Laundry Day Ideas…

Cotton face masks drying in the sun…

A year ago, WHO would have thought that we would be adding “washing masks” to our weekly reportoire? This was a chilly day, I washed the masks and then needed to find a sunny spot for them to dry. Hehe… Worked like magic! Also a tip for getting the nose piece back in place…

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Stunning Sunset!

Charleston Sunset

Sunrise or sunset? I love them both equally. If you owned a home where you could see a stunning view of either, which would you prefer? Sunrise or sunset? I think I would pick sunset, because then I would never miss it! We are up early, but there is always the chance you could miss it…

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St John’s Lutheran Church Steeple – Charleston, SC

St. John’s Lutheran Church | Charleston, SC

Steeples everywhere… Charleston, SC has so many churches. Churches that have stood the test of time, that have gone through so much and have survived or brought back to life after a hurricane or earthquake over the years. #somuchhistoryhere This steeple is so striking with the palm and the stunning blue sky. Let me tell you the copper gutters that you see here are huge! This is one beautiful church!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! #idontskipabeet

Perhaps this is a rather unorthodox Valentine image. Not the typical Cupid, roses, chocolates or kisses. But it is pretty cool, don’t you think? #cantbeetit 😉 Ahh, Valentine’s Day – a dreaded day by many, a cherished day by others. A day of celebration, handing out cards and gifts or just another day? What is it to you? 💖💘

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Viansa Winery | Sonoma, CA!

VIANSA WINERY (taken years ago) SONOMA, CA

Rolling hills, a vineyard, a different climate, a stunning building that reinforced the feeling that we were somewhere far, far away. The views were exquisite, the winery was amazing, and there were oh, so many photos to be taken! What’s not to love? We truly felt as if we were in Italy!

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Featured Artist: Daphne Pulsifer!

“Reaching” by Daphne Pulsifer | Bronze Sculpture

When I first saw this image – it stopped me in my tracks. The words Daphne wrote about “Reaching” really resonated with me. This pandemic has gone on now over one year. By now, most of us know someone who has had COVID-19 and has struggled with it, in the best case scenarios. Who ever would have thought that a year later this would still be here and even worse than ever? Read Daphne’s words, you’ll know what I mean!

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Oak Trees + Sunlight = Happiness

Morning Walk…

I was out on a morning walk, and ran into this sight. Whoa! Grab the phone, catch the light in the Spanish moss hanging from the live oak trees (and closest in image is a crepe myrtle). I love walking in Charleston, you always run into something to photograph… I’ve learned not to leave my phone at home!

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San Fran from a while back…

San Francisco, CA

Well, since like many of you, we haven’t been anywhere lately, so I thought I would share an image from long ago. Taken in San Francisco. Aren’t these are the coolest boats? I love how they’re lined up. They are absolutely striking! #theyhavesuchcharacter San Fran is a city where you can walk forever!

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