Petunia Rock Garden – The good old days!


I need to plant some petunias here in Charleston. Petunias hold a place near and dear to my heart – One of my grandma’s used to have a rock garden in her backyard – we got to help plant it each Spring, and it was always so much fun (maybe because ice cream or M&M’s were always a part of it?)  Continue reading “Petunia Rock Garden – The good old days!”


Portrait of a Blooming Violet!

Portrait of a Blooming Violet!

I love this time of year. Temps are nice, nothing too crazy going on (like a hurricane) – everything is blooming outside, and inside as well!

This violet was given to us 6/18/2007 when our Jack Russell, “Reginald” passed away. A neighbor gave it to us (thank you Cora!) – and it has gotten bigger each and every year. This violet blooms like crazy, it’s the happiest ever. It’s been repotted several times.  Continue reading “Portrait of a Blooming Violet!”

Azaleas blooming in Charleston, SC!

Azaleas – Charleston, SC

The azaleas are blooming in Charleston and they are plentiful, especially on our street. We live in an older neighborhood and just about every house has azaleas that were planted years ago and some are quite big, they are blooming and look so happy right now.

I thought I would take a moment to showcase the white azaleas that you don’t see quite as often as the bright pink (seen in photo above). We have a few white azaleas and the rest are the bright pink.

There is a rule with azaleas. No trimming until after they bloom. Break that rule and you get no blooms. I know… every few years they get leggy and we cut them back, and last year it wasn’t at the optimal time. This year we will cut them all back after the blooming is over and we should be good for next year.  I love when the entire street blooms at the same time (that doesn’t always happen). It’s stunning!

Happy Saturday!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

Dogwood Bloom & Easter…

Dogwood Bloom – Charleston, SC

Dogwood blooms are so interesting – so pretty in the Spring! Read this interesting blip below regarding their blooms! Continue reading “Dogwood Bloom & Easter…”

What is this?

What is this?

An abstract painting? Something from outer space?

I subconsciously am always on the lookout for a cool photo no matter the subject. Sometimes it’s the way light hits or the way shadows form. Sometimes it’s something interesting and different and sometimes it’s an everyday item/occurrence seen in a different light.  Continue reading “What is this?”

A Quick Daydream Vacation…

Sometimes it’s nice to get away. Somewhere different from where you are. If the weather is hot, then a cool location sounds wonderful. If it’s cool it would be nice to feel the sun shining. Cleaning out photos the other day I ran across this photo taken years ago at the Ritz Carlton – Amelia Island. We went for a few years at Thanksgiving and what a great time we had. We found a wonderful little Italian Continue reading “A Quick Daydream Vacation…”

A touch of green on St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀

Dracaenas in Sunroom

Look how much life a little bit of greenery adds! I absolutely adored this huge dracaena that we had for years. Continue reading “A touch of green on St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀”