Featured Artist: Haidee Jo Summers!

The Artist Felicity House Painting in Venice  24x30cms  Oil

Haidee Jo Summers – WOW! Her paintings are perfection! The perfect balance of looseness, the subjects are all interesting, colors are wonderful and she nails it every single time!

What a wonderful painting (above). This artist’s face is perfection – you can how she’s concentrating on what she’s painting. This is amazing!

Evening Light Polperro Harbour by Haidee Jo Summers  30×32″  Oil (Sold)

To me, this painting is pure magic. The stillness in the water and the beautiful reflections. The boats sitting so serenely in the water. Those little pops of orange that just make me love this painting even more. And those little touches that make it sing, like the orangey color underneath the tented canopy on the sailboat in the foreground, the shadows from the boats in the water and that wonderful sky! It’s perfect!

Read a bit about Haidee, from her website:

Awarded Artist of the Year 2012 by the Society of All Artists and one of the few artists chosen by the BBC to paint the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant from the Millennium bridge, Haidee-Jo is a full-time professional artist known for painting landscapes and seascapes ‘en plein air’.                            

Her work can be seen regularly at the Mall galleries London where she exhibits with the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the New English Art Club and the Royal Institute of Oil painters of which she is a full member. Haidee-Jo writes regularly for The Artist magazine and has recently started work on her first book on oil painting with Search Press, having previously produced a large body of work for the Encyclopaedia of Watercolour Techniques. In recent years she has been invited to take part in UK and international plein air events whilst winning many prizes for her work which features fresh and vibrant brushwork coupled with keen drawing and observational skills, resulting in paintings that glow with light and sing with colour.    

Haidee-Jo gained a degree in illustration following an art foundation course and graduated in 1994. She has been exhibiting and teaching ever since, in recent years having cut back on teaching commitments to focus on painting. She believes very much in continuing to grow and develop all the while striving to express her personal voice in paint and to do so more and more succinctly.  

In June 2014 Haidee-Jo was awarded the £1800 The Artist purchase prize with her painting ‘Sails up in harbour’, a prestigious award selected by Ken Howard OBE RA. In September she won the £5000 Buxton Spa prize for her plein air painting ‘Walking through buttercups’, and in October won the first prize of £1000 for her painting ‘Work to be done, Elm Hill’ at Paint Out Norwich. In June 2015 she has been awarded the Great Art Award by The Artist magazine in association with Patchings for her painting ‘The thaw, Drove allotments’ and in June 2016 for her painting ‘The old milking parlor’. Continue Reading HERE

Now… go check out Haidee Jo’s website! It’s fabulous!

🎨All images via HaideeJo.com, used with permission…
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Featured Artist: Judy Joy Nocifora! [Workshop Alert!]

Charlie by Judy Joy Nocifora   12 x 12″   Oil

Judy Joy Nocifora. A wonderful artist that has quite the following when it comes to workshops. From her blog, it looks like her students really have fun and learn at the same time, is there a better way? I think not!

Judy did a demo of Charlie, our Jack Russell. From an image she was able to capture his essence so well. Not an easy task to paint this dog, he’s got hair going every which way, and for it to really look like Charlie it takes some doing! It’s a beautiful painting – she’s even got his funny sit that he does. This is Charlie – lover of the sun, sits in the sun and follows it throughout the house all day. He sits and his eyes get heavy until he can’t take it anymore.

Judy is teaching an oil painting workshop specifically for animal lovers – it begins April 4 (2017)! Interested? Here’s the information, but be quick, I’m sure her workshops fill up quickly! Be sure to check out her website and blog as well!

Oil Painting Workshop for Animal Lovers  
with Judy Nocifora
Tuesdays & Fridays, April 4, 7, 11 & 14, 2017
9:00-12:30 pm at Memphis Botanic Garden

Professional oil paint and medium is provided. There is much to be learned in this workshop that will apply to all that you paint: i.e, brushwork, color mixing, etc.
There will be demos each day and a lot of personal instruction.
Registration and payment due by Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

Call Laurie at 901-6364128.

Read a bit about Judy, from her website:

Artist Statement: I awake each day to the gift of life and the unending beauty that surrounds me. I thrill to the challenges and surprises that develop in each painting. The privilege of sensing life and letting it flow through my fingers and onto canvas is joyful!

