Featured Artist: Joseph Gyurcsak!

On Grayson After Grayson by Joseph Gyurcsak 16×20″ Acrylic

Joseph Gyurcsak. An artist from New Jersey – who captured this painting On Grayson After Grayson so well. He painted this scene on Grayson Avenue after that wild snowstorm “Grayson” blew through. Love the lights and the trees. Adds so much character! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Joseph Gyurcsak!”


My Swiffer… Charlie!

Who needs a Swiffer when they have a Jack Russell with long hair that everything is attracted to?

Prior to Continue reading “My Swiffer… Charlie!”

Key Shadows

Shadows are so cool! If you keep your eye out for normal, Continue reading “Key Shadows”

Featured Artist: Ken DeWaard!

Ken DeWaard – a painter who now resides in Maine with his family. He’s been painting up a storm. This guy loves to paint and it shows. His paintings are dynamic and reflect his subject matter so well – he captures the very feeling of what he’s painting. His subject matter is diverse and because he’s been so prolific over the years it’s time to make room for more work! When you think about it, if you are an artist who truly loves to paint, you can collect quite a few paintings – sure they sell, but there are always some that are painted on location at different plein air events that aren’t even shown – galleries in other regions aren’t necessarily wanting subject matter painted in other locations so unless it sells via the website it can sit until someone sees it and inquires. Which happens all the time, but kind of like Spring cleaning, it’s time to move some to make room for more. Continue reading “Featured Artist: Ken DeWaard!”

Yearly house plan poll… let me know what you think!

Clearly I am not an architect or one of those wonderful designers of house plans. The house plans that make you dream about living in such a wonderful space. I love house plans and always have. My husband and I Continue reading “Yearly house plan poll… let me know what you think!”

Featured Artist: Peter Brown!

Christmas at Combe Park 2016 by Peter Brown Oil 30×25″

Peter Brown – a fabulous artist from the UK. I can look at his paintings all day long. Continue reading “Featured Artist: Peter Brown!”

A quick wrap with red cabbage, havarti and hummus!

My latest addiction… lunch each day consists of a homemade wrap (Trader Joe’s) heated for a few seconds on each side –   Continue reading “A quick wrap with red cabbage, havarti and hummus!”