Charleston, SC – What did you do this weekend?

What were you up to this weekend? It was a weird combination of warmish (but cool in the house), then a little humid – then turning crisp. #perfect I love crisp weather. I always look with wonder at the view that we pass by on our way to do the mundane tasks of everyday living. It’s not the destination, it’s the view along the way, right? But I did get some good cooking in…

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Tis the Season – December already!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Looking for a good gift idea this year? It’s not easy finding the perfect gift. Sometimes you hit it just right (like the image above, we bought Charlie a new dog bed, he was thrilled, hopped in it and went right to sleep.) If you’re looking for a few gift ideas, take a peek at my list and let me know if you have any favorite gifts to give (or receive!) – It’s still hard to fathom that it’s already December!

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This one’s mine! 🧡 🍋

A fresh (and beautiful) lemon from our neighbor’s tree!

Living in Charleston just got a wee bit better. Lemons are in season and whoa are they beautiful! Our neighbor has a magnificent lemon tree just bursting with lemons. Have a recipe, need a lemon? Perfect! It’s like a nice pot of basil but even better! I don’t know what he does to make this tree so happy, but wow! This tree is beautiful, especially when the sun is hitting it. The lemons, whoa…

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Starry, Starry Night…

After dinner on our way to bonfire…

The stars were the show at this magical get-together. The sky was a gorgeous deep blue and it was filled with so many stars it was hard to fathom. At home, we have other homes and trees around us, so we can only see little pieces of the sky/stars… so this was awe inspiring – and very, very hard to leave. Soon the chairs had wonderful, interesting people filling them and stories were shared.

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Recipes and A Burst of Happiness!

Interested in hearing your favorite holiday recipe (while posting a flash of color and happiness during these days when it gets dark outside so early). I seem to be stuck in the zone of READING so many recipe but not coming up with something that sounds quite perfect. So I am super interested to hear what is a key dish (or dishes) that you like to take somewhere for a holiday event? I need YOUR inspiration. Feel free to message me (via CONTACT ME at top of page, or comment on blog or social media!)

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In need of calm and serenity, who isn’t?

What a stunning sunrise, don’t you agree? This sunrise photo was taken last month in Waynesville, NC. So breathtaking and peaceful. I just look at this image and I think about the good time we had getting up and heading out only to run into friends along the way. Pretty cool. We all enjoyed a beautiful sunrise together. Very grateful for our time at such a beautiful location.

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Stunning (Pre) Sunrise…

(Prior to) Sunrise From The Swag | Waynesville, NC

The above photo is a sunrise image taken from The Swag (from the dog trot/porch area). No filter, no enhancement, just pure Mother Nature in all her glory! There is nothing better than to wake up to these stunning colors. We high tailed it to Gooseberry Knob where it didn’t take long for the sun to rise above the distant mountains. Wow. What a show it was! To think that this image was just the preview of what was to come is amazing.

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A way to eat salmon if you you’re not a fan:

Candied Brussels Sprouts, Potato Croquettes and Wild Caught Dill Salmon (Cooked on a Cedar Plank)

I’ve tried to be a sport in the past. I WANT to like salmon, it’s good for you, yayaya… BUT, it’s strong taste about did me in each time. We would go out to eat and my husband would have me try a bite of his… #itsanogo Then, one day we were talking with a neighbor (thank you CW) who had been to a nearby restaurant. She said she always orders the salmon. I thought, ugh. And then…

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Meet Jack… Happy Halloween!

“Jack” by Barb Walker 10×10″ Oil

Well… HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Isn’t this a happy pumpkin painting? It reminds me of how we carved them growing up. My dad would take part of the cut out eyes, stick a toothpick in it and attach it to the head for ears. We always got a lot of comments. I do the same and it’s too funny how many people notice.

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