The artwork of Judy Joy Nocifora has unfolded through many years of an insatiable desire to create. In her teens, she began studying formal oil painting with a highly regarded local instructor and she continued a keen interest in the arts and in the creative process through years of teaching in a program for gifted students. 

Upon retirement, Judy embarked on a serious commitment to study intently and diligently with artist whose work she admired in order to become a professional artist. She has had the great pleasure to study with master artists, Jeff Legg, Dawn Whitelaw, Jennifer McChristian, Peggi Kroll Roberts, John Pototschnik, Roger Dale Brown, and Camille Przewodek, and Lori Putnam, to name a few. One of her great joys is to share what she has learned with others as an oil painting instructor for Creative Aging of the Mid-South and at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. 

Today, Judy travels extensively to paint and she loves to share the beauty that she finds everywhere through her oil paintings. Her artwork has been juried into local and regional exhibitions. When at home, you will find Judy painting in her studio or plein air painting in her hometown of Germantown, Tennessee. 

Judy is a member of Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, American Women Artist, Memphis/Germantown Art League, and Artists’Link of Memphis. She currently serves on the Board of Memphis/Germantown Art League as Publicity Chair. 

All images via Judy Nocifora, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Bethany Fields!


Out My Window, Sunday by Bethany Fields  11 X 14″  Pastel on Paper

What a pleasure to look at Bethany’s website. It’s full of beautiful paintings. Most are pastel, and STUNNING! This painting caught my eye immediately. How fabulous! I love the dark landscape and the brighter green grass with the light coming through the clouds. WOW! Also love the bits of orange on the side of the road. Just beautiful!

Read about Bethany, from her website (and be sure to check out her paintings):

“We find only the world we look for.”

                                                     – Thoreau – 

This is a favorite quote of Bethany’s, and one that resonates within her as she brings color to paper.  Primarily a pastelist, Bethany has been surrounded by art in many forms since youth and is constantly looking for beauty and how to express it.  Dance, music, theatre, and photography studies have molded her particular vision, which focuses on light in the landscape and how it affects our mood.  Bethany graduated from Texas Tech with a BFA in Theatre.  She went on to perform professionally and continued honing her skills in composition and design working in Burbank, CA for a DIY web series. Her creations have been published in several national magazines, including Country Living.  In 2016, Bethany had the honor of exhibiting at both the Salmagundi Club and the National Arts Club in New York, NY, where her work was selected for an ongoing exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, OH.  She travels nationally and internationally for art societies and workshops, and produces her own Youtube channel, focusing on teaching and demonstrating her pastel techniques. Bethany is a proud 7th generation Texan, and she and her husband of 17 years are raising their three children in Amarillo, TX.  She paints daily in her home studio and is an active member of the American Impressionist Society, The Degas Pastel Society,  and is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America.  

Artist Statement

I believe the world exists in beauty and we are here to notice.  Everyday I look out my window and wonder how the ever-changing light, the trees, the sky, and the clouds could be overlooked by our busy, busy world.   In the daily rush of life I know my purpose is to slow down and capture,  share, and remember the beautiful moments that pass so quickly.  Infusing my work with love, beauty, and light is my constant passion and studying this beautiful Earth is my joy.  Click HERE to read more…

All images via BethanyFields.com, used with permission… Catch you back here tomorrow!

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Featured Artist: Meisha Grichuhin!


New Brighton Waves by Meisha Grichuhin  11 x 14″  Oil

I think the feel of Meisha Grichuhin’s “New Brighton Waves” painting is soft and beautiful. Love the pinky lavender in the distance and that wonderful green in the nearby waves. The reflections on the beach are fabulous, as is the craggy coastline. Those rocks… they rock! Just one of many beautiful paintings by Meisha!

