Live Oak Trees in Charleston…

Morning Walk, Charleston, SC

I was out the other day, for a morning walk, sun starting to rise and the live oak trees coming alive. They are so magnificent and are plentiful in this relatively small neighborhood. Most were planted back in the early 1930’s. So, many of these trees are approaching 100 years old! We try our best to keep them healthy – they add such beauty to the area!

I love looking out our windows and seeing these trees. Magnificent! They can be a challenge in the spring and fall (leaves, leaves, leaves, squiggles, pollen, acorns), BUT they are worth every leaf bag full of leaves collected (if not used or recycled in beds). No complaints! They are worth every minute spent cleaning up after them. It’s a meditation of sorts 😉

The girth of some of these trees is astounding and their canopies are equally as stunning. Oh, the stories they could tell. #ifonly

Happy weekend!!

👩‍💻 Until next time…

Eating local at small, family owned restaurants!

Our friend and neighbor told us about a small, family owned restaurant that they frequent. They love the food and the people are so nice. We stopped in, not thinking, on the Saturday before Mother’s Day (College of Charleston Graduation among other things going on in Charleston). We were the third group in the door, and the only one with no reservation. They sat us at a wonderful table. We had a great time (and the best food ever!) – We’ll be back (WITH a reservation next time!)

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Hand Painted Flower – Or is it?

It amazes me how Mother Nature has created such beauty. When you really look at things, the beauty is hard to describe. This flower (do you know what it is?) looks as if it were painted by hand. It’s not, of course, but the perfection is absolutely amazing! We planted these in our front yard, had them for several years, never got a single flower. Other places I see them, they’re thriving. #whatgives

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Pretty Poppies – Happy Saturday!

Poppy on a morning walk

When we walk early mornings (most days) we pass by a house with a garden in the front yard. Veggies galore, flowers, everything you can imagine. We were a bit later walking this weekend morning, and I saw the sun hitting these poppies – (I think it’s a poppy?) – Startlingly beautiful! Look at the absolute perfection!

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Craftsbury Cottage House Plan by Yankee Barn Homes!

Craftsbury Cottage by Yankee Barn Homes

I love a cottage style home. This is a great plan that gives you options. Do you want one bedroom or two? Do you prefer to keep a loft space, use it for a studio, an office, workout space, reading room/library or whatever your heart desires? I love the combination of a wonderful front porch and a back screened porch. #bestofbothworlds

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The BEST Broccoli Salad – ooh la la!!

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad – never had it until a few months ago. Came home and Googled it to find a recipe. Found several recipes, tried a few versions and ended up with my favorite. Of course, there are options to add (all of them are good) or keep it a little more plain (as shown above). This is one tasty salad!

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{Re} Featured Artist: Peter Van Dyck!

The Tiger​,​ the Cow​,​ and the Canine 33″ x 38.5″ Oil | Sugarlift Gallery: NY, NY

Peter Van Dyck. What an amazing artist with such unique subject matter in his paintings. Every painting tells a story, which I love! Just look at the light in this painting. How incredible. Who knew bones could look so amazing, right? Sharing more info about Peter, links and info on his upcoming solo show – as well as an upcoming workshop!

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Up to his old antics… plus a new one!

Celebrating Sweetness…

I love impromptu photos. Most of the images I take are filled with sunlight. I walked by our sunroom on this sunny day to see Charlie sitting on the ottoman, full of light – looking like an angel, ha ha. This sweet beast loves his sunroom – so much to see and do. People walking, kids playing, birds chirping, cats staring in the window – 😳…

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East Beach Cottage by Allison Ramsey Architects!

East Beach Cottage 143173 by Allison Ramsey Architects

Charm. Oodles of it. I love the front door with the transom, and the wonderful, welcoming front porch. You can see in the 3D Model all sides of this plan. The windows are gorgeous, and it’s a nice clean look. This is a two story plan, with master downstairs.

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Asparagus and Vidalia Onion Pasta with Parmesan

Asparagus and Vidalia Onion Pasta with Parmesan

Asparagus and Vidalia onions. Celebrating the best spring has to offer. Asparagus is amazing right now – it seems like we’ve enjoyed it almost nightly. We eat meat-free meals several times a week and this is a favorite. It’s quick and easy and tastes like something in a five star restaurant. No kidding!

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Featured Artist: Michele Usibelli!

Stedman by Michele Usibelli 16×16″ Oil

The color white can seem so ubiquitous, but in reality – white, in paintings, is usually far from white out of the tube. Many of us see a white subject (be it animal, flower, clouds, etc.) , but artists seem to have a keener sense of color. It’s no easy task to be able to see these colors and pull them off so beautifully.

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I love a sense of humor…

A sense of humor goes a long way with me. It lightens up the world, makes people smile – and why not? Why not add a little humor? This truck cleans up after horses… (downtown, where there are horse/carriages) – when the horse does business they throw out a flag (that many tourists pick up as a souvenir only to quickly drop them), then these people come and clean up.

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Darby Cottage House Plan by Moser Design Group!

Darby Cottage Plan (TNH LC 41A) by Moser Design Group

Moser Design Group has fabulous house plans, and the Darby Cottage is no exception. I love, love, love the screened porch on the side of the house. I think it adds so much charm. In addition to charm it’s got some wonderful features like a double fireplace (living room and screened porch). Screened porch with a fireplace! #swoon✨

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Yogurt Cake – French Version of Pound Cake!

Yogurt Cake

Yogurt cake. Sound intriguing, right? Let me tell you, this gem of a recipe is fabulous! I’m not a “cake person” but my husband is. Since this has (full fat) Greek yogurt I thought it was a better choice than a recipe loaded with butter. So I tried it. I was leery. IT IS AMAZING! AND, it can be made in a variety of ways – Here are a few:

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Nasturtiums: The perfect (& edible!) flower!


Nasturtiums – The happiest of flowers in my opinion. I love this vibrant orangey/red – My mom plants nasturtiums in their yard and always has small vases full of these stunning flowers. They’re so bright and happy – they totally make a space. But did you know they’re more than just a pretty face?

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