Peace by Joe Fidler

Peace by Joe Fidler

Years ago (1992) my dad (Joe Fidler) made this wonderful Christmas card and sent it to us. I love the simplicity and the coolness of it! It’s a treasure that we have framed and have hanging all year long. Continue reading “Peace by Joe Fidler”


28 people move to Charleston, SC every day…

Remember when the bridge to Mount Pleasant, SC – from Charleston used to be two bridges. One newer (heading into Mt. Pleasant) and one very old bridge with two narrow lanes that was build around the beginning of time – the safety rating on that bridge was a ‘1’. Meaning not so safe. It was remarkable how quickly the old bridge was taken down and the new bridge built. Fascinating really. The new bridge (officially called the “Arthur Ravenel Jr.”) doesn’t feel like a bridge, it’s more like an eight lane highway across the water. Crazy!

Charleston, South Carolina. We are growing at such a fast pace it’s hard to keep up. Years ago all the apartment buildings were turned into condos and sold. All these years later there is an upsurge in the building of apartments. Large communities, very upscale, but… It seems like every time we go downtown or across the bridge to Mt. Pleasant, there is another complex being built. Are there enough people to fill them all? I would think the builders have done their homework. Last time I read about how many people move to Charleston from all over the country, we were at 17 people per DAY. Well, I just checked to see if it’s still at 17 people, and this is what I found from Charleston Regional Development Alliance:

As of 2017, the Charleston SC Metro Area population is 775,831, growing at 3X the U.S. population average. With 28 people moving here a day, Charleston has moved up another spot to be the 74thlargest U.S. metro by population.

😳😳 Wow… OK, well, times do change, we just need to keep up with them in other ways (roads, water, sewer, drainage, etc.). I learn something new every day writing this blog… Note, I am in favor of anyone who wants to move to Charleston – I am not originally from here. I moved here from Michigan back in 1989… However, I do think the city (and surrounding areas) need to be wary of overbuilding and changing the dynamics of what makes it such a great place to live.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


Be the reason this season…

Be the reason

I walked to the store the other day and passed by this sign set out on the sidewalk. Continue reading “Be the reason this season…”

King Tides in Charleston, SC!

King Tide | Charleston, SC | November 2018

I’ve never heard of a King tide until the past few years. A King Tide is a pretty non-scientific term that describes the highest tides that have been occurring lately – Read more about King Tides via! Continue reading “King Tides in Charleston, SC!”

Decluttering Your Holiday Decorating Stash!


Years ago we bought this cool tinsel tree. Then as we were walking the dog we saw that someone cleaned out their attic and placed these vintage ornaments (still in the box) by the road with the trash. We picked them up and they worked perfectly on this tree. It was like Christmas to pick up something so cool! Continue reading “Decluttering Your Holiday Decorating Stash!”

Holiday Thoughts…

Christmas Tree – Aerial View

I love placing something cool on our white tulip table, grabbing a ladder, and snapping a photo looking down upon it. Continue reading “Holiday Thoughts…”

Make A Snowman Any Chance You Get!

Snowman from SC (2017)

The big snow of 2017 in Charleston, SC allowed us the opportunity to build this snowman. Of course I didn’t think about it until the snow was rapidly melting, so I was thrilled to get him put together and a photo taken. Continue reading “Make A Snowman Any Chance You Get!”