Read a bit about Meisha, from her website (Artist’s Statement):

I spend much of my time outdoors, whether hiking, horseback riding, or just enjoying nature. These interests and a reverence for the natural landscape are reflected in my paintings. My current body of work consists of California landscapes. In my painting Evening Glow, a backlit horse grazes on rolling green pastures as the sunset creates a warm haze on the receding hills.
I  am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature. The sights, smells, and sounds of the different seasons all influence the scenes I choose to paint. Growing up in California, I have been fortunate to experience the varied types of landscapes the state has to offer. The temperate climate allows for year round adventuring. Spending quality time in the outdoors keeps me refreshed and awed by the endless subjects that nature provides. I strive to represent on canvas the mood of scenes through painterly brushwork and slightly exaggerated color.
Through a balance of bold and delicate brush strokes, I aim to portray the beauty of the natural landscape. Rolling hills, powerful oak trees, and peaceful horses suggest the relaxing yet exciting countryside of California. 

All images via MeishaGrichuhin.com, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Lisa Breslow!


Orange Flowers by Lisa Breslow   16×16″  Oil and Pencil on Panel

Lisa Brewslow. Wonderful paintings. Fabulous flowers – I love the different colors and reflections in the background. This painting makes me happy.

I love the orange, especially with the green, and the varying light colors of the background.The abstract quality in Lisa’s paintings is fresh and different. It’s not easy to paint loosely, and Lisa did it perfectly!

Read a bit about Lisa and be sure to check out her website!!

Lisa Breslow’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States, including the Academy Art Museum, The Heritage Museum, The Heckscher Museum of Art, and the Armory in Philadelphia, among other galleries and institutions. She was an invited artist at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, a recipient of the Weir residency and Cawdor residency, and was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant twice.  Her work is included in many public and private collections such as New York Presbyterian Hospital, Tiffany & Co, and General Electric.  Breslow attended the School of Visual Arts and the Arts Student League.  She lives and works in New York City, and is represented by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.

Both the natural world and architectural grit have a place in Lisa Breslow’s work, highlighting the pull of New York City that is created by these opposing forces side-by-side.  She seeks out places of quiet and calm within the busy urban landscape and distills them down to their essence, creating atmospheric compositions activated by mood, energy, and light rather than a literal portrayal. By incorporating natural elements and capturing the specificity of light affected by the weather or seasons, she turns otherwise bustling scenes into meditative moments. The softness of her loose brushstrokes is grounded by the evident marks of her draftsmanship, while bursts of color lead the eye around the plane and delineate form. The harmony of these seemingly oppositional elements results in a centering balance even as her paintings inch ever closer towards abstraction. 

All image and bio via LisaBreslow.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Featured Artist: Gaetanne Lavoie!


Happy Pills by Gaetanne Lavoie  40×60″  Oil

Oh! How I love this painting! The subject matter is absolute perfection with everything going on in the world right now. Sometimes, this is just how I feel, ha ha. It’s fun to see it in a painting!

I really like how the focus is on the woman in red, and the passers by are a bit fuzzy, it leaves it to your imagination. Fabulous!

Read a bit about Gaetanne, from her website, and be sure to check out her paintings!:

Gaetanne Lavoie grew up in eastern Canada and attended York University in Toronto where she earned her BFA with Honors. Three years later, with a new series applied to the Academy of Art University’s Masters program in San Francisco and is currently studying at the New York Academy of Art http://nyaa.edu/nyaa/index.html where she will receive her second Master’s which she has entitled her personal PhD in Painting… continue reading HERE

All images via GaetanneLavoie.com , used with permission…


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Featured Artist: Scott Addis!


Nanna’s by Scott Addis  16×20″  Oil

This painting caught my eye right away. Not only the fabulous colors but the lines of this house. I think Scott painted this from an interesting perspective – it’s fabulous!


3 Kings by Scott Addis  30×60″  Oil [GalerieBeauchamp.com]

Fabulous trees!! Stunning sky!! Scott can paint these trees against a jaw dropping sky, can’t he? I just enjoy his paintings so much, be sure to check out his Facebook page!

Read a bit about Scott, from GalerieBeauchamp.com website:

Born in a small rural community just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1963. He now resides in Montreal, Quebec.

Scott Addis studied at the University of Cincinnati as well as with Igor Babailov and other well-known art teachers. Being a landscape artist, Addis is now inspired by what surrounds him, Quebec and Ontario landscapes.

About his paintings, Addis says: ” I paint landscapes because it is said, and I strongly believe it, that when you look at a portrait you observe the person, the subject. However, when you look at a landscape, you can plunge into it.  One can easily imagine oneself being there ” .

All images via Scott Addis Facebook page, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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