Monhegan Island – A photographer’s dream!

Monhegan Island – Maine

Monhegan, Maine – a cool island located approximately 12 nautical miles off the mainland. It’s a small island that is full of character and the most stunning beauty you could ever imagine.

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Reminder! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!


Hello! If you’re seeing this post, and you’re normally one who brings your Valentine a bouquet of flowers, this is a reminder!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!
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Super Cool Moon!

We didn’t have the greatest view of that super cool moon that occurred on January 31, 2018 – but that didn’t stop it from being spectacular! Continue reading “Super Cool Moon!”

Light and Shadows – Palm Trunk

This palm trunk is so stunning to me – the way the light hits the trunk making those warm colors just pop. Look at all the different textures – and this is without the beautiful green fronds! Continue reading “Light and Shadows – Palm Trunk”

Charleston Window Reflections…

When you go through your day are you suddenly stopped with ideas of what might be a good photo? So you stop what you’re doing, take the said shot, and then (try to) return to whatever it was you were doing… Well, that’s me. It’s kind of like how artists see things differently – composition, color, the way light is hitting a subject, the shadows and reflections…  Continue reading “Charleston Window Reflections…”

Nothing like escaping!

There is just nothing like loosing yourself in a good book is there? Have you ever read a book so good that you lost track of time and were totally immersed in it? Then you know what I mean… Continue reading “Nothing like escaping!”

L.L. Bean Boots – An American Icon!

🎶The boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…🎶

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