Charleston Photo – Earthquake Bolts

Charleston, SC

Regal. A home with presence, wouldn’t you say? The varying textures, the dark trim, the reflections in those beautiful windows all make this one heck of a house in Charleston, SC.

Those dark crosses on the left hand side of the building on the second and third floors are Earthquake Bolts!

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Guess the artist ANSWER: Colin Page!


Tenants Harbor Glare by Colin Page 16×20 Oil

UPDATED! The artist is COLIN PAGE!

This one was guessed before I even had a chance to share it to FB – a record! Thank you to Joe Fidler, Susan Graeber and Mary Sheehan Winn for guessing! Woohoo!! Colin’s paintings are fabulous and he has a style all his own! This is a treasure!

Over the next few weeks (until I run out of paintings), I am posting one of our paintings and then seeing who can GUESS THE ARTIST. I have retouched this photo on the bottom right corner to remove the artist’s signature.

Do you know the name of this artist?

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House Plan: The Macon Residence by Lake and Land Studio!

Macon Residence by Lake and Land Studio

This is the Macon Residence house plan by Lake and Land Studio. The total square footage of this plan is 4,059 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. I love the unique layout. There is a guest suite/apartment on the left side (1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom) and a residence on the other. It’s really much more than a guest suite, I would be happy to live in it! Perfect for someone visiting, or a relative that you would like living nearby! It would give them all the space that they need and you would be right next door.

The exterior of this home is exquisite. Can you imagine?

Macon Residence by Lake and Land Studio

(Can click to enlarge image). The guest cottage on the left has a wonderful front porch, you enter into the living room. There is a Living, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, front and back porch – wonderful, right?! Perfection!

The main house has a nice front porch with entry near the Dining room. This is a nice open plan Kitchen, Great Room, wonderful back porch and a master suite downstairs. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Macon Residence by Lake and Land Studio

Upstairs there are two more Bedrooms, a nice Bathroom, closets and a Family room! Perfect when you need more than one entertaining space!

Check out the Lake and Land Studio website, click on the orange Check out the details for this plan (what a fabulous website they have)!

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Featured Artist: Galen Cheney!

Miss Simone by Galen Cheney 24x20" Oil

Miss Simone by Galen Cheney  24×20″  Oil

Galen Cheney. Her style is fabulous. I don’t know why the word buoyant comes to mind but it does. Her paintings have life in them.

So many wonderful paintings. The oranges in this painting scream PICK ME, PICK ME! Before I knew the title, I thought that this painting looked like a lady’s head. Exactly, this is Miss Simone, and she is FABULOUS! Be sure to check out the rest of Galen’s work!

Stork by Galen Cheney 24x20 Oil

Stork by Galen Cheney 24×20 Oil

I always think it’s fun to look at abstract paintings to see if anything jumps out at me. I looked at this painting and instantly thought STORK. It’s that fabulous stork color that did it, and the curved strokes, fabulous!

There is a crispness to this painting. Together the color palette sings, I especially love the small dark strokes on the “stork” color pink, which makes them look like shadows. Fabulous green against the “stork” pink. Love this one too!

Read a bit about Galen, from the artist:

Galen Cheney has been painting professionally for 25 years.  After receiving a BA from Mount Holyoke College and an MFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art she lived in Italy and then criss-crossed her way across the US doing a variety of work from writing for a travel magazine in New York City to carving at a bronze foundry in Portland, Oregon.  She now works exclusively as an artist and teacher.  Galen has received much recognition for her painting, including a nomination for a Joan Mitchell Foundation grant and residency fellowships to the Millay Colony, the Vermont Studio Center, and most recently, Da Wang Culture Highland in Shenzhen, China.

It’s pretty impressive to be nominated for a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant!

There is a fabulous interview with Saatchi Art and Galen from 2013, read it HERE.

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Charleston, SC Voted #1 City in the World by Travel & Leisure Magazine!

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC – it’s quite a city, that’s for sure! Charleston, SC has been voted the World’s Best City. Wow.

Last year we were number 2 on the list, still impressive – and we’re the number one city in the US and Canada for the fifth year in a row!

So, if you ever are wondering where to take a vacation, this is the place! I think I would plan ahead, I think it’s going to get busier!

From the historic treasures this city has to offer, to the beautiful architecture and food that will blow you away – it’s no wonder!

This blip about Charleston, SC – from Travel + Leisure’s website:

Charleston moved up from the No. 2 city in the world last year to No. 1. The city has shown incredible resilience and, as one reader wrote, there is still “no place quite like it.” In addition to historic battlegrounds and jasmine-scented streets, Charleston is home to award-winning hotels (including the Spectator, No. 2 in the world this year) and restaurants. Antebellum charm, excellent boutiques, and the beautiful waterfronts at Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach make this city one of the most beloved in the U.S.—and now, the world.

That’s quite an honor –  Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist: Amy Williams!

Forsythia and Dandelions by Amy Willams 12x12 Oil

Forsythia and Dandelions by Amy Willams 12×12″Oil

Amy Williams. Fabulous artist, wonderful person (that is so important to me… to like the artist!)- the kind of person you like to be around. One of her favorite spots to paint is Monhegan, Maine as well as other areas of Maine. She captures the light and the essence of a scene, much like you’re there. Her subjects vary, I love this Forsythia and Dandelions. I happen to think dandelions are happy little flowers, a pest to some, they add a bright bit of color. The forsythia in this painting is the star, I love the light!

Silver Lining by Amy Williams 12x12 Oil

Silver Lining by Amy Williams 12×12 Oil

Oh. My! How I love this painting! I am always looking up to the sky, it’s so beautiful, always changing and much more relaxing to watch than TV. Amy has added wonderful swirls of color, I am especially loving the gray on the right hand side and yellow/white bits next to it – a standout painting, especially with the bright white to crisp it up.

These two paintings are at Northlight Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine. Something tells me that they won’t be there long! Be sure to check out Amy’s website!

Read a bit about Amy, from her website:

Brief Biography

Amy Williams has drawn and painted her whole life but she began taking formal art classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in 2000 after moving to Boston to take a position as Trustee Professor in Computer Science and Accounting at Bentley University. Over the next few years, in addition to taking SMFA and other museum school classes, she studied with Dennis Sheehan, Diane Rath and Casey Baugh and took workshops with Charles Sovek and Colin Page. In 2009, Amy gave up tenure and negotiated a contract to work half a year for three years so she could study intensively at the Art Student’s League of NY. She studied with Nelson Shanks, Burt Silverman, Ray Kinstler, Dan Thompson, Costa Vavagiakis, and Tom Torak and was invited to be Burt Silverman’s assistant in three workshops. She also frequently went to life drawing classes at Spring Street Studio in Soho. Upon leaving Bentley in December 2012, the university gave her a solo show in the McGladrey Gallery. In January 2013 she became a full time New Yorker. accepting an offer to serve as Director of Cyber Initiatives for the NY Citizens Crime Commission while taking classes and painting when she could. For years Amy really enjoyed helping others with their cyber security issues and painting in the evenings and on weekends but it became clearer with each day that all she wanted to do was paint.  So for that reason plus a few others, in September 2014 she and her husband Kevin Beers sold their apartment in Brooklyn NY and moved to Maine. Amy and Kevin initially met in Maine and spent summers painting together on Monhegan so this move was inevitable. Today they are both currently, happily, working as fine art painters from the renovated barn attached to their beautiful old Greek Revival house in Thomaston.

Amy Williams Artist Statement

Amy loves to paint portraits of natural elements in the landscape as well as portraits of people and is particularly drawn to delicate or vulnerable subject matter. She also loves to crop paintings so that the attention is focused on something unexpected, for example a reflection of an object rather than the object itself or the shrub with the house as accessory instead of vice versa. However she paints anything and everything that visually excites her and is currently having a serious love affair with marshes and tidal areas along the coast of Maine. Painting brings Amy joy and she hopes those good vibrations are somehow transferred to the viewers of her work. Continue reading HERE

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Monhegan Photo: View of Monhegan and Manana

Manana Island - Maine

I’m quite sure this photo was captured on the front porch of the Island Inn – Monhegan, Maine. A place also known as heaven on earth! The beauty is unparalleled!

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Monhegan Photo – The Lupine Gallery in Fog

Lupine Gallery, Monhegan, Maine

The Lupine Gallery swaddled in fog. Heavenly, isn’t it? The Lupine Gallery is one of our favorite places to visit on Monhegan island. We visit (at least) daily. They have the most wonderful art work, from fabulous artists. The upstairs of this building is so amazing, you won’t ever want to leave!

While the gallery isn’t open year around, they do have a fabulous website! If you’re in Maine and happen to visit Monhegan, don’t miss this gallery!

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Morning Conversation by Carol Bass!

Can you guess the artist?

Morning Conversation by Carol Bass  60×60″ Acrylic

We have a winner! Thank you to Susan Baker for guessing the artist’s name on this painting – great job!

This painting is by a wonderful woman who we admire so much, Carol Bass. Be sure to check out her website – her work is amazing and always upbeat!

This painting makes a happy statement – we love it!

Over the next few months (until I run out of paintings), I am posting one of our paintings and then seeing who can GUESS THE ARTIST. This painting is signed on the back, so no need to retouch the artist’s signature…

Do you know the name of this artist?

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House Plan: The Kensington by Karoleena!

Kensington by Karoleena FRONTThis is the Kensington Plan by Karoleena. This plan is 1,700 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I love the sleek design. If you aren’t familiar with Karoleena I urge you to check them out. Their plans are wonderful. These homes are built in British Columbia and shipped just about everywhere. They have a fabulous website, it explains their process, shows the design in much more detail than what I’m showing you. You can even get pricing information for everything. It’s out of this world! Just wait until you see the floor plan!

The Kensington Plan by Karoleena MAIN

I love how the living area (Living Room, Dining, Kitchen) is located on one “wing” and the bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry are located on the opposite “wing”. It keeps things nice and quiet, giving privacy which is sometimes hard to do. Be sure to check out their website, there are many more images – Click HERE to see images (interior and exterior!) of the different plans, the Kensington plan included!

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