Gas Lantern Shadow

Gas Lantern Shadow

Shadows intrigue me. They are often just as cool as the subject itself. We were headed out the door and this caught my eye… I had to stop and take a quick photo. The elegance of this gas lantern displaying it’s shadow on the brick was so cool. It makes the lantern look huge (it’s not). Continue reading “Gas Lantern Shadow”


Poolside Geraniums – Charleston, SC


Our geraniums are bursting with color and have been for some time now. Even our geranium from last year that looked a little bleak after the winter (despite being put in the garage on the nights that we had that dipped below freezing) – but they are happy and blooming now.

I love this little scene. The pool, the wicker chair and the geranium. Our happy place!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist: Kyle Ma!

La Arcata Fountain by Kyle Ma 16×12 Oil

Kyle Ma. Wow. His work is exquisite. Especially given the number of years that he’s been on Earth (born 2000) – talent and hard work sure does pay off – You’ve got to check out his paintings – they are stunning. Clean, fresh, the light is amazing – subjects are interesting, composition is fabulous – Keep an eye on this guy, he’s going far! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Kyle Ma!”

House Plan: 208 Hickory Lane by Our Town Plans!

This is the 208 Hickory Lane house plan by Our Town Plans – this plan is a compact 865 square feet (brilliantly designed) with 2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms. It also has a nice front porch as well as a back porch – Oh la la! Continue reading “House Plan: 208 Hickory Lane by Our Town Plans!”

Featured Artist: Jeremy Duncan!

Fleeting Pinks by Jeremy Duncan   |  Gouache on Paper   |  4″ x 4″

Jeremy Duncan. He paints small paintings, gouache on paper, and they are stunning. Check with him often because his work seems to sell quickly. I’m in love the with the sunrise/sunset paintings as well as his fire studies – they are incredible! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Jeremy Duncan!”

Petunia Rock Garden – The good old days!


I need to plant some petunias here in Charleston. Petunias hold a place near and dear to my heart – One of my grandma’s used to have a rock garden in her backyard – we got to help plant it each Spring, and it was always so much fun (maybe because ice cream or M&M’s were always a part of it?)  Continue reading “Petunia Rock Garden – The good old days!”

Featured Artist: Erik Koeppel!

Light on Monhegan by Erik Koeppel 10×16 Oil | via

Erik Koeppel. His paintings are so well executed, they are reminiscent of paintings from long ago. Erik captures the landscape and even the atmosphere! This Monhegan painting is a beauty. If you aren’t familiar this painting is Monhegan Island in the foreground and Manana Island in the distance.  In the fall the sun sets behind Manana, and you get this fabulous lit up sky that will just make your jaw drop.  Continue reading “Featured Artist: Erik Koeppel!”