Absolute Perfection!


These flowers were in a bouquet that Fred gave me for my birthday. Each flower was stunning in its own way. As the bouquet got older, I pulled out the spent flowers and gave them fresh cuts and put them in smaller vases/jars. I put all the alomestria together and they were beautiful. I am mesmerized by flowers, it’s hard to stop taking photos of them. I love a…

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Sun, shadows and a new (vintage) rug…

Charlie in the sunroom, one of his favorite places…

Sun and the shadows make for amazing photos. No matter the subject, the shadows are always so interesting to me. Shadows, reflections, different ways of seeing a view, they all pique my interest. Our sunroom has been one of the favorite rooms in our house, a special place to sit back (or at times, a great place to work). The sunroom is being updated so photos soon, I hope. We started with…

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Botany Bay (Edisto, SC)

daily word prompt:

s o l i t u d e

first thought: aloneness…

This is something I wrote a while back when WordPress had daily word prompts. They never fit into my scheduled blog posts (in those days it was artists three days/week, a recipe, a house plan and images), but a few days I had a little extra time, so I started another blog but never made it public, I only wrote two posts and I’m going to share them with you, and on occasion, pull from the archived word prompts in WordPress. Here goes…

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Hard to pass up…

Live Oak, Spanish Moss, Resurrection Fern

Heading out on a walk and it was hard to pass by this live oak tree with Resurrection fern and Spanish moss. I love how the sunlight is hitting it so softly. It looks as if the tree limbs reach to the heavens, doesn’t it? The green of the Resurrection fern is a clear indication of recent rain. Otherwise it would be crinkled up and brown, you would swear it was dead, but in fact it is very, very alive!

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Celebrate Good Times!

What a wonderful week!

I cannot believe how quickly time goes by, you may have heard me say that a few times this past week. But it’s true! So if there is something you’ve wanted to do, make plans to do it. I know with COVID it’s not the time for everything, but you can use this time to PLAN for when this extended pandemic is over!

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Still the Man of My Dreams…

Our Wedding Day…

Married twenty nine years to the love of my life. Fred is the sweetest. We are partners for life in every way. I cannot imagine spending life with anyone but him. We met years ago, clicked right away, and the rest is history. We are probably different than most couples – we like spending time together, ha ha. This is our story…

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Throwback photo: Port Clyde, Maine

Port Clyde, Maine

Maine is a drop dead gorgeous place to visit. It’s also like a double edged sword. You go, you enjoy, you are overtaken by the beauty, the clean air, the quiet, and then… you don’t want to go home. There are some of you out there who have had this exact reaction. I’ve loved pretty much everywhere I’ve gone to visit. But I have never felt the pull that I felt like I did when I was in Maine.

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Thankful for another trip around the sun!

💫Another trip around the sun… thankful!💫

How many of you don’t have a lot of images of yourself? I’m the photo taker in the family and I’m not super comfy with it in reverse, so… a sprinkling of images throughout the years… and cake… and flowers. I’m thankful for another birthday (am I the only one that feels like they’re coming sooner and sooner??) I never really understood why birthdays are celebrated by the person who was born. They should celebrate the mother. Really!

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Doesn’t Everyone??

Pretty Flower

Perfection. Plain and simple. It amazes me each time I take a moment to really look at things. The beauty is almost incomprehensible. There is so much to appreciate all around us. Just look at the perfectly formed petals of this flower. Look at the center – how it’s like a stunning piece of art. All of this beauty and the world can be so ugly at times. So, focus on the good, and share it like wildfire!

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Happy House!

Happy House Anniversary!

Many years ago we made the move to an older subdivision in Charleston. We live in one of the first neighborhoods developed (outside of the peninsula) – developed around 1926 – Our home was built in 1931. Due to the depression I’ve read that the neighborhood was started but there was a lull due to the depression. It was not built out until after World War II.

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Fiddle Faddle, Georgian Bay & Special Wishes

Fiddle Faddle NSSC | My dad, mom, me, Bridget (sister, looking into the camera)

Today is a big day for several reasons – but it’s also a day to be grateful/blessed for growing up in a loving environment. I don’t take that for granted, I am thankful every single day. This is my family on our sailboat many (many, many) years ago. I vividly remember the curtains my mom made for the boat, they were a very cool purple/gold/off white stripe. I ran across this photo of a photo and LOVE IT!

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A Field of Sunflowers…

Sunflowers are so happy!

We were driving down a dirt road far out in the country. It was a hot and humid day. I spotted field after field of sunflowers and had to jump out, climb up several hills to get this shot. There was a dark cloud looming, the weather was about to turn – we were in for some major rain. Would I have time? I sincerely hoped so! On top of the approaching weather there were ants everywhere, but I managed to get this shot, spectacular isn’t it?

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View from Mingo Point | Kiawah, SC!

View from Mingo Point (Kiawah, South Carolina) June 2021

Drop dead gorgeous, right? Mingo Point (located on Kiawah Island, SC) is a popular event venue. Our nephew and his fiancé were married here back in June. It was a beautiful wedding. Over the top beautiful. Every moment there was something stunning, the sky, the clouds (and of course, the bride, groom and all in attendance!) – When I saw these clouds roll in around 9PM I had to get some photos!

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Slightly Flower Obsessed…

Michigan Cosmos iPad Sketch | barbara stroud

A quick sketch on the iPad is always a good time – it’s relaxing, and it’s my preferred way to create art (clearly not to sell but just to settle down for the evening) – quick cleanup (turn it off), hehe. I used my finger so it could be a wee bit more precise, but I wasn’t going for precise, just quick and sketchy. I like the pink with a white background. I also have a coloring book app that I use, ha ha. #goodtime

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Lupine Gallery, Monhegan, Maine

Lupine Gallery, Monhegan, Maine | Photo: 2017

The Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island, Maine is one of our favorite places to visit. The gallery has such a stunning space both upstairs and down – so many incredible paintings all in one place. The Lupine Gallery owners Jackie Boegel and Bill Boynton are the most delightful, knowledgeable and friendly people you could ever meet. Next time you visit Monhegan be sure to stop in the gallery and take a peek at the stunning work they have available.

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