Imperfectly Perfect

An Imperfectly Perfect Live Oak Tree – Charleston, SC

We were out on a walk around the block – taking our dog for “his” (leisurely) walk – so he can sniff and visit. He’s in his glory. There is no forgetting to take him, there will be many not so subtle reminders.

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Featured Artist: Charles Fenner Ball!

Diamonds On the Bay by Charles Fenner Ball 24×48″ Oil

This is a fabulous painting, isn’t it? Today’s featured artist has a brilliant way to pull you into a scene with the natural beauty of the area. Trees, clouds, light… my favorites!

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Island Cottage (SL 358) House Plan by Historical Concepts for Our Town Plans!

Island Cottage (SL-358) is an exclusive design for Southern Living by Historical Concepts, LLC and offered by Our Town Plans, LLC 

The Island Cottage is the perfect plan, especially during the pandemic that we are still experiencing. A way to live alone yet together. I featured this plan about seven years ago, and when I ran across it and really studied it, I couldn’t believe how perfect it is!

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153161 Garage Guest Suite by Allison Ramsey Architects

153161 Garage Guest House by Allison Ramsey Architects

I love this simple yet classic garage with a covered area for parking or a patio. It’s a classic style with clean lines – it’s not fussy in appearance and adds just the right design element. A garage AND a small guest house. Perfect!

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