Be the reason this season…

Be the reason

I walked to the store the other day and passed by this sign set out on the sidewalk. Continue reading “Be the reason this season…”


A holiday message!

A Good Message…

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with my niece and her family – they’re on top of things and already had their Christmas tree up and decorated… so of course I had to snap a few photos of their ornaments! Beautiful!  Continue reading “A holiday message!”

King Tides in Charleston, SC!

King Tide | Charleston, SC | November 2018

I’ve never heard of a King tide until the past few years. A King Tide is a pretty non-scientific term that describes the highest tides that have been occurring lately – Read more about King Tides via! Continue reading “King Tides in Charleston, SC!”

Merry Christmas To Me!

Christmas 2005

This is a memory… a good Christmas memory. Fred and I went for a drive on Christmas back in 2005. He told me to close my eyes until he reached his destination… there was going to be a surprise.

What??!! Continue reading “Merry Christmas To Me!”

Sunset: St. Philip’s Church

St. Philip’s Church – Charleston, SC

St. Philip’s Church – Charleston, SC – This photo was taken several years ago in January approaching sunset. The color of the light on the church is magnificent. I also love the shadows from the homes reflected on the buildings on the right side of the image. Continue reading “Sunset: St. Philip’s Church”

Add this restaurant to your list: MINERO – Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA!

We stopped at this restaurant for the first time on Fred’s birthday this year. We’ve always heard rave reviews, and I can see why. The food was excellent as were the people, and it sure is more fun when the place you visit has a good vibe to it.

Minero has an excellent vibe. Continue reading “Add this restaurant to your list: MINERO – Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA!”

Decluttering Your Holiday Decorating Stash!


Years ago we bought this cool tinsel tree. Then as we were walking the dog we saw that someone cleaned out their attic and placed these vintage ornaments (still in the box) by the road with the trash. We picked them up and they worked perfectly on this tree. It was like Christmas to pick up something so cool! Continue reading “Decluttering Your Holiday Decorating Stash!”