{Recipe} J.L. Hudson’s Spinach Salad – My Absolute FAVORITE!

I grew up shopping at J.L. Hudson’s – my very favorite store in the world. I loved everything about it, especially their restaurant, Lakeshore Grill. Almost thirty years after I moved to South Carolina, when I would stop in the restaurant, so many of the waitress were there when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. It’s so wonderful to walk in and see people that you remember as a kid! This salad was my very favorite. It’s beyond simple, but the taste will have you coming back for more (and more and more!) – there are so many reasons to up your green intake – and this salad makes that easy to accomplish!

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(RE-) Featured Artist: Jessica Fields!

At the Window by Jessica Fields 24″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas

Jessica Fields. Don’t you just love the color? Jessica is know for her not-afraid-of-color paintings. I LOVE paintings with color. As much as we love the monochromatic look in a house, my husband and I both adore color. I think it livens up a space and gives it great energy. I especially love little blips of orange – It’s like the sun at sunset – magnificent!

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Queen’s Cottage Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects!

Queen’s Cottage Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects!

I think this garage plan/living space has a cool vibe to it. Love all the windows and the outside porch area. This plan looks like a building that you would find in a historic district in a cool, cultural city. Picture this plan nestled among older homes with similar outbuildings. I think the size of new construction is important when nestled amongst older homes – so important to keep the natural rhythm of the architecture. In the right neighborhood, this would fit so nicely. The upstairs living area is fabulous and very, very livable!

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Take A Virtual Vacation…

Every once in a while it feels good to get away, doesn’t it? Go somewhere fresh and different. Ideally a place high up on a mountain with the freshest air and water imaginable. A place so fabulous that it sticks in your mind until you’re fortunate enough to visit again. Sometimes a “virtual” vacation is just what you need – until you can get to the real thing at least!

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The Spring Vibe Continues in Charleston, SC

It’s hard to believe our winter is almost over. It definitely looks, sounds and feels like it. The camellia’s are blooming, the birds are chirping and the temps are warming (70’s/80’s). Most days have been nice, breezy – not much humidity, but every once in a while it sneaks in and reminds you of what’s to come…

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Featured Artist: Dennis Campay!

Blue Easy Chair by Dennis Campay 22″ x 39″ Work on Paper | Shain Gallery

Dennis Campay. Refreshingly different. Happy paintings (love the sun shining in many of them!). A treat for the senses for sure. It’s always nice when you look at a painting and it makes you smile. What a gift. To be able to draw and sketch so loosely isn’t easy.

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Spring is in the air in Charleston!

Spring is definitely in the air here in Charleston. The mornings start out cool and refreshing, the afternoons heat up a bit, especially if you’re in the sun (with the exception of today which will be cooler, near 60 degrees and ☀️ – woohoo!) We are fortunate to be able to get outside during the winter. Charleston is an active place to live so people are always out and about.

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Curry Chicken Salad – Couldn’t be easier (or tastier!)

Have you ever tasted a dish at a restaurant that quickly became your favorite? Me too! There was a neat little restaurant in Mount Pleasant, SC (several years ago) – I had a curry chicken pasta. It sounded interesting to me. It was fabulous. I was able to duplicate it at home fairly easily. We haven’t had it in years, actually forgot all about it. Then I saw a recipe for Curry Chicken and it immediately brought me back – which prompted making a slightly different chicken salad.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

You didn’t forget, did you? 💗 This is a holiday comprised of boxes of chocolates, vases of flowers, beautiful greeting cards and a dinner out on the town. Or does it? I think Fred and I went out to dinner early on – everything was tasty, but so rushed trying to fit in as many people as possible. We prefer to stay home and make it special. How about you?

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A February Sky in Charleston, SC

Sometimes the monotonous can become the highlight of the day. We were heading across the Ashley River Memorial bridge. As we were crossing the bridge after whatever errand we were running I saw the sky. Whoa. So stunning! This photo was taken coming from downtown Charleston, headed to the West Ashley side of Charleston (west of the Ashley river).

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Consistently Delicious – EVO Wood-Fired Pizzeria (& Best Salads EVER)

EVO Pizzeria (and EVO Craft Bakery next door!) – Best salad and pizza EVER!

Do you have a restaurant you love because they deliver consistently delicious (and creative!) food? Recently we had another unusual salad that was so exquisite in every way. It was different, it was fabulous – utter perfection. Their pizza’s are perfect, thin crust, great sauce, not too much cheese (or too little) – but their salads are what I look so forward to!

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iPhone Sketch – “Uplighting”…

Uplighting by barbara stroud | An iPhone Sketch

Uplighting is an 8 minute sketch (at most). What fun! Last night Fred was taking a shower so I did a quick sketch. Instead of finding paper, pencils, pens, marker, etc. I simply opened an app on my phone and tada. I love art, we love art (my husband and I) – but I also like to tinker. What fun. I especially love to create fun little sketches.

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Featured Artist: Anneli Skaar!

Anneli Skaar! Aren’t these flowers beautiful? It’s amazing that someone can create them. They appear so real, as if freshly cut from the garden, and placed in pretty vases. It’s hard to believe these are hand made paper flowers. THIS is a workshop I would love to take. If I lived closer to Camden, Maine – I would be signed up and ready to go. This workshop with Anneli will be fabulous…

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RE-Feature: Evergreen Cottage by Lake + Land Studio – Southern Living Cover!

Evergreen Cottage | Lake + Land Studio | Southern Living {Photo: Brie Williams}

I’ve been following the footsteps of Lake + Land Studio for many years now. Their designs appeal to me. I love living on or near the water. Their plans have a coastal vibe that is both upscale and comfortable. A house that can be lived in yet can easily grace the cover of a magazine as shown above! Wonderful color and design throughout – all information is in the article… (link below).

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Preserving Historic Trees

Charleston, South Carolina

Just look at this stunning display of tree canopy. The live oak trees in this area are astounding. Long ago (late 1920/30’s) a tree was planted in the front yard of each home. This area used to be a cabbage field. The architecture is varied, many homes with interesting cuts to their roofs, some slightly larger and some slightly smaller, but from the street they all seem to be somewhat close. Similar (not exact) in size and scale. The trees bring cohesiveness.

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