House Plan (TNH SC 30C) by Moser Design Group!

TNH SC 30C House Plan by Moser Design Group

Can you imagine? Even though this is not a huge home it has a stately appeal about it. I swear, porches make a home. But, those gorgeous doors certainly make it stand out!

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Sunflower Residence House Plan by Lake & Land Studio!

Sunflower Residence by Lake and Land Studio

It comes as no surprise what a hit house plans are. Y’all love them! It’s always fun to imagine a new space, how it would work for you, what you like, what you wish could be a little different. The wonderful people at Lake & Land Studio will work with you to make your dream a reality. They are available to make changes to plans, which is so exciting. It doesn’t mean these plans NEED a change, it’s all about what you like and what is important to you. It’s always good to know that you have options!

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230 Red Hill Road House Plan by Our Town Plans!

230 Red Hill Road by Our Town Plans

Doesn’t this house have LOADS of charm? This is a small plan, but a GREAT one! I LOVE a screened porch, and this plan gives you options. There is a front porch, but there is also a side screened porch that you can enter from the bedroom. Think how nice this would be when the weather is fabulous and you can leave your door open to the porch for fresh air! #nothingbetter I love the lines of this house!

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