Emerging Artists: Linda Posson and Barbie Smith!

Emerging Artists



Beech Hill, Rockport by Linda Posson  8×8″  Oil

“Beech Hill, Rockport” is a palette knife painting by Maine artist, Linda Posson. I really like the dark/light contrast of the horizon and sky. The clouds are nice and the thicker areas of paint add dimension! Be sure to check out Linda’s paintings, wow!

Read a bit about Linda, from her website:

My inspiration as an artist comes from the beauty of my surroundings–islands floating in a bay, fir trees rising from rocky shores, light playing on water, rolling hills back-dropping golden fields , sunrises that are as dramatic as sunsets. Lately, I find myself noticing every old house, barn, and shed I pass–places I’ve seen a hundred times before, all held together by scraps of paint, rusted metal and weathered wood.  

I work with environmentally friendly M. Graham watercolors, oils and medium.



Point Lobos Arch by Barbie Smith  9×12″  Oil

Point Lobos Arch is an oil painting by California artist, Barbie Smith. Barbie does an amazing job capturing the light. The sunlight, the reflecting light on the water, all very nice. The water is fabulous as well, love the varying colors. Check out Barbie’s work… beautiful!

Read a bit about Barbie, from her website:

A native of California, Barbie Smith is an oil painter whose love of color and beauty is reflected in her work. She finds inspiration in the endless wonder of God’s creation and tries to reflect that beauty in her paintings. She looks for any subject with a strong design element including patterns of light and shadow or bold contrast of color or value. Her work is often described as that which evokes a sense of peacefulness and tranquility for the viewer.

For Barbie, oil painting is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Her art has been a progression which began in childhood with endless hours of drawing, leading to a pursuit of more formal training in her college years. Her passion for oil painting has developed through many opportunities to study in workshops and classes with both regional and nationally known artists.

A member of the Folsom Arts Association and the California Art Club, Barbie’s work has received awards and recognition in juried art exhibits and can be found in private collections throughout the United States. She is represented by the Gold Country Artist Gallery in Placerville, CA. Read more HERE

Thank you both for submitting your websites, what a treat!

All images via LindaPosson.com and BarbieSmithStudio.com, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Chris Long!


Bayou Clouds by Chris Long  36×36″  Acrylic [Sold]

Chris Long. Fabulous work – just look at these dramatic clouds! Wonderful! Chris can paint absolutely everything! One thing to note… the paintings on his Daily Paintworks site sell quickly. Although both of these paintings are sold, there are others to choose from, but don’t delay!


Mid-City, New Orleans by Chris Long  12×12″  Acrylic [Sold]

I love clouds, can you tell? Another amazing painting with stunning clouds and fabulous light. Love the power poles/lines. Wow!

Read a fabulous bio from Chris, I love it! Also be sure to check out his website at Daily Paintworks – his paintings are incredible! Chris can paint a variety of subjects, all done so well! Go look!!

“Long began his art career graduating from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts with a BFA in sculpture.  He initially found years of success in the field, exhibiting nationally, instructing, and working on bronze monuments, however when opportunities turned toward 3D computer modeling, he did what any level-headed husband and father does at age 30 – he abruptly quit, moved into a motor coach, and travelled the country selling cookware.  

In 2011 after visiting New Orleans, Long decided it was time to enter into the arts again, but as a painter, with which he had no experience.  It seemed possible to learn while selling work to tourists on the street, so Long stayed in Louisiana and perused painting magazines at bookstores, teaching himself a multitude of techniques through painting thousands of pieces.

He currently travels the country painting and selling his work online and through markets & festivals.  Long hopes to continue painting in a variety of genres until he makes his unavoidable, manic switch back to three dimensional expression.”

All images via Chris Long’s Daily Paintworks Gallery, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Featured Artist: Holly Van Hart!


Outside My Window by Holly Van Hart  24×30″  Oil

Holly Van Hart paints abstract nature paintings. They are quite lovely. Her forest series shows such dimension, and some of the paintings are quite large, which I think adds to the uniqueness… Outside my Window (above) is a sweet painting with a soothing color palette, beautiful… see, Spring is just around the corner!


Field of Dreams by Holly Van Hart  24×30″  Oil  [Sold]

Field of Dreams… love the daisy’s! I like the composition of this painting, it really makes the daisy’s look lively!

Be sure to check out Holly’s eBook with her paintings paired with beautiful inspirational quotes, click HERE….

Read a bit about Holly’s painting process, from her website:

“Each day in my studio is an exciting and on-the-edge exploration of ideas, feelings, subjects, paints, textures, and colors. When starting a painting, I know what I want to convey and have a general idea of what the finished work will look like. Each painting is a journey, requiring many layers of paints, and much inspection and introspection over a period of months.

