Featured Artist: Matthew Sievers!

River Head by Matthew Sievers 30×40″ Oil

Matthew Sievers. His paintings are incredible. He has a way of capturing a scene that is loose and stunning, where you FEEL every little vibe from the locations where he paints. His composition is interesting and his strokes with both brush and palette knife make his paintings come to life! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Matthew Sievers!”


Recipe: OVEN FRIED SHRIMP! I cannot believe I am just discovering this!

Oven Fried Shrimp

Do you ever get in a rut with what you make for dinner? Revert to the same few recipes? We both were in the mood for shrimp, and I’ve made many shrimp recipes, but none were sounding as good as fried shrimp sounded. I’m not a fryer. So I didn’t want to fry shrimp… so I Googled (I have no idea how I survived pre-Google!) – a recipe popped up from Williams-Sonoma for Oven Fried Shrimp and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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Featured Artist: Robin Hall!

Montage by Robin Hall 30×40″ Oil

Robin Hall. This woman can paint… anything and everything. I love the distance in many of her paintings, the atmospheric feeling, it’s not just a painting, it’s like you are wherever she is painting. Just look at this water – extraordinary color, the color of the wet sand, the palms – everything about this is beautiful.

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The Charm of Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Like I mentioned there are beautiful gates all over Charleston, SC with some of the prettiest vignettes you will run across. Some are grand, very grand. But there is so much more… the charm in Charleston is just about everywhere! Continue reading “The Charm of Charleston, SC”

Charleston, SC Iron Gate

Charleston, SC Gate

As you probably know, Charleston is full of history, charm, beautiful architecture and some fabulous places to eat! Continue reading “Charleston, SC Iron Gate”

Featured Artist: Jason Tako & Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE)

Blessing the Thunder Iron by Jason Tako 38×30″ Oil

Jason Tako. His paintings are so impressive. Just look at the raw emotion in this painting. Like his video says, “history on canvas” – You can feel the importance of this moment. This ritual is so beautifully depicted – Jason has strong, beautiful paintings Continue reading “Featured Artist: Jason Tako & Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE)”

Happy Valentine’s Day | A great recipe – perfect for this day!

Best Cookie Recipe Ever!

❤️Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️

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