Pretty Flowers and TMI?

Happy Saturday! What do you have planned today? Our plans lately have been up in the air so we haven’t scheduled anything, but hopefully that’s about to change soon. I’m working on reading my way through the books I’ve collected the past few trips out. I don’t usually get much time in, a little in the morning, a few pages at night and that’s about it. But hey, it makes a book last longer, right? So who cares? Curious… What’s do you think of when you see this image?

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Islander Cottage (SL1951) House Plan by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

Islander Cottage (SL1951) House Plan by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

Wow, right? I love the house, the garage AND the covered breezeway leading to both the house and the upstairs guest suite from the house. A wonderful place to live or be a guest! I like this modern farmhouse plan a lot. You can see some of the real-life images – which really helps when trying to think about how you would live in a plan…

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The BEST Rhubarb Pie Recipe Ever!

The BEST Rhubarb Pie Recipe EVER!

I am not being overly dramatic when I say that this is THE best rhubarb pie recipe EVER! It’s a culmination of a few different recipes, deletes of some ingredients (spices – I love rhubarb pie very basic, it’s that good). I also have found THE PERFECT PIE CRUST (hint, you don’t even have to make it)! It tastes homemade, and I am beyond thrilled at this discovery! I had to make this pie twice to be sure I had the recipe just right 😉

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Summer Book List and Paint Color in Study!

My Summer Book List

Beach reads 🏖 this time of year are the go-to book on many of our book lists. I like to hear what y’all are reading! Drop me a message via the CONTACT ME button above, or via a comment on my website (this post), Facebook or Instagram. The one genre I’m not big on is horror. Good grief, I don’t even watch the nightly news 😉 So if you have any great suggestions, let me know!!

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Cemetery View – Charleston, SC

Bethany Cemetery | Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is full of beauty. So many places to photograph. It’s heaven, especially if you love taking photos. The architecture, food, overall city in general, the water, the beaches, the animals and even the cemeteries are fabulous subjects/places to photograph. Charleston, SC is quite old and with the history brings grand trees, spanish moss, elaborate monuments and photos that look like days gone by…

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26 Monroe Avenue House Plan by Our Town Plans!

26 Monroe Ave House Plan by Our Town Plans

You just can’t beat classic design, can you? When these house plans turn into beautiful homes, the homes are there for generations. Looking as classy and elegant as they did on day one. That’s because good design lasts forever. Just look at the porches! They are divine, aren’t they? A nice size front porch and another on the back porch with the bonus of being screened. #loveit

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Cigar Factory – Charleston, SC

Cigar Factory | Charleston, SC

This is the old Cigar Factory in Charleston, SC. Just look at the dark brick! It’s an impressive building that has stood the test of time! This stunning building was constructed in 1881 as a cotton manufacturing facility – it also survived the Earthquake of 1886 and in 1903 was leased to the American Cigar Company. At one point they made 1.5 million cigars each day!

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Loving the Silvery Greens!

Photo taken at Elizabeth Stuart Design – Mt. Pleasant, SC

Lately, I’ve been paying attention to plants and flowers used in window boxes wherever I go (like the one pictured here). Different plants that I like, or things that look nice planted together, color schemes, etc. I like the white, green and silvery greens in this planting. In the end we chose…

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Carriage Run Cottage (18318) by Allison Ramsey Architects

Carriage Run Cottage (18318) by Allison Ramsey Architects

I love a screened porch! Especially when doors open onto it, which can fill your home with the scent of spring air (at least right now!) It’s a nice place to kick back and relax and extends the footprint of your house with living space (even though it’s not counted in the square footage) that feels comfortable a good bit of the year (depending where you live). This is one sweet plan!

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Artist: Ken DeWaard – Show at Roux & Cyr this coming Friday!

Leisure Time after Breakfast 12″ x 16″ Oil on Panel

Ken DeWaard. I would like to make you all privy to Ken’s latest newsletter which shares some of his latest work. The newsletter is full of art information as well as artIST info – I love when artists share a bit about themselves with us. It makes us like them (and their work) even more. A daunting task for the artist, no doubt, but one Ken is up for. Ken is a favorite artist of ours for so many reasons… Upcoming show at Roux & Cyr Gallery in Portland, Maine (THIS FRIDAY), May 28, 2021. “Leisure Time after Breakfast” is just one beautiful example of Ken’s paintings, see what I mean about the light coming through the table cloth? #brilliant

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Some like it hot…

When I saw this photo, my first thought was “Some like it hot”, ha ha. I love the varying colors of pink, the pink in the bright light, the pink in the folds of the flowers, darker, mysterious and stunning. This is reminiscent of a tissue paper flower that kids make in grade school. I love the dark on the right – it grounds the image in my opinion.

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A Different Perspective

Looking up towards the heavens

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the advent of phones that carry the most phenomenal cameras ever! Who would have imagined? I am one who would lug a big camera around every vacation, trips downtown, and anywhere scenic. (Thank you, Fred, the real one that lugged the camera for me). Now, I simply grab my phone and create the most beautiful photographs. It makes us all amateur photographers. #icantstop #dontwantto

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Flint Cottage SL1955 by C. Brandon Ingram for Southern Living!

Flint Cottage SL1955 by C Brandon Ingram for Southern Living

Adorable house, isn’t it? I really like the lines of the roof – it has such appeal. Charming, and something that you would have seen built back in the day. I especially love when you’re in an established neighborhood and there are a few new homes sprinkled throughout – but… you can’t tell which homes are new. That’s talent!

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Best Banana Bread Ever!

How many of you buy bananas, wait for them to ripen and when you go to grab one they are DONE. As in speckled and smell very sweet, but not the type most of us like to peel and eat. If you’re like me, you have tried MANY different banana bread recipes. This one isn’t DIFFERENT (no chocolate, oats, etc.) – but it is so tasty (with minimal sugar) – it’s Classic – and it’s divine. Banana bread usually starts to dry out a few days after you bake it. This photo is day 3… (Yes, it took me that long to remember to get a shot!)