Typically, I paint subjects found in nature and abstract them with unusual colors and unexpected textures. Using multiple photo references, I sketch the composition onto a blank canvas. Then I build up the painting using 5-10 layers of paint, waiting days or weeks between each layer for the paint to dry. The layers are critical to achieving desired colors and textures, and they give the painting a special glow.

The unusual colors and textures in my work are meant to help us see nature in new ways and with new wonder.

When a painting might be finished, I ask myself ‘Is this a museum-quality painting?’ The finished work rarely looks exactly like what I first envisioned. But by the time it is done, I have learned a tremendous amount about the subject and myself, and have earned the satisfaction of creating a unique piece of art.” Read more HERE

All images via HollyVanHart.com, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Danny Griego!

santa-rita-alley-danny-griego 10x10 oil

Santa Rita Alley by Danny Griego  10×10″  Oil

There are many things I really enjoy about Danny Griego’s paintings. The way he leaves a little of the toned canvas peeking through adds dimension and interest. It’s quite clear after checking out his website that he can paint anything. There are scenes of everyday scenarios that he breathes new life into. To take everyday and make it WOW is talent!

When you visit Danny’s website, don’t miss the portraits… so realistic!


Mexico Nocturne by Danny Griego  20×16″  Oil

So cool how Danny blurred the colors from the back of the bus, showing movement… that bus is flying! Cool colors and I like that it’s a nocturne, that adds something special with all those wonderful blues!

Read a blip about Danny, from his website:

“San Diego has been my home for just over 20  years. I am originally from Colorado.  I received my BA in theatrical scene design and scenic art in Colorado, at the University of Northern Colorado.  I worked over 20 years in the world of theater as a scenic artist, ten of those years at The Old Globe Theater.  I helped designers and directors realize their visions for hundreds of productions.  As a scenic artist I painted/sculpted scenery for the stage and I planned and executed large canvas drops as background elements for musicals, comedies and dramas.   Many of them were shows that eventually went on to Broadway.

While working in theater I attended Watts Atelier.  There for some years, off and on, I took classes to better my artistic skills.  It is a true credit to that school and their teachers for what I have learned.  They put me on the road to “seeing” like and artist.  Coupled with attending Watts Atelier, I managed to take some workshops from some painters I really admire.  Artists like Robert Watts, Matt Smith, Brian Blood and Carolyn Anderson helped to shape me as an artist.

I love painting portraits but most of my work is studio landscape and plein air.  Most of my inspiration stems from how landscapes integrate with urban settings.  I find great interest in how sturdy man made structures coexist with organic forms of nature.  Alleys, freeway bridges and subjects that don’t get a lot attention are of particular interest to me.” Read more HERE

All images via DannyGriegoArt.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Featured Artist: Karen Silve!


Love Affair by Karen Silve  42×46″  Acrylic on Canvas

Karen Silve. FABULOUS abstract paintings. Wonderful movement, depth and interest. I’m loving the white areas in this paintings as well as the pinks… OH! The pinks are fabulous! This painting is soft and romantic while being tumultuous at the same time. Very cool!

Read a bit about Karen, from her website:

“Silve was born in Springfield IL. Her mother, who is the daughter of an artist and a French chef, exposed Silve and her three siblings to art through visits to museums and classes. Silve’s family moved a number of times during her childhood, finally settling in Tuscaloosa AL. She was involved with art through high school and went on to receive a BFA from the University of Alabama, whose painting faculty, including the Italian artist Alvin Sella, had a strong abstract orientation. A formative experience, especially for her color sense, was the summer Silve spent painting the landscape in France at the Leo Marchutz School in Aix-in-Provence. She currently maintains studios both in Portland and in the south of France.

As an undergraduate, Silve developed an interest in Post-Impressionist and Fauvist painting, and they informed her early figurative abstractions. She studied in the graduate painting and design programs at the University of Denver, creating abstract work that was inspired by the landscape, and by the color lessons she learned in France. Later, the Abstract Expressionist painters Willem de Kooning and Joan Mitchell, and the German artist Gerhard Richter became important influences on her work.

In 1993, Silve moved to Portland, Oregon, worked in graphic design and began to explore painterly process in a series of meditative paintings. In the late 1990s, she created two extended groups of paintings, first the Musician Series, and then the Cellist Series. Both series focused on players with their instrument, and on a feeling for music expressed through abstracting the human figure, gestural brush strokes and vibrant color.

Silve has acknowledged the role of personal experience in shaping her work. In 2006, the death of a pet and the illness of a friend both moved her to find a new mode to express her own inner reality through painting. The work that emerged involved rhythmic, calligraphic brush strokes and drips of paint. Evolving from this period is the ongoing series of abstract paintings that Silve continues to create. Crucial to these paintings is their physical immediacy and their connection with the natural world. Silve expresses this as being “within nature”, and includes the sights, smells and memories that an encounter in the world can generate. The artist’s involvement with nature extends to her activities as a gardener, hiker and biker. Some of her current paintings draw upon the markets she encountered during a recent trip to Mexico.

