What A VIEW!

Bowens Island Event Space – Charleston, SC

This has to be one of the coolest spots in town. We’ve seen wedding receptions here at night with the lights so beautiful and it’s absolutely amazing. Just look at the view – every window at the end and both sides show a dramatic and stunning view…

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Bowens Island Restaurant | Charleston, SC

Bowens Island Restaurant (R) and Event Space (L)

I have posted many photos of Bowens Island Restaurant over the years, it’s one of our favorite places. We had dinner back in October, sat outside at sunset, it was so beautiful. The view CANNOT be beat! I always take photos of the view, but never of the restaurant itself, so… #hereyago

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Gliding through the holidays!

Gliding through the holidays the Charleston way…

Fred and I were out walking a few weeks ago, it was a beautiful sunny day, I saw a man gliding through the holidays in the coolest way… Love his reflection! The marsh was beautiful, the cloud reflections were so cool, and the sun was setting – it was warm, but not hot. A lot of people out and about. A day that makes you truly appreciate where you live.

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Pretty as a picture…

Bowens Island (Restaurant) – Charleston, SC

I love to take this photo (have taken it in the past)… we were at Bowens Island back in October, the sun was setting as we were finishing dinner. I had my phone with me and snapped a few fabulous photos. (How could they not be fabulous when the setting is literally jaw dropping)? The marsh grass, the trees, the sunset, pure heaven!

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Palm at Sunset… Charleston!

We are so fortunate…

A sunset walk around the block, this palm looks like it commands attention. So, I had to stop and snap a photo. The sky was even more brilliant. I love how the tree and shrubs appear dark against the fading sunset and blue sky. This is a magical time of year in Charleston. So thankful for relief from the humidity!

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Charleston, SC – A Quick Weekend Walk…

Charleston, SC

Beautiful window boxes, aren’t they? Wonderful color selection against the pale yellow of this home. Between the sun, the shadows, beautiful colors and those palms… this is just a tiny taste of Charleston. It’s such a pleasure to roam the streets (both downtown and in other areas), absolutely beautiful!

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A Perfect Getaway on a Gray Day…

The Perfect Getaway…

When life gets busy, we retreat to the sunroom. It’s like being out in nature without getting wet (it was raining when I took this photo). The birds chirp, the squirrels run through the shrubs, birds build nests and we watch as their young fly away. We see so much from this small space, yet it’s absolutely all we need! It’s the best “getaway” ever…

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Life is too short not to be…

Let’s Do IT! #kindnessarmy

On an early walk around the neighborhood… I passed by the shopping center and saw this sign. Thought y’all would appreciate it. #AMEN There is so much anger in this world. We can all do better so… let us step it up and truly be good humans. I ran into a situation this week that really made me question people…

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Celebrating a Wonderful Man!

A past happy birthday cake!

Well! We can definitely add a few more candles to the cake since this photo was taken. We were in Michigan, and my dad made a cake for Fred’s birthday (with MANY layers). My dad disappeared into the kitchen and when I popped in looking for him he was in the midst of baking up a storm. It was getting late…

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Bright Window Box on a Gray Day…

Bright Window Box on a Gray Day… #savethebees

We were out and about a few weeks ago and I ran across this beautiful window box (complete with bee in flight). It was so stunning against an exceptionally gray day. No complaints, I do love a gray day, have no problem with them at all! The brilliance of the pink against the gray was gorgeous. Now, to come up with what to plant (Zone 9) in the shade for our own window box.

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