Botany Bay Beauty!

Botany Bay Road – Edisto, SC

Scenic doesn’t even begin to describe Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area, located in Edisto, South Carolina. If I were an animal of any kind, I would want to live in this oasis. Over 46,000 acres and it’s like time has stood still. The beauty is breathtaking and the beach (which we skipped this trip) is jaw dropping.

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230 Red Hill Road House Plan by Our Town Plans!

230 Red Hill Road by Our Town Plans

Doesn’t this house have LOADS of charm? This is a small plan, but a GREAT one! I LOVE a screened porch, and this plan gives you options. There is a front porch, but there is also a side screened porch that you can enter from the bedroom. Think how nice this would be when the weather is fabulous and you can leave your door open to the porch for fresh air! #nothingbetter I love the lines of this house!

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The Nelson Daybed With Mid Century Modern Appeal

An Eclectic Mix of Antique, Mid Century Modern and Classic Styles

This blog is all about sharing the things I love with you. Namely ART (as well as artists and art events), FOOD (recipes, restaurants, products I’ve tried and love) and anything HOME related whether it be furniture, lighting, etc.

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A Fabulous Grilled Sandwich & Roasted Corn Salad!

Tasty Grilled Sandwich & Roasted Corn Salad

Is there anything better than a great grilled sandwich? The answer is “no” when you really need something different. I am a creature of habit. So most days I have an apple, a few tablespoons of peanuts, sometimes a few Wheat Thins, some grapes… then later a small amount of popcorn. It works well for me but sometimes you just really want a lunch. Not a puny lunch, but a real LUNCH. Haha… this is where this comes in. I made a batch of roasted corn salad the other day and it was enough for three meals for us. This salad is out of control good. My absolute hands-down-favorite!

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