Artist Submission: Susan Bartlett Rice!

Island Boat Stands by Susan Bartlett Rice   30″x30″   Oil

Susan Bartlett Rice. What a wonderful surprise – this is an artist submission that I received – I love the happiness in Susan’s paintings. The bright colors and cool New England settings. Just lovely! I’m also a fan of the square format when possible – it seems a bit modern which I really like. Check out her various paintings, I think they will put a smile on your face! Continue reading “Artist Submission: Susan Bartlett Rice!”


Cauliflower Soup, Cheese Toast and a Chilewich Placemat

It was cold here in Charleston, SC this past winter, well… for us anyway! There were several occasions that called for a pot of hot, comforting soup. I ran across this recipe on a blog called The Girl Who Ate Everything – and thought it sounded good, so I gave it a whirl (original recipe via Taste of Home!) – It’s a winner! Click HERE to print my version as shown above… (Thanks Mom for the reminder to actually add the link!) 😍 Continue reading “Cauliflower Soup, Cheese Toast and a Chilewich Placemat”

Featured Artist: Anne Ireland!

Island Inlet by Anne Ireland 30″x30″ Oil

Anne Ireland. Such an amazing artist. Her work is so different and outstanding – Anne clearly has a passion from deep within to create these wonderful paintings.

I love how she can take a scene and simplify it in the most magnificent way. With added colors that are just gorgeous, she makes her paintings come to life! The water in this painting above – Wow! Oh, how I love those trees! It’s all the little WOW’s that make this painting, and truly, all of her paintings – so fabulous! I am a fan!

Continue reading “Featured Artist: Anne Ireland!”

Where to Next?

I saw this the other day and had to grab my phone and take a photo. Sadly the dog had turned it’s head and I missed the shot that was head on. This dog, sitting in the driver’s seat waiting for his person to come back to the car. He looked like he was the driver.  It cracked me up. Delight in the little things!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

Marston House – A Knack for Classy…

Marston House – Wiscasset, ME

Some people have a knack for making things special. Very special. Fred and I visited the coolest B&B several years ago in Wiscasset, Maine – The Marston House. While the owners have moved to a different location – it looks like they’ve made things very special in Vinalhaven (as well as several French rentals that are to die for!) Continue reading “Marston House – A Knack for Classy…”

Artist Submission: Petrea Noyes!

Maelstrom with Harpies by Petrea Noyes – Mixed Media 40 x 40″

Petrea Noyes. Her paintings are bold and full of life. They are also unique in that many of them are drawn using a digital tablet, then printed on a massive printer onto special canvas with special pigment-based ink (which will last longer than many of us) and while it’s still wet she uses other techniques to make it the end result (acrylics, paint bars, etc.). Read about her process! She’s a very cool woman judging by our emails back and forth.  Continue reading “Artist Submission: Petrea Noyes!”

Check out the Freshwater Rest house plan by Flatfish Island Designs!

This is the Freshwater Rest house plan by Flatfish Island Designs. This plan is 4,025 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. This is a stunning plan, perfect for island living. Sharp exterior, isn’t it? Love all the windows (and the front porch)! I also like that you don’t notice that the garage is located on the left side of the house. It’s there, but it just looks like part of the house. Continue reading “Check out the Freshwater Rest house plan by Flatfish Island Designs!”