Featured Artist: Debbie Mueller!

Monhegan Majesty by Debbie Mueller 36×48″ Oil

Debbie Mueller. Many of you will recognize the destination in this painting (Monhegan, Maine). What great light and shadows in this painting! I especially love Continue reading “Featured Artist: Debbie Mueller!”


Monhegan Island – A photographer’s dream!

Monhegan Island – Maine

Monhegan, Maine – a cool island located approximately 12 nautical miles off the mainland. It’s a small island that is full of character and the most stunning beauty you could ever imagine.

Continue reading “Monhegan Island – A photographer’s dream!”

EMERGING ARTISTS: Tammy Cox, Jenny Graham & Debra Harold!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an emerging artists post – check out these artists! (Thank you for submitting your requests!) – Listed in alphabetical order…  Continue reading “EMERGING ARTISTS: Tammy Cox, Jenny Graham & Debra Harold!”

A Stone’s Throw

Charleston Marsh

In Charleston, SC we have areas of marsh everywhere – well, not literally everywhere, but just about anywhere you go by car you pass marsh to get there. Continue reading “A Stone’s Throw”

The Live Oak Trees in Charleston, SC Take Center Stage!

A church in the Old Village, Mount Pleasant, SC

I was running errands one day and on my way down the street at a quick pace I just had to snap this photo. Beautiful church surrounded by huge live oak trees. Wow! Continue reading “The Live Oak Trees in Charleston, SC Take Center Stage!”

Monhegan Sunset – A stunner!

Seriously! Do you know how many stunning sunset photos I have taken from the Island Inn porch (Monhegan, Maine) – too many to count. Continue reading “Monhegan Sunset – A stunner!”

A Burst of Happiness!

Monhegan Flower

Isn’t this flower just a beautiful burst of sunshine? It exudes happiness from every single petal! Isn’t nature a miracle – the beautiful sizes and shapes of different plants – the strong and the subtle colors that make them so gorgeous! Continue reading “A Burst of Happiness!”