The Wellfleet Cape by Classic Colonial Homes!

The Wellfleet Cape by Classic Colonial Homes

I would like to introduce Classic Colonial Homes, I haven’t featured them before and their plans are stunning! New England plans at their finest! This is the Wellfleet Cape with it’s steep, gorgeous roof and attached 2 bay carriage shed with 420 square feet of space above! What fabulous design! This plan is 2,120 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. What’s so nice about Classic Colonial Homes is that they can work with you to customize their plans to fit your needs. They work with you to make your new home your dream home, and their website… wonderful! Look through the many actual photos of homes they have built, on their website, it really helps to get an idea, and WOW! They are beautiful!

The Wellfleet Cape by Classic Colonial Homes

The first floor layout is so functional! The master bedroom, bathroom and closet are at the far end of the house, which is nice. The kitchen and gathering room are open to each other, so the cook can be part of what’s going on in the house. The dining room and living room are nearby. This is perfect for families who need an additional living space, or it could work well as a library, etc. especially with a nice cozy fireplace!

The Wellfleet Cape by Classic Colonial Homes

The upstairs has two nice size bedrooms with closets, a small loft area, which is all you need and a bathroom. Perfect layout!

Read a little blip about Classic Colonial Homes, from their website:

“Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. is an experienced and quality driven residential design and manufacturing firm, specializing in traditional New England architecture and custom craftsmanship of period inspired building components. Since 1992, our experience in the construction industry has evolved and grown with the demands of our customers and needs of a changing marketplace. The depth of our team of professionals encompasses several areas including Comprehensive Design Services, Construction Management, Specialty Product Manufacturing, Sales, Service and Owner’s Representation. 

Guided by the architectural principles of Early America, Classic Colonial Homes is dedicated to designing and helping create distinctive homes for those who appreciate authentic historical detailing combined with modernized living spaces, creating period homes with character for the 21st Century.  Our commitment to deliver quality and satisfaction to our customers runs through the very foundation of our enterprise, strengthening our reputation to serve an ever expanding customer base. 

From our idyllic home base along the banks of the Sawmill River in Western Massachusetts, Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. is conveniently located to serve clients within the greater Northeast and beyond. Please contact our office today at 1-413-341-3375. to find out more about the joys of designing and building a Classic Colonial Home.” Continue reading HERE

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Featured Artist: Robert Beck!


Blizzard by Robert Beck  24×32″  Oil

As I write this we are having a warm day… I can feel the cooler air is on the way, but today’s sunshine and mix of humidity makes me really appreciate this Blizzard painting! Oh, what joy it would be to feel the snow on your face and to feel the cool winds. This painting is so full of action! The woman hailing the cab (I think I just heard her whistle!), you can even hear the shovel on the cement as the man gets rid of the accumulation so far. The dog walker and the dog wishing he had booties, ha ha… so much to think about in this wonderful painting!


Fiddleheads by Robert Beck 12×16 Oil

I love the clearness of this painting. Stunning in every way! Robert paints just enough of something so that your mind fills in the rest. Those fabulous wood floors, the wonderful greenery! I wonder if these are two co-workers or a client and a worker? What is their conversation about? What’s for dinner? What will go nicely with the Fiddleheads? Smell that wonderful greenery? I think I even smell the coffee that is now brewing and hear the radio that they have turned to low… What a wonderful painting! Be sure to check out Robert’s website, there are so many equally fabulous paintings – don’t miss it!

Read a bit about Robert, from the Artist’s Statement on his website:

“Both my painting and my writing are descriptions of an encounter. Recognition isn’t enough; I try to eliminate the detail and noise that dilute the identity, leaving visual clues to trigger a shared understanding or experience. My subjects are living moments, not solo, static entities. There is a before and after, and the viewer should sense that. Depicting people eating breakfast at the counter in a diner isn’t enough; I want you to hear the clatter of plates. When you notice the boots next to the fisherman in his recliner, I want you to know how it feels to put them on in the morning.”

