Featured Artist: Elizabeth Robbins!

Daylilies and Sunflowers by Elizabeth Robbins 24 x 24″ Oil

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Mimosa Tree – Beautiful, but…

Mimosa Tree

The Mimosa tree is such a beautiful tree, especially this time of year with blooms that are so stunning. The leaves of a Mimosa tree are fern-like and delicate looking. Overall, the tree is beautiful. Or so I thought…

…that is until I searched for information for this post. Turns out, pretty isn’t always good… Check out this article from Southern Living magazine!

I still think it’s a pretty tree, as long as it’s not in my yard 😉 – Catch you back here tomorrow!



Happy birthday Kiddo!

Just look at this water! It looks so clear – and so chilly – as in teeth chattering, at least for someone who has lived in the heat of the South for the past 29 years. I grew up living on this river (in Michigan) – it was heavenly. We would jump in down the street and the current would bring us down the river (about 5mph if I remember correctly) where we would climb out, then walk back and do it all over again. Over and over and over… Continue reading “Time…”

Featured Artist: Neal Hughes!

First Light Lanes Cove by Neal Hughes 16×20″ Oil

Neal Hughes, an accomplished painter from Moorestown, NJ.  This painting is a beauty – with that wonderful morning light! The longer you look at it the more details you see! When you look through Neal’s paintings there is always something that jumps out to make it extra special! Beautiful! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Neal Hughes!”

Treasures in morning light…

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Featured Artist: Lynne Hamontree!

Painting by Lynne Hamontree

Lynne Hamontree. A local artist (Charleston, SC area) with an eye for color – Isn’t this painting fabulous? The colors are stunning and I love the expressive way that Lynne paints. It’s lively and different – The shapes of the flowers, the cool vase and the wonderful strokes make this painting really stand out! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Lynne Hamontree!”

How To Store Fresh Cilantro!

I was whipping up a batch of Cowboy Caviar (If you haven’t tried it, ohmy! Give it a whirl, it’s good by itself, as a dip or added to other recipes – delicious!!) and had a large bunch of cilantro I didn’t want to go to waste. I had read what to do to be able to store it so that I could use it in more than one recipe. Continue reading “How To Store Fresh Cilantro!”