She is able to capture bits and pieces of a scene with such feeling. I love this painting, everything about it is fabulous. The building, window, plants, lights, you name it! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Kathie Odom!”

Roasted Turkey Breast – Perfect for a sandwich!

Roasted Turkey Breast. Wow. Minimal effort and you have turkey for several days! Sandwiches, salads or by itself, and it couldn’t be easier! During warm months, like now, you can easily make this in the morning, let it cool and refrigerate – keeping the house cooler when things heat up. Continue reading “Roasted Turkey Breast – Perfect for a sandwich!”

Featured Artist: Joe Case!

Catocin Valley View by Joe Case 10×20″ Oil

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Marigold – A Portrait!

Marigold – A Portrait!

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St. John’s Marsh – Serenity!

St. Johns Marsh – Michigan

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