Featured Artist: Susan Graeber!

Rockland Harbor, Maine – Painting by Susan Graeber

Susan Graeber. Her paintings are fabulous, she is full of color and light (both in person and in her art). She can take an everyday scene and make it so spectacular. Susan paints often, I love seeing what she posts. One stunning painting after another!

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A Perfect Getaway on a Gray Day…

The Perfect Getaway…

When life gets busy, we retreat to the sunroom. It’s like being out in nature without getting wet (it was raining when I took this photo). The birds chirp, the squirrels run through the shrubs, birds build nests and we watch as their young fly away. We see so much from this small space, yet it’s absolutely all we need! It’s the best “getaway” ever…

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Life is too short not to be…

Let’s Do IT! #kindnessarmy

On an early walk around the neighborhood… I passed by the shopping center and saw this sign. Thought y’all would appreciate it. #AMEN There is so much anger in this world. We can all do better so… let us step it up and truly be good humans. I ran into a situation this week that really made me question people…

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Chicken Cutlets with Sun Dried Tomato Cream Sauce!

Odd time of day to take this image; but rest assured this is over the top awesome!

Chicken Cutlets with Sun Dried Tomato Cream Sauce. It sounds (and more importantly, TASTES) indulgent. But this recipe came from a trusted source of healthy recipes, that not only taste good – they’re not over the top difficult to make. This recipes comes together fairly quickly and if made for two, makes another meal a few days later!

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Featured Artist: Leslie Pratt-Thomas (Upcoming show at the Dare Gallery in Charleston, SC!)

Follow the Sun by Leslie Pratt-Thomas 30″ x 30″ Oil

Leslie Pratt-Thomas. Many of you know her work. Leslie is a talented artist located in the Charleston, SC area. Art is a big part of people’s lives – it makes the world a better place. In addition to Leslie’s innate painting skills and ability to capture this area so perfectly, she is such a nice person. Kind, and interesting – you will look at her paintings, and be reminded of an area, or a memory and smile when you think of the artist who painted it. Leslie has a following clearly because her work is gorgeous and is a nice reminder of the Lowcountry. Did I mention her exhibit which starts this Friday, November 5, 2021?

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Celebrating a Wonderful Man!

A past happy birthday cake!

Well! We can definitely add a few more candles to the cake since this photo was taken. We were in Michigan, and my dad made a cake for Fred’s birthday (with MANY layers). My dad disappeared into the kitchen and when I popped in looking for him he was in the midst of baking up a storm. It was getting late…

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Scrumptious Soft Boiled Eggs!

Absolute Perfection!

We grew up eating soft boiled eggs as kids. They were always perfection on top good toast. Something warm with a mugful of hot cocoa before our long trek to school as tiny little kids, in the snow, with big snow boots on… haha… #itwasuphilltoo (KIDDING!) We did have quite a long walk for little kids (Grades 1-5), and we weren’t quite far enough away to stay for the hot lunches, so had to walk home for lunch, then walk back.

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Good chocolate when baking makes a difference!

Guittard Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Bar ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sometimes the smallest changes can change the results of a recipe, especially when baking. Always try to use the highest quality ingredients for recipes that matter (i.e. in a brownie recipe, where chocolate is the main flavor). I almost didn’t purchase this because “the other baking bars” that I’ve used since I was a kid have worked just fine. Until…

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Bright Window Box on a Gray Day…

Bright Window Box on a Gray Day… #savethebees

We were out and about a few weeks ago and I ran across this beautiful window box (complete with bee in flight). It was so stunning against an exceptionally gray day. No complaints, I do love a gray day, have no problem with them at all! The brilliance of the pink against the gray was gorgeous. Now, to come up with what to plant (Zone 9) in the shade for our own window box.

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Making Applesauce – Easy & So Tasty!

Homemade Applesauce!

It’s fall Y’all! (I love saying that) – there are certain things that come to mind this time of year. The smell of apples and cinnamon are a few of my favorites. This quick and easy recipe will fill your home with fall aromas like you won’t believe – I made enough for several days – it makes for a nice (and healthy) dessert, a little something sweet after dinner.

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Saltverk Hand Harvested Flaky Sea Salt!

Saltverk Flaky Sea Salt from Iceland – Best of the best!

Owie! I ran across a treasure. Something as unique as a unicorn AND something you can actually use. This salt is AH-MAZING, it’s not just any old salt, it’s special in so many ways (and I’m not a salt lover) – it’s great on savory dishes (eggs/arugula and avocado toast) or something as delightful as Katharine Hepburn’s brownies (to die for).

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Long Leaf Cottage SL1961 by Lew Oliver for Southern Living!

Long Leaf Cottage SL1961 by Lew Oliver for Southern Living! (Anna Braund Home – Overall Exterior)

I think this is such an interesting house plan. It’s intriguing and unique. Gorgeous doors across the front, they pull you right into the space. I love the porch, no spindles, barely a step up, which is great. A very classy design for sure, and just wait until you see the inside! Wonderful porches front and back!

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