And excerpts from Bio…

Robert Beck grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, an area known for its artistic and cultural heritage. Beck left a career in the business world at the age of 40 to pursue painting, and subsequently attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He maintains a gallery of his work in Lambertville, NJ.

Robert Beck is a teacher, a curator, a lecturer and a writer, and he has hosted a radio interview program. His column on his art-related experiences, entitled “A Thousand Words”, has appeared monthly in ICON Magazine for more than a decade.

The focus of Beck’s work has evolved from figure, to landscape, to genre paintings done from life and studio paintings composed from sketches and imagination. His subjects vary, but the common thread in all of his images is viewpoint: the description of his encounter. Concentrating on events, occupations and environments, Beck’s paintings are a chronicle of our time.

Robert Beck is known for painting in series – multiple images addressing diverse aspects of the same subject. These “visual essays” include work created while traveling the Mississippi River on a towboat pushing barges, amidst a symphony orchestra during its performances, with a racing team in Europe, and traveling with doctors in Senegal. His paintings depicting life in the Maine Maritime community are his largest body of work with a single focus.

Robert Beck lives with his wife, Doreen, in New Hope, Pennsylvania.” Read Robert’s bio in its entirety HERE

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[Recipe]: Grilled Chicken & Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes and Toasted Walnuts

The beginning of something wonderful!

The beginning of something wonderful…

Oh! Looks like art doesn’t it? I love beautiful food! To start this recipe I use a large pasta bowl (serving dish) and put a few tablespoons of pesto in the bottom, add some grape tomatoes cut in half… let it sit while you’re getting things ready, you don’t want cold pesto…

Oh! Yes!

What dreams are made of…

This is such a quick recipe to throw together. Fred usually grills the chicken while I get the rest of it ready and whip up a small salad. This dinner will be as good as your pesto, so if you have pesto that isn’t very tasty, it’s not going to be the best that it can be. There are many prepared pesto’s on the market, I used Bear Pond Farm Premium Basil Pesto – bought at Whole Foods. It was nice! Really nice!

This recipe doesn’t involve a lot, boiling your pasta, toasting some walnuts, grilling the chicken, and mixing basil pesto into the pasta. Top with a little parmesan and you are set!

Click HERE to print the recipe as shown below:

Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes and Walnuts

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Featured Artist: Cat Bates!

Image: Cat Bates

CB1BDBB and PC1BBB – Image: Cat Bates Jewelry Instagram

Cat Bates. This man has some incredible jewelry. The bracelet at the bottom in the image above has what is called a “sister clasp” – it’s the most amazing thing! I bought this for my husband while at Rock Paper Scissors in Wiscasset, Maine. It’s incredible how if you line up the openings of each clasp just so, the bracelet will come right off, but never fall off. Cat hand braids these bracelets and necklaces and makes the clasps from a mold. When we bought this bracelet, the color of the clasp was darker like the bracelet at the bottom, after wearing it for a while, the clasp turns lighter, like the top image.

While visiting Monhegan, Maine, we saw many people who had his jewelry on. I love it! Take a peek at his website, he has so much to offer and I’m sure will always be coming up with new things that you have to see to believe! We are fans!

Read a bit about Cat, from his website:

“My name is Cat Bates.

I spent my early childhood, and summers through grade school, on Monhegan Island off of the Maine coast.  I remain strongly influenced by the island’s nautical history, rugged landscape, and the resourcefulness and hard work that one needs to live there year-round.  For an extended biography, please click here.    

14 years ago I began studying metalsmithing.  I started working as a professional jeweler in 2004, and graduated from Maine College of Art in 2009 with a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. I have received scholarships to study at Penland School of Crafts, Peters Valley, and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and have taught workshops on basic metalsmithing, sand casting, and decorative sailor knotting.  For a resume, please click here.

