Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Charlie the Birthday Boy | 2021

Where has all the time gone? Seriously… this little puppy who started out very timid and shy, afraid of absolutely everything has turned into the King of the House. Matter-of-fact, as I type this he’s having his daily hissy for lunch… #iwantitnow #notintenminutes Charlie turns 12 today, hard to believe! #timetocelebratecharlie

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Bright and Happy Flowers!

Bright and Happy Flowers

I took a quick trip home to Michigan to see my family a few weeks ago. It was unexpected and sorely needed. I guess sometimes the best trips are the unplanned ones that you book the ticket a week in advance while you have company during a big wedding (nephew). No time to think about packing until the day before…

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First Trip to Maine…

First Trip to Maine – 2006

Maine. It’s our happy place. Fred and I started visiting Monhegan Island back in 2006. We haven’t been in several years but we’re looking to getting back there at some point. I remember this photo. I didn’t sleep and was so exhausted yet so happy to be on our way to the island. We were waiting for Monhegan Boatline’s next trip to the island. We didn’t have any idea what to expect (other than reading everything I could get my hands on)…

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Life can turn on a dime – take the time now…

A Steamy but beautiful walk…

It was another steamy day in Charleston – but our late afternoon (evening) walk was still quite pretty. You can almost see the humidity in the air. This is an older street lined with large live oak trees and they’re stunning ALWAYS, but the bright pop of the crape myrtle blooms against the backdrop of oak trees certainly was beautiful! I love the light coming through the leaves. #wow I am oh so thankful for the way yesterday ended…

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A Man & His Dog

A Man & His Dog

I’m trying to think where I saw this sign years ago… Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, SC I’m guessing… I love when dogs are included. They’re always so happy to be out and about. They’re usually allowed inside LOWES near us, Charlie had a blast going up and down the aisles – it’s a good time. Apparently it’s also a social event because when you bring your dog to the store, everyone else who has a dog stops to talk, ha ha. #goodtimes

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Proof that ANYTHING is possible!


I think this image says it all, don’t you? It’s proof that ANYTHING is possible. Imagine, growing so beautifully, every part of this fern is perfection, the beautiful green, the shape of each little leaf, it’s amazing. Against all odds this tiny plant is flourishing in the tiniest spot, in a broken area of a sidewalk . When I saw it, I had to stop to take this photo. Even sun, albeit not much, found it’s way to this tucked away spot.

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Nasturtiums… a favorite!

Nasturtiums in Michigan…

Nasturtiums are a favorite for so many reasons. Their vibrant color is a big draw, so striking against the green leaves! I didn’t realize how good they smell until my mom pointed it out the other day when I was visiting. Nasturtiums are also edible. I have had them on my plate several times in a nice restaurant but I didn’t eat them.

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Oak tree blowing in the wind…

Blowing in the wind #loop

These grand oak trees are everywhere in Charleston, South Carolina. They’re stunning, magnificent and oh, so striking! I’ve written about them many times. They have the Resurrection fern that grows on many of them. Look at the trunk above and see the crunchy brown looking fern attached to the tree, that’s a resurrection fern. If it rains it is stunning and bright green. Once the rain is gone and the tree gets dry it turns brown and crunchy again.

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Lobster Cove Life Ring Buoys | Monhegan, Maine

Life Ring Buoys | Monhegan, Maine

Since we haven’t been anywhere it what feels like forever, I felt like taking a little trip to Monhegan Island today, so I perused my photos and found this image from 2012. Taken at Lobster Cove, a quick and easy hike with a stunning view. There is just so much to love about Monhegan. We can’t wait to get back. Like many of you, we have been in place for over a year now, so we really want to go see family and maybe Monhegan next year? Who knows! 🤞

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Take Two!

🎬Take Two!

Some of us garden with the trial and error method. It’s not such a bad method. For instance, I posted this window box that we planted (previous post) and it was stunning. Turns out we no longer get the amount of sun that we used to due to the live oak tree growing so happily. So after a month of trying to get the previous plants to work, we pulled them out and put them in a large pot in the sun. They really did prefer sun. #gofigure

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