Featured Artist: Jo Ridge Kelley!

Heavenly Peace by Jo Ridge Kelley | 18″ x 18″ | Oil on Linen

Jo Ridge Kelley – fabulous style. Her love of the mountains is so apparent in her paintings. From looking at her website it looks like most of her paintings are much larger than this. I thought I had featured Jo many years ago, but when I double checked to see when the last year I featured her… I hadn’t. Good grief!

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Featured Artist: Mariella Bisson!

Mariella Bisson 60″ x 58″ Oil & Mixed Media on Linen

We recently spent some time in Waynesville, NC – at a stunning place called The Swag. A gorgeous place nested high on top of a mountain with breathtaking views from every vantage point. The decor was over the top gorgeous. Very classy, it was exceptional – and so was the art. They have an excellent eye pulling a space together, and today’s featured artist, Mariella Bisson, has two paintings at this location, and they are mind boggling they’re so good.

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Featured Artist: James Swanson!

A Flock Together by James Swanson

James Swanson. Fabulous paintings. The light in his paintings is incredible as is his innate ability to simplify the scene (even though it may not look like it). I love this incredibly clear painting – it’s crisp and vibrant, full of fabulous light, flight, waves, good times, happy memories, movement, shadows – ahhh, it has it all!

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Featured Artist: Wilfred Spoon – Whimsical Realism at its finest!

Egret with Haliconia 60×48″ Oil/Canvas

Wilfred Spoon. Be still my heart. I would describe his paintings as “whimsical realism” with the perfect amount of creativity. Wilfred’s paintings are happy, different, full of nature and showcase this part of the country so well. This painting can really elevate a space!

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Alison Hill – [Featured Artist]

Alison Hill in her studio on Monhegan Island

Let me start by saying… we haven’t been to Monhegan in a while. This photo was taken several years ago in Alison Hill’s amazing studio. Those of you who know Alison, love her – she’s a kind hearted, soft spoken, amazing artist. Her work is incredible and a visit to her studio is a “must do” when you’re on the island. (She’s actually one of the reasons we originally visited Monhegan) – Alison is out painting every single day – her dedication is admirable.

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Exhibit at the Page Gallery | Awash!

Blue Zone by Jessica Lee Ives 36×48 Oil | Image via The Page Gallery

GOING ON NOW… Would you like to see some gorgeous paintings by some fabulous artists in a super cool town in Maine? Well, if you’re in the area (or would like to be) – be sure to stop in and say hello during the AWASH EXHIBITION, which opened July 21 and runs through August 13, 2022!

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Featured Artist: Anna Mason!

Sweet Peas After Rain by Anna Mason 36 x 46 cm Watercolor (SOLD)

Anna Mason, she’s not only a very talented artist – she excels at sharing her knowledge. Her website is packed full of information. You’ll see she mentions why many people say they don’t paint – a lot of it is the set up/clean up, no dedicated space to do it in. Enter the watercolor medium. Easily done anywhere! #perfect!

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Featured Artist: Ken DeWaard – Workshop Dates!

Fun, Funky West End – Provincetown by Ken DeWaard 18×24″ Oil

Ken DeWaard. Such a talented artist. Everyone loves his workshops. We’ve watched Ken paint and we’ve watched Ken teach and he is so good at it. Workshops can be intimidating and stressful. They’re fun until you get there and then the major stress kicks in. Ken has an easy way about him. No stress. He makes sure you leave learning something – and you won’t even realize it because you’ll be having fun while you’re at it. Yep, the “f” word, ha ha.

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Featured Artist: Christina Weaver!

May Rhododendron by Christina Weaver 20×20″ Oil on Linen

Flowers. I absolutely adore them. Weeds… I’m okay with those as well as long as they bloom 🙂 I ran across an artist who’s work stands out so impeccably. Her dandelion paintings are out of this world good, and you have to be quick to be lucky enough to snap one up. They’re the perfect amount of real and abstract. #gorgeous

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Artist Joan Brady – Lupine Gallery/Island Inn Show, Monhegan, ME!

Monhegan Momento Mori 36 x 49″ Oil with gold leaf by Joan Brady

The Lupine Gallery (Monhegan, Maine) is an exquisite place to visit (and if you can’t make it there in person, be sure to check them out online, their link is below! Every year the feature a show at the Island Inn. They artfully hang all the paintings (mostly in the dining room) – it’s so exciting to see who the next artist is each year. Every one of them is fabulous!

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{Re} Featured Artist: Peter Van Dyck!

The Tiger​,​ the Cow​,​ and the Canine 33″ x 38.5″ Oil | Sugarlift Gallery: NY, NY

Peter Van Dyck. What an amazing artist with such unique subject matter in his paintings. Every painting tells a story, which I love! Just look at the light in this painting. How incredible. Who knew bones could look so amazing, right? Sharing more info about Peter, links and info on his upcoming solo show – as well as an upcoming workshop!

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Featured Artist: Michele Usibelli!

Stedman by Michele Usibelli 16×16″ Oil

The color white can seem so ubiquitous, but in reality – white, in paintings, is usually far from white out of the tube. Many of us see a white subject (be it animal, flower, clouds, etc.) , but artists seem to have a keener sense of color. It’s no easy task to be able to see these colors and pull them off so beautifully.

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Featured Artist: Carol Bass!

Carol Bass. Just the mention of her name brings a smile. Each and every painting of Carol’s is bright and cheerful, full of fluid movement – her paintings emote such happiness. Whether you’re looking at a large abstract full of life, or several smaller paintings grouped together, the result is the same. Her paintings are like sunshine in a dark room. We have a few, and they never fail to lighten things up!

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Featured Artist: Lauren Everett Finn!

Prismatic Posies by Lauren Everett Finn 30×24″ Acrylic

Spring is just around the corner and as I write this, it’s felt like mid spring here in Charleston, SC. It’s been warm enough for people to flock to the garden centers and stock up on plants and flowers. Cold spell coming soon (Update: actually it’s here now)- at least for a night or two and then back to normal. I thought this painting by Lauren Everett Finn was apropos for this time of year. Bright and happy – it makes me smile.

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Featured Artist: Josh Moulton!

Fullerton Avenue Spring by Josh Moulton 30×40″ Acrylic

I love when I come across an artist that isn’t only good at what he does and is successful, but also gives back to his community. I can’t tell you how refreshing that is. As you can see by his painting, Josh lives (and owns his own gallery) in Chicago, IL. Not an easy feat, especially during COVID as you’ll read. But he made it through and he made it by helping others. #iwishyousomuchsuccess

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