Featured Artist: Sarah Manolescue!

Seated Geranium by Sarah Manolescue 12×10″ Oil

Jaw dropping work by incredible artist, Sarah Manolescue. What a delight to scroll through her work (I cannot imagine seeing it in person!) – Her landscapes have incredible skies, her still lifes are captivating and the way she captures light is joyful. Truly beautiful paintings, one after another. Read on to learn more about the artist – she is amazing!

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Featured Artist: Susan Graeber!

Rockland Harbor, Maine – Painting by Susan Graeber

Susan Graeber. Her paintings are fabulous, she is full of color and light (both in person and in her art). She can take an everyday scene and make it so spectacular. Susan paints often, I love seeing what she posts. One stunning painting after another!

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Featured Artist: Leslie Pratt-Thomas (Upcoming show at the Dare Gallery in Charleston, SC!)

Follow the Sun by Leslie Pratt-Thomas 30″ x 30″ Oil

Leslie Pratt-Thomas. Many of you know her work. Leslie is a talented artist located in the Charleston, SC area. Art is a big part of people’s lives – it makes the world a better place. In addition to Leslie’s innate painting skills and ability to capture this area so perfectly, she is such a nice person. Kind, and interesting – you will look at her paintings, and be reminded of an area, or a memory and smile when you think of the artist who painted it. Leslie has a following clearly because her work is gorgeous and is a nice reminder of the Lowcountry. Did I mention her exhibit which starts this Friday, November 5, 2021?

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Lupine Gallery, Monhegan, Maine

Lupine Gallery, Monhegan, Maine | Photo: 2017

The Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island, Maine is one of our favorite places to visit. The gallery has such a stunning space both upstairs and down – so many incredible paintings all in one place. The Lupine Gallery owners Jackie Boegel and Bill Boynton are the most delightful, knowledgeable and friendly people you could ever meet. Next time you visit Monhegan be sure to stop in the gallery and take a peek at the stunning work they have available.

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Kevin Beers Exhibit: 25 Years and Counting!

Stars and Stripes by Kevin Beers 36×36″ Oil

Kevin Beers. What an amazing artist! I try to post his exhibition each year around this time. Kevin can paint so well AND he’s such a nice guy (as is his wife!) – This painting is perfect for today “Stars and Stripes” – it’s available at Gleason Fine Art in Boothbay Harbor, Maine!

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Quick iPad Sketch of Charlie…

Quick iPad Sketch of Charlie…

I love apps that let me be creative – and bonus… no cleanup required! Charlie was looking out the sunroom window one day… and I did a quick sketch on my iPad. It looks so much like him. His lazy sit, his focus on anything that moves outside. Especially looking for the #bigbirds This app lets you draw in various ways with so many colors (and it’s free!) – I’m interested to know what app do you use? I don’t have an Apple pencil, so it’s either done with my finger or a stylus that is old and puffy, which isn’t the best combo.

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2021 Lupine Gallery/Island Inn Show with Caleb Stone!

Fish Beach Way 18 x 24″ Oil by Caleb Stone | Image: Lupine Gallery

We all look forward to the annual art show at the Island Inn, Monhegan, Maine. The owners of the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan transform the dining room of the inn into a stunning art mecca each year. It is so exciting to walk into the dining room and see the art displayed so masterfully. Absolutely gorgeous paintings this year by artist Caleb Stone. It’s also a treat to be eating in the dining room at the Inn with a breathtaking view both inside and out!

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Artist: Ken DeWaard – Show at Roux & Cyr this coming Friday!

Leisure Time after Breakfast 12″ x 16″ Oil on Panel

Ken DeWaard. I would like to make you all privy to Ken’s latest newsletter which shares some of his latest work. The newsletter is full of art information as well as artIST info – I love when artists share a bit about themselves with us. It makes us like them (and their work) even more. A daunting task for the artist, no doubt, but one Ken is up for. Ken is a favorite artist of ours for so many reasons… Upcoming show at Roux & Cyr Gallery in Portland, Maine (THIS FRIDAY), May 28, 2021. “Leisure Time after Breakfast” is just one beautiful example of Ken’s paintings, see what I mean about the light coming through the table cloth? #brilliant

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Featured Artist: Keith Thomson!

Rollergirl by Keith Thomson 30×40 Mixed Media

Keith Thomson. An incredible artist and more! I checked out his website (so interesting!) and absolutely love his paintings. They are so different. They’re fun and spirited. Some of you will remember these funny hair dryers (still in use today) – you know, I wish I had one, ha ha. Then I could have my coffee and read while my hair is drying! #winwin

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(RE) Featured Artist: Carol Jenkins!

Jim Creek by Carol Jenkins 16×20″ Oil

A pretty fabulous painting, isn’t it? What struck me right away was the brightness of the grass, that beautiful sun-kissed golden color and above it the dark trees which just makes the grass area that much more brilliant. I happened upon a similar scene on a morning walk recently and backed up to get a shot. Stunning!

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Featured Artist: Carl Bork!

Aspen Way by Carl Bork 18×18″ Oil

Fabulous, right? I love the sweet layers of paint, applied skillfully with a palette knife. Layers of paint adds such a nice texture don’t you think? Carl has a way with color, light and a palette knife, just wait until you see more of his work. I love the winding path, the gorgeous trees, stunning shadows and the darkness deep within that makes it all stand out!

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Featured Artist: Liz Prescott!

Piled High, Monhegan by Liz Prescott 10×22″ Acrylic

I love being on the lookout for a new artist. I randomly search different places, Instagram, Facebook, galleries, and sometimes Fred (my husband) is the one to spot an artist – I follow #monheganisland (Instagram) which is another way I find artists. It’s a favorite place of ours so I like to see what people paint while they’re on the island. Fred sent me a screenshot with Liz’s painting – Monhegan Buoys – a great painting and I was definitely interested in the artist (thank you Fred).

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Featured Artist: Daphne Pulsifer!

“Reaching” by Daphne Pulsifer | Bronze Sculpture

When I first saw this image – it stopped me in my tracks. The words Daphne wrote about “Reaching” really resonated with me. This pandemic has gone on now over one year. By now, most of us know someone who has had COVID-19 and has struggled with it, in the best case scenarios. Who ever would have thought that a year later this would still be here and even worse than ever? Read Daphne’s words, you’ll know what I mean!

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Featured Artist: William Jameson!

December on Roan Mountain by William Jameson 12×12″ Oil

Doesn’t this painting just scream WINTER? To me it looks like the perfect winter day. I feel like I have taken a hike through Roan Mountain on a sunny day. Crisp and cool with snow, but warmth from the sun makes the hike absolutely perfect! Of course I haven’t been on a hike in the snow (I’m in South Carolina, which rarely sees snow)…

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