Fall is my “happy place”!

Where am I??

Glorious! The arrival of fall like weather is nothing short of glorious to me. I am so excited for hot and humid weather to be on its way out! I am looking so forward to fresh air, cool breezes, open windows, flannel and polar fleece.

There, I said it. Ha… I am in my happy place when I can be *me* – born and raised in Michigan, here are a few of my fall memories…

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Featured Artist: Jim McVicker!

Begonias and Sunlight by Jim McVicker 40×30″ Oil

Jim McVicker is a plein air artist living in California. He has a way of adding life to his paintings (perhaps because he paints from life vs. a photo?) whether outdoors or in the studio.

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A Smile During Trying Times!

A special “Charlie” 🐾 treat creation…

I love creating treats for Charlie, our Jack Russel with a history of pancreatitis. For years he’s only gotten his ultra low fat prescription dog food, and occasional piece of pasta or tablespoon of rice, a little no fat Greek yogurt and veggies of all kinds.

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The Corinth House Plan by Lake + Land Design Studio

Corinth Residence House Plan by Lake + Land Studio

A beautiful house plan both inside and out! This is exquisite with the front and back porches (WOW). So many wonderful spaces to be happy in! I have been a fan of the Lake + Land designs forever, if you aren’t familiar, you are about to become a fan as well…

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Breakfast (or lunch) of Champions!

Black Bean, Fresh Corn, Avocado, Brown Rice Breakfast Wrap with Pepper Jack

This wrap is a winner! It will fill you up and keep you full. It’s quick and easy to make and once you make a batch you can eat it for days and freeze the remainder to pull out for a quick breakfast! Essentially, this is almost too good to be true!

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Monhegan & Manana Islands at Sunset

Monhegan and Manana Islands at Sunset

So many of us are missing our vacations right now. #damncovid This photo is from a few years ago. We’ve all been in a holding pattern, some of us more than others, for quite some time now. I read something that made me smile.

If I would have known the last time I ate out was going to be my last time for so long I would have ordered dessert. #howtrueitis

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The Beach at Botany Bay!

The Beach at Botany Bay!

Unbridled beauty is what you’ll find when you stroll the beaches at Botany Bay Wildlife Preserve located in Edisto, SC. This beach is a short walk away from the parking area, so be prepared for a little walk – the splendor of it all is so worth it!

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