Easy and Elegant Dog Treats!

A Sampling...

Frozen Yogurt “Cookies” for Fido

Our dog has a history of Pancreatitis. Therefore he is on a strict diet of very, very low fat food and no “normal treats”. His treats are frozen green beans, carrots, crunchy lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin “cookies” (frozen pumpkin), an occasional piece of pasta or two or brown rice. About a tablespoon, he loves!

Yogurt "Cookies" for Fido

To make these very easy cookies, just cover a cookie sheet with wax paper. Then spoon little spoonfuls of 0% Plain Greek yogurt (I used Fage) onto the tray. You can “decorate” with anything they can eat, for Charlie, peas and carrots are his #1 choice. Some I have made very fancy, ha ha…

Pop them into the freezer (NOT the oven!) until frozen solid, several hours or overnight, usually. Then pull out the cookie sheet and working quickly, put them into a container that can go into the fridge, I separate the layers with wax paper.

It helps to have another “treat” to offer! It makes me feel better, ha ha…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


Emerging Artists: Linda Posson and Barbie Smith!

Emerging Artists



Beech Hill, Rockport by Linda Posson  8×8″  Oil

“Beech Hill, Rockport” is a palette knife painting by Maine artist, Linda Posson. I really like the dark/light contrast of the horizon and sky. The clouds are nice and the thicker areas of paint add dimension! Be sure to check out Linda’s paintings, wow!

Read a bit about Linda, from her website:

My inspiration as an artist comes from the beauty of my surroundings–islands floating in a bay, fir trees rising from rocky shores, light playing on water, rolling hills back-dropping golden fields , sunrises that are as dramatic as sunsets. Lately, I find myself noticing every old house, barn, and shed I pass–places I’ve seen a hundred times before, all held together by scraps of paint, rusted metal and weathered wood.  

I work with environmentally friendly M. Graham watercolors, oils and medium.



Point Lobos Arch by Barbie Smith  9×12″  Oil

Point Lobos Arch is an oil painting by California artist, Barbie Smith. Barbie does an amazing job capturing the light. The sunlight, the reflecting light on the water, all very nice. The water is fabulous as well, love the varying colors. Check out Barbie’s work… beautiful!

Read a bit about Barbie, from her website:

A native of California, Barbie Smith is an oil painter whose love of color and beauty is reflected in her work. She finds inspiration in the endless wonder of God’s creation and tries to reflect that beauty in her paintings. She looks for any subject with a strong design element including patterns of light and shadow or bold contrast of color or value. Her work is often described as that which evokes a sense of peacefulness and tranquility for the viewer.

For Barbie, oil painting is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Her art has been a progression which began in childhood with endless hours of drawing, leading to a pursuit of more formal training in her college years. Her passion for oil painting has developed through many opportunities to study in workshops and classes with both regional and nationally known artists.

A member of the Folsom Arts Association and the California Art Club, Barbie’s work has received awards and recognition in juried art exhibits and can be found in private collections throughout the United States. She is represented by the Gold Country Artist Gallery in Placerville, CA. Read more HERE

Thank you both for submitting your websites, what a treat!

All images via LindaPosson.com and BarbieSmithStudio.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Peaceful Maine Water…

Calm Maine Water

Peaceful, isn’t it? Sometimes when the world seems out of control you need to take time to focus on something serene.

This will do it!! Happy Sunday! I’ll catch you back here tomorrow

📸 Images are my own unless stated otherwise. Please contact me if interested…

A walk through town… Monhegan.


A Monhegan street scene for all of you Monhegan lovers! The building on the left was the Carina and is now the studio of abstract artists Steven & Katherine Aimone.

This is walking from the church towards the Island Inn. We’ve been in it many times as the Carina (grocery, sandwiches, etc.). It would be fun to be back there right now!

Enjoy your Saturday! Catch you back here tomorrow!

📸 Images are my own unless stated otherwise. Please contact me if interested…

Featured Artist: Chris Long!


Bayou Clouds by Chris Long  36×36″  Acrylic [Sold]

Chris Long. Fabulous work – just look at these dramatic clouds! Wonderful! Chris can paint absolutely everything! One thing to note… the paintings on his Daily Paintworks site sell quickly. Although both of these paintings are sold, there are others to choose from, but don’t delay!


Mid-City, New Orleans by Chris Long  12×12″  Acrylic [Sold]

I love clouds, can you tell? Another amazing painting with stunning clouds and fabulous light. Love the power poles/lines. Wow!

Read a fabulous bio from Chris, I love it! Also be sure to check out his website at Daily Paintworks – his paintings are incredible! Chris can paint a variety of subjects, all done so well! Go look!!

“Long began his art career graduating from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts with a BFA in sculpture.  He initially found years of success in the field, exhibiting nationally, instructing, and working on bronze monuments, however when opportunities turned toward 3D computer modeling, he did what any level-headed husband and father does at age 30 – he abruptly quit, moved into a motor coach, and travelled the country selling cookware.  

In 2011 after visiting New Orleans, Long decided it was time to enter into the arts again, but as a painter, with which he had no experience.  It seemed possible to learn while selling work to tourists on the street, so Long stayed in Louisiana and perused painting magazines at bookstores, teaching himself a multitude of techniques through painting thousands of pieces.

He currently travels the country painting and selling his work online and through markets & festivals.  Long hopes to continue painting in a variety of genres until he makes his unavoidable, manic switch back to three dimensional expression.”

All images via Chris Long’s Daily Paintworks Gallery, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Dancing Tulips!


Dancing tulips – simply beautiful! It’s so funny how they get close together at night as if they’re chilly, then during the day the spread out and look alive!

This table was a find while we were walking. The top is “aged”, ha ha… such cool lines to it. An unexpected treasure!

Back to normal posting with a house plan next week!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist: Holly Van Hart!


Outside My Window by Holly Van Hart  24×30″  Oil

Holly Van Hart paints abstract nature paintings. They are quite lovely. Her forest series shows such dimension, and some of the paintings are quite large, which I think adds to the uniqueness… Outside my Window (above) is a sweet painting with a soothing color palette, beautiful… see, Spring is just around the corner!


Field of Dreams by Holly Van Hart  24×30″  Oil  [Sold]

Field of Dreams… love the daisy’s! I like the composition of this painting, it really makes the daisy’s look lively!

Be sure to check out Holly’s eBook with her paintings paired with beautiful inspirational quotes, click HERE….

Read a bit about Holly’s painting process, from her website:

“Each day in my studio is an exciting and on-the-edge exploration of ideas, feelings, subjects, paints, textures, and colors. When starting a painting, I know what I want to convey and have a general idea of what the finished work will look like. Each painting is a journey, requiring many layers of paints, and much inspection and introspection over a period of months.

Typically, I paint subjects found in nature and abstract them with unusual colors and unexpected textures. Using multiple photo references, I sketch the composition onto a blank canvas. Then I build up the painting using 5-10 layers of paint, waiting days or weeks between each layer for the paint to dry. The layers are critical to achieving desired colors and textures, and they give the painting a special glow.

The unusual colors and textures in my work are meant to help us see nature in new ways and with new wonder.

When a painting might be finished, I ask myself ‘Is this a museum-quality painting?’ The finished work rarely looks exactly like what I first envisioned. But by the time it is done, I have learned a tremendous amount about the subject and myself, and have earned the satisfaction of creating a unique piece of art.” Read more HERE

All images via HollyVanHart.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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