PHOTO: Homes on Charleston Navy Base maintained for the TV show Army Wives

General and Claudia Joy Holden’s House (characters) on the set of Army Wives, Charleston, SC

This is one of the homes maintained for the television show ARMY WIVES. See the wisteria (I’m guessing that’s what it’s supposed to be?) on the porch? It’s not real… it’s fascinating to see sets up close, what you see on TV is so far from what it really looks like! I remember one year Fred and I were in Mount Pleasant, SC in an area they call the “Old Village”, this little shop that we really liked was painted a different color, on second look, all the shops were different, as were the nearby homes, it was like being on the Twilight Zone (anyone remember that show??), then we saw men on ladders HANGING GREEN LEAVES ON A BIG OAK TREE, we asked what was going on… they were getting ready to shoot a scene for a Nicholas Sparks movie (I believe it was The Notebook), so intriguing! The season of Army Wives starts on March 4! I like the show, Fred likes it because he’s figuring out where they’re at for each scene! I’m not sure how it works, who maintains these homes, etc. but they do a great job… Catch you back here tomorrow!



9 thoughts on “PHOTO: Homes on Charleston Navy Base maintained for the TV show Army Wives

  1. Lisa Yenowine

    Hi Barbara,

    I just ran across your article on the old navy base homes. I think I was in touch with you many years ago on this subject as well. I used to live in the home that’s currently used as the administration building on Army Wives (our half of the house was known as “Quarters I”). It was 1971-1972 and I was a freshman at Ashley Hall that year. We also lived there again when I was a freshman in college; my younger sister attended Ashley Hall that year. For that tour we lived in one of the panama style homes (ours was “Quarters Q”); in fact, it looks like the “Holden’s house” may be one of those houses with a lower level built on.

    I’m meeting an old friend in Charleston later this month and I’ve been wondering if there would be an opportunity for us to get inside the first house. I’m pretty sure many of the scenes are filmed in there because I recognize some of the architecture/floorplan. I’ve been wanting to do this since the very first episode of Army Wives when I was watching from my couch and up popped the house I used to live in on the TV screen. (Imagine my surprise — at first I was speechless; then I sputtered out, “OMG! I used to live in that house!” needless to say, my family thought I was crazy.) At the time the house was divided into two officers quarters. We entered through the front door and our quarters (then called “Quarters I”) were to the right ; the other family used the left screened porch as their entryway and lived on the left side of the house.

    I have so many wonderful memories of living on the base; just walking around the quarters areas, crabbing off the little dock a little ways behind our house, going to the Officer’s Club and pool, my brother’s time as a junior golfer there, going to the movies, shopping at the Navy Exchange, and of course, meeting my Dad’s ship when it came into port.

    Anyway, I’ve not been able to find out how to get permission to enter the home — whether to go through Army Wives or the navy base, or whatever would be best. I was wondering if you have any idea who I should contact or what would be the best way to do this.

    Thanks so much!

    Lisa Yenowine


    1. Hey Lisa, thanks for your comment… I L O V E D to hear your story! How amazing to be watching Army Wives and see them in YOUR house! Ha ha… It’s confusing to me who actually owns those houses… if it’s the City of North Charleston (Keith Summey is the mayor [(843) 554-5700], you could start there??) or if it’s the Noisette Group that’s been fixing up at least the commercial part of the base from what I can tell… I did find three great places for you to check… shows lots of old photos of the homes you will like this one, has photos, and explains what they’re doing…

      hope that’s some help! Let me know if you make it in to have a look around! That would be amazing! I think I would start with the city of North Charleston and see if you can find out from them… good luck!


    2. Nicole

      Lisa, I live in Charleston and would be happy to try and help you get over there to see your old home. Thats amazing that you used to live there 🙂 Have you made it back to Charleston yet??


      1. Lisa Yenowine

        Hi Nicole, I was in Charleston at the end of March and unfortunately was not able to get over to the base. I would love to contact you next time I go there and hopefully take you up on your offer. If that would be ok with you, please contact me at to let me know how I can reach you. Thanks so much! Lisa


  2. Byron Tobin

    I also find these pictures bringing back lots of memories. I lived in Quarters “B”, the house that is shown in the above picture. Mr father was commander of Mine Com War Com at the time we lived there. I use to work at the golf course that was behind the house. During my last visit to the base (five months ago) we came across a security personal that let us enter the property. I showed my kids my room along with the garage my band use to practice in. The entry way has a fake wall that covers the true stairway to the second floor. The property was infested with fleas and we ended up running out of the house when we were over taken by them. It is interesting to see the camera rigging in the trees along with the fake grass. It was great to see that Quarters “C” was being restored. I believe the another house is being used as a half way house. It will be interesting to see what will become of some of these wonderful properties. There is truly some wonderful history to be shared and recorded about the officers quarters. I hope some one steps up to do just that. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I love to hear stories like yours! How fascinating it must have been to get back in your old place, what memories you must have. Its a shame about the fleas, ugh!! They must not film inside the houses?? Do you know? Do they only use the outside in shots and film the inside shots on a set? Wish you could have gotten up the stairs! I’m glad to hear that they’re working on one of the homes, some are badly in need of work. It is such an unbelievably beautiful area with all those big old oak trees. WOW! It must have been amazing to grow up there! Thanks so much for your comment, I need to get back out there one day soon and get some more shots!


  3. Darlene

    My husband and visit this house and Frank and Denise sherwoods house. I wonder how we could see inside. Everything looks abandoned now sadly 😦 but I loved the chance to get to see it just the same

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