The Ambiance at Taco Boy

Taco Boy – Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is well known for fabulous restaurants. Continue reading “The Ambiance at Taco Boy”


Fall in Charleston… ahhhh!

Fall in Charleston, SC is my favorite. It means we’ve made it through another hot summer – AND another hurricane season. The sky is fabulous, the clouds are so cool and the light is different. Dramatic. I snapped this on a morning walk. Continue reading “Fall in Charleston… ahhhh!”

Featured Artist: Liana Steinmetz!

Clouds and Granite by Liana Steinmetz 16×20″ Oil – Framed in Maple Hardwood Floater

Liana Steinmetz. Her style is unique, I like that. It’s not easy to be different in a world full of artists! These trees are happy and wonderful! All the different colors add a little something that makes this painting very special! I am loving this painting!

Liana also happens to have a very nice ABOUT page… see it below! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Liana Steinmetz!”

How to make the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner

ONE WEEK! One week until it’s Thanksgiving Day. You may have been thinking about what to make or make to take… I snapped a photo of Fred’s plate a few years ago, this is a fairly quick and simple Thanksgiving Day meal to prepare – especially nice for smaller groups (for larger groups roast a turkey vs. a turkey breast). (Links are in orange below!) Continue reading “How to make the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner!”

Featured Artist: Trisha Adams!

Gulls by Trisha Adams 24×36″ Oil

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Cut Lilies Can Make A Room!

Lilies make a room!

Lilies. I love them. They have the most wonderful scent ever! We usually buy 4 stems, and they last about 2 weeks. I usually try to find a few stems that have blooms that have not opened so they will last longer. This is what I do: Continue reading “Cut Lilies Can Make A Room!”

EMERGING ARTISTS: Joy Schultz, Laura J. Stein and Brad Wieland!

Emerging Artists

It’s been a while since I’ve done an emerging artists post (February!!) – check out these artists! (Thank you for submitting your website!) – Listed in alphabetical order… Continue reading “EMERGING ARTISTS: Joy Schultz, Laura J. Stein and Brad Wieland!”