Marigold – A Portrait!

Marigold – A Portrait!

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Mimosa Tree – Beautiful, but…

Mimosa Tree

The Mimosa tree is such a beautiful tree, especially this time of year with blooms that are so stunning. The leaves of a Mimosa tree are fern-like and delicate looking. Overall, the tree is beautiful. Or so I thought…

…that is until I searched for information for this post. Turns out, pretty isn’t always good… Check out this article from Southern Living magazine!

I still think it’s a pretty tree, as long as it’s not in my yard 😉 – Catch you back here tomorrow!


Don’t be too busy… you only need 5 minutes!

It’s so easy to get too busy. We all have so much to do and not enough time to do it in. However, I think it’s really important to make time… for YOU! Easier said than done I’m sure! Continue reading “Don’t be too busy… you only need 5 minutes!”

Lowcountry Marsh

Lowcountry Marsh

I snapped this photo while walking – it’s so hard for me to not stop and take photos. I’m not sure my other half appreciates this trait in me, but it can’t be helped… So I snap away, then try to catch up only to stop again.

The marsh here in the Lowcountry is dramatic and beautiful. Always changing – low tide, high tide, grasses change, birds, sky and oh those trees! Continue reading “Lowcountry Marsh”

Sweet Beast

Charlie – our Jack Russell Terrier. I love when the sunlight is streaming in our back room, which is painted a dark charcoal gray, and I can get a photo shoot of Charlie. His white fur highlighted by the sunshine – his gaze fixated either on a carrot or the mention of one.

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Shaggin’ on the Cooper!

Dust off the dancing shoes!

The Charleston, SC area has so much to offer. Something is always going on. Always. There is always an event of some sort. Fred and I went to the Mount Pleasant Pier (located in Mount Pleasant, SC) – it’s a park on a pier underneath the Ravenel Bridge. It is so nicely done, plenty of seating, a gift shop, areas to fish, clean fish, watch people, walk, visit, read a book, and… dance! Continue reading “Shaggin’ on the Cooper!”

Cinco de Mayo & Taco Boy!

Taco Boy, Charleston, SC

We recently popped into Taco Boy for a weekend lunch. This place is full of atmosphere. I love how the windows behind the bar roll up making the inside and outside one fabulous space! Continue reading “Cinco de Mayo & Taco Boy!”