I employ a variety of techniques in the design and manufacture of my work, from sand casting to sailor knotting, 3-d modeling to forging. I utilize the skills of other professionals when economically  and/or conceptually appropriate, and in these instances give credit in the product description.  I believe that the method used to produce a piece of jewelry (or any object) resonates within it, even if it is not obvious to a casual observer.  For more information on my process please click here.

As a designer, I find a distinct beauty in utilitarian objects, and often notice that through use such objects become more beautiful still.  I think of a bronze oarlock, its exterior caked with oxide from exposure to salt spray, its interior buffed to a warm luster by the rubbing of a dinghy’s wooden oars.  I design  jewelry to be durable, so that use may compound its beauty.  If you wear one of my pieces, I hope that you will take pleasure in knowing that you are part of what makes it beautiful.

I sell my work through this site, at a number of small craft shows throughout the year, and select retail locations around the United States.  For information about making purchases through this site please click here.  For a list of retailers currently carrying my products, please click here.” 

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Monhegan Island – Maine


I know, I post too many Monhegan photos. If you’ve been there you would understand. It’s what gets us through until the next year when we head that way.

Walk, eat, talk, visit, then walk some more… That’s what we do on Monhegan Island. To just BE where it is so incredibly quiet, especially in Cathedral Woods. The air is so fresh and clear, what’s not to love?

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A Beautiful Monhegan Sky…

Island Inn Sky

The Island Inn sits majestically at the top of the hill. Those clouds were stunning. Half of the sky was dotted with clouds and the other half was clear.

Mother Nature is so incredible – beauty beyond compare!

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Backyard Vignette by Charles Sovek (Solved)

Backyard Vignette by Charles Sovek (Solved)

Backyard Vignette by Charles Sovek  9×12″ Gouache SOLVED! Already! Thanks to Daniel Corey’s early guess! I had a feeling this one would be quick to be guessed! Charles Sovek had such style. His paintings were stunning and his style was … Continue reading

House Plan: The Chestnut (NC0003) by Allison Ramsey Architects!

The Chestnut (NC0003) by Allison Ramsey Architect

The Chestnut (NC0003) by Allison Ramsey Architect is quite the fabulous plan! This plan is in their Blue Ridge Inspirations I plan book. I think this timeless design will work well in so many locations! This plan is 1,979 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

The Chestnut (NC0003) by Allison Ramsey Architect

The Chestnut has such a wonderful porch, which adds living space outside, a dream! You enter into the living room, then onto the kitchen and dining area. Did you notice those wonderful French doors that lead to the deck between the kitchen and bedroom? Master bedroom/bathroom towards the back of the house with a powder room situated off to the side. Perfect!

The Chestnut (NC0003) by Allison Ramsey Architect

Two bedrooms, a loft and a bathroom upstairs. A loft could be such a cozy spot as an alternative to the living room. It’s so wonderful to have small spaces to get away.

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James Fitzgerald Painting – Monhegan Museum

Almost there! Trying to catch up after several days of no wifi and lots of yard cleanup after hurricane Matthew, back to normal posting next week (artists, recipes, house plans), for now enjoy the images!

Frank Pierce by James Fitzgerald 1968

I took this photo with my phone, so it’s not the best in the world, but you can see what a fabulous painting this is! This painting is by James Fitzgerald, and you can see it at the Monhegan Museum when they reopen next year. If you’ve never been to Monhegan Island, it’s amazing! The museum is a must see – do not miss it! The talent is unbelievable!

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Monhegan Flowers

Trying to catch up after several days of no wifi and lots of yard cleanup after hurricane Matthew, back to normal posting next week (artists, recipes, house plans), for now enjoy the images!

Monhegan Flowers

There are beautiful flowers everywhere you look on Monhegan. The bees are so happy. I wish you could have seen the Farmer’s Market. Many people waiting for the bell to ring, once it rings the produce, flowers, white pumpkins, food, etc. are quickly sold out. I do mean quickly! It was fun to watch!

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