Hurricane Hugo – 28 years ago today…

Hurricane Hugo – September 21, 1989 

Hurricane Hugo. I will never forget that night (even though it was 28 years ago). We were watching the weather. Leslie Lyles (newscaster) was saying through blinking eyes “Get out, get out now!” – the problem is that evacuation started much sooner, so we decided to hunker down. Shortly thereafter an eerie sound and the power went out. And so it began… Bridget, me and her dog “Buster”. We gathered any supplies that we could possibly need (flashlight, radio, batteries, water, staple gun, plastic). At that time the hurricane was a Category 5 – as strong as it gets. We decided to ride it out in the hallway – no windows, so that was good, we piled blankets and pillows. In the bedrooms off that hallway we moved large pieces of furniture in front of the windows. All bedroom doors were closed. We had the radio on and there was one radio station that remained on for most of the night – it helped to be connected with another entity so much!

The wind was strong (Category 4 when it hit land) and we were there in the hallway in the dark listening to what we thought were large limbs snapping (the wind underneath the doorway was incredibly strong). One after another. We woke up the next morning after actually sleeping after the eye moved in. We moved the plastic off the window and peered out. OH. MY. GOD. with both said in unison.

The sounds of snapping branches were extremely huge pine trees, not branches. Several houses had pine trees sliced right through – cars with trees, trees everywhere.

We had one tiny leak. It was a miracle.

In the coming days we signed up with the Red Cross to help in any efforts we could. They had us ride out in the country to give them notice on where they needed to send people for help. It was a telling time. My place of employment had no roof, but I was luckily transferred to another location after a few weeks.

While driving to that far away location – there were boats in the middle of the interstate. Blown right off the racks they were on. Traffic lights were eye level, hanging with wires everywhere. Gas stations coverings were toppled – And because we couldn’t watch TV or hear any real news we had no idea how bad it was until much later. Two weeks with no water, electricity or phone. We learned some tough lessons like you can’t write a check in a store, even though you waited in line almost an entire day and were able to grab a few things that weren’t spoiled (they could only let a few people, escorted, in at a time, no lights, no power, etc.) – no gas, nowhere to eat, nothing… anywhere.

We were fortunate to have a friend not too far away, so we could take a cold candle-lit shower – also working with the Red Cross they found a way to make coffee in the morning, bless them! Within a week a pizza place opened and we were set.

Thanking our lucky stars.

I’m writing this as Irma may be barreling this way. I pray not.

This is a great (short) video of what Charleston looked like after Hugo. Some videos and news stories say 9/21 and some say 9/22 – power went out around 8PM and it hit hard around midnight… Click HERE to watch a short video and see what Charleston looked like after Hugo hit in 1989.

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Cathedral of St. John the Baptist – Charleston, SC

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist – Charleston, SC

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist – a beautiful church in Charleston, SC. This church has so much presence. The sheer size of it alone is astounding. The brickwork is intricate and stunning. The cross on the top shines in the sun. The interior with the beautiful stained glass will take your breath away.

The history on this church is fascinating… click HERE.

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GUEST POST: Mini Nachos by Brennen McElhaney!

Today I’m featuring a guest post written by an artist I have featured in the past. He sent me this tasty sounding recipe – and what a perfect idea – to have those of you with good ideas – recipes, art, thoughts, etc. submit something to be featured.

If interested, contact me via my blog (or click on the CONTACT ME page at the top of my website) – send me what you would like to say, include an original image if you like…

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Be sure to check out Brennen’s fabulous paintings:

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Mini Nachos by Brennen McElhaney
Nothing beats a big plate of nachos (and margaritas) shared with friends. But sometimes a smaller “fiesta” is more appropriate. Here is a scaled-back version of the traditional Mexican appetizer.
  • Nacho chips (10)
  • Refried beans (heated)
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Chopped lettuce
  • Minced fresh onion
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Sour cream
  • Fresh guacamole
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Lime wedge

Spoon a small portion of heated refried beans onto each chip and line the chips up in a row. Add toppings (in this order): Shredded cheddar cheese, chopped lettuce, minced onions, tomatoes. Top with sour cream, guacamole and garnish with freshly chopped cilantro and lime wedge. (Best served with margaritas or your favorite Mexican beer!)


This sign struck me – it says ONE WAY on both sides of it, yet it appears that each points to a slightly different path.

Which made me think about life. Some of us go one way down the path of life and others of us go down a different path – I think it’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter what path we go down, when all come together and are one great country. People helping people, as we’ve seen in the case of all the flooding in Texas. Cars lined up with boats, supplies, gear – people risking their lives and belongings to help their fellow men, women and children (and animals! Let’s not forget the animals!)

Bravo to all of you who have done something to help Texas, whether it was by taking part in the survival efforts or whether you made a donation, no matter the amount.

There is only ONE WAY for us to be. United.

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John Rutledge House Inn – Charleston, SC

John Rutledge House Inn – Charleston, SC

This is a photo of the John Rutledge House Inn  – it’s a beautiful inn in Charleston, SC. The Plumbago and it’s purple flowers are thriving in this spot!

If you’re looking for a special place to stay, this is a great one! We stayed here the night of our wedding. Woke to an amazing breakfast – so special! Check it out!

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Hominy Grill – Charleston, SC!

We stopped in Hominy Grill for breakfast a few times last month – while it can be very busy on weekends and during holidays, we were lucky enough to catch a quiet breakfast.

Delicious food and such atmosphere! If you’re in Charleston, SC – I would highly recommend! Check out their menus!

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Featured Artist: Jennifer Van Cor!

Schoodic Point II by Jennifer Van Cor 30×40″ Acrylic

Jennifer Van Cor, a wonderful artist from New Hampshire. Her paintings are striking – full of color and very unique brush strokes. She can paint those “Maine trees” that I love so much – each has their own personality.

See more of Jennifer’s work via these links:
Website  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Jennifer, from her website:

The landscape has always tantalized my senses.  The smell and feel of wet grass, the sound of leaves in the wind, the shape of a shadow through a broken limb.  And with it all the ever changing color; a universe of color.  Each stroke and dip of the brush pushes my senses onto the surface and if I am listening closely and truly, the life of a landscape fills the painting.  As my landscapes progress, they become more about the flow of energy, the experience of a lifetime of color, shape and feeling.  
Poetry has been another way to touch the landscape.  Words mix color and senses through imagery that is very much like painting.  When the two are combined, I feel I have painted a poem.

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