Hello, it’s me…

From L to R: Dad (Joe), me, Mom (Sheila), Sister (Bridget) and Fred – photo from a few years ago while in MI!

Hello, y’all! Well, I’m happy to inform you that you’ve made it through the middle of the week, hang in there, Friday is on the horizon! I’m sure many of you are familiar with Adele’s (the singer) hit song, “Hello”. When I saw this image, that’s what came to mind. I’m also thinking about changing my voicemail message to: “Hello, it’s me!”, hehe, kidding…

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Afternoon Violet Reflections

Afternoon Violet Reflections

I was walking through our back room late in the afternoon. I saw the violets on a little table near the sun, happy as can be – I noticed the shadow of one of them against the wall. It was dark and vibrant. This photo was taken a few moments later. Much lighter, but I think it has more depth to it.

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Gratitude on a busy night…

The other night we were out running an errand. The sky was phenomenal – everyone going about their lives, entwined in whatever life has brought their way. Some are busy, some carefree – some going to or coming home from work. Others are taking care of others, whether their children or parents. Life can be so busy. Whether it be their children, friends or relatives…

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Pasta with Shrimp, Garlic & Parmesan!

Pasta with Shrimp, Garlic and Parmesan🧡

Is there anything more precious to have in your possession than a good recipe? A recipe that comforts (especially these days), and is so quick and easy to pull together yet tastes like a five star restaurant. Sometimes the most simple recipes are the ones that we long for… THIS is that recipe!

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Charlie Searching The Palm Tree…

Charlie and the Palm!

We have a palm tree in our backyard that popped up on its own. You see them all over the Lowcountry. I love the tropical flair they bring to the yard. They start just as a tropical growth, palmy looking more like a plant. They grow quickly, provide shade and the most wonderful relaxing sounds when there is the slightest wind. #itmakestheyardanoasis

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Chicken Coop In The “Hood”…

Happy Chickens – Charleston, SC

Cool chicken coop. Cool chickens. A beautiful chicken walked by and I didn’t get to my phone in time. So no photo… This was on a morning walk. I love running across the unexpected. In Charleston you can EXPECT to run across the unexpected, usually in the most unique way possible.

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The Best Tulip Gift! #notwhatyouexpect

Tulip Hand Soap by Tangent GC

Have you ever found the perfect gift for someone? Something different, unique, special and so, so nice. If you are looking for something super special to treat yourself with, or perhaps a unique gift that someone will love (and in turn give as gifts)? I have just the idea for you! This was an unexpected treat, I love it, but now…

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