In 2008, while working on a series of green paintings inspired by the forests of Oregon, Silve found a way to “create the dynamism of the moment” by turning to the computer to aid her in restructuring a painting in progress. She has also used Photoshop to create digital collages, using element of existing paintings, to serve as a studies for a new canvases.

Silve has exhibited her work extensively in solo exhibitions including at the Portland Performing Arts Center, the Forsyth Center Gallery at Texas A&M University, the Visual Art Center of Northwest Florida, the Tuscaloosa Performing Arts Center and the West Linn Public Library in Oregon. Group exhibitions include those at The Institute for American Universities, Aix-in-Provence, France, the Jemison-Carnegie Heritage Hall, Talledega AL, and the Art in Embassies Program, Doha, Qatar.”

All images via KarenSilve.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Featured Artist: Nat Dickinson!


Sill Cove by Nat Dickinson  24×32″  Acrylic

Nat Dickinson. Wonderful painter. Love his trees in this painting and oh, can you just feel the distance in this painting? Just wonderful!


Evening on the Point by Nat Dickinson  24×18″  Acrylic

Like I said, LOVE Nat’s tree’s! These trees look majestic and happy, perhaps it’s the vantage point from which they were painted. A wonderful sky – be sure to check out Nat’s paintings, they are a treat for the eye!

Read a bit about Nat, from his website:

“My love of painting landscapes was instilled by my grandfather, an enthusiastic amateur painter.  As a child, I would paint with my grandfather on the back porch studio of his summer house in Maine overlooking the Penobscot Bay.  Maine remains a key subject of my work, along with my home in Asheville, North Carolina.

My paintings explore those mindful moments when we stop to see the extraordinary transformations of very familiar surroundings.  In my daily walks the changes in light, atmosphere, perspective, and color can make the most ordinary scenes become captivating.  As Edward Hopper said, there is a sort of elation about sunlight on the upper part of a house.

My work is shown in juried shows and galleries in Washington, D.C, North Carolina, and Maine.”  Read more here

All images via NatDickinson.com, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Mark Maggiori!


Thunderhead Riders by Mark Maggiori  24×30″  Oil

Mark Maggiori. Dramatic Western scenes. Each so stunningly captivating it’s hard to take your eyes off of these paintings. The light in the clouds in this painting is mind boggling. I love the light on the second horse and rider. Be sure to check Mark’s work out, you won’t believe what you see!

Read a bit about Mark, from his website:

“Mark Maggiori, b. 1977. Live in Los Angeles, California

Mark Maggiori’s first views of America were framed within the front windshield of a car making its way from New York to San Francisco. That month-long trip, filled with majestic views of the national parks and timeless glimpses of the West, was made when Mark was only 15 years old and on vacation far from his home in France, but its impact would ripple throughout his life and set into motion his great fascination with the West.

Years later, back in Paris, he would enroll at the famous Academie Julian, where Western greats Ernest L. Blumenschein, Burt Geer Phillips and Joseph Henry Sharp had also studied before they helped form the Taos Society of Artists. After being formally trained in academic drawing, Mark’s life would take an important detour through music after he formed a successful band that led to many opportunities in Europe, including into other artistic disciplines such as animation, photography and filmmaking—each one informing his artistic creativity in unique ways.

After great success in the music industry, Mark was lured back to the United States thanks to his muse, creative equal and wife Petecia Lefawnhawk. They journeyed through the West and their trips immediately took him back to that original road trip two decades earlier, the trip that opened his eyes to the beauty of American West. It was then, at the age of 36, he made the decision to paint Western art. They staked temporary claims in out-of-the-way places such as Chloride and Kingman, Arizona, where the desert offered its stunning inspiration and where Mark quickly began to produce some of the most audacious Western paintings of a new generation—audacious because Mark was still brand new to the Western art world, and also because he was an outsider, a Frenchman, with a profoundly unique view of the American cowboy. In the space of just a few short years Mark rose through the ranks to become one of the premier Western artists working today.

His work brought many new opportunities, including important solo and group shows, and a significant showing at the 2016Night of Artists at the Briscoe Western Art Museum, where he won the Patron’s Choice award. He also began to expand more artistically: he started to work more in plein air; he spent time on ranches, with cowboys and on horseback to acquaint himself more with the Western way of life; he painted for a month in Taos, New Mexico; and began adding additional figures to his works and new kinds of compositions to his growing arsenal.

Like Henry Farny, another Frenchman who made his way to the Southwest to paint its interesting inhabitants, Mark has carved a unique place for himself within Western art, a place where his work—part Frank Tenney Johnson, part Herbert “Buck” Dunton, with shades of Tom Ryan and Bill Owen—continues to provoke the minds of young and old Western collectors alike.” Continue reading HERE

All images via MarkMaggiori.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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