Featured Artist: Poppy Balser!

Winter Sunglow by Poppy Balser 15×11″ Watercolor

Poppy Balser. An artist that braves the harsh Canadian winters to paint what she loves – to the point of adding vodka to her painting water to keep it from freezing. Now THAT is an artist who loves to paint! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Poppy Balser!”


Featured Artist: Jeff Markowsky!

Over My Shoulder by Jeff Markowsky
Over My Shoulder by Jeff Markowsky

Jeff Markowsky, a plein air artist living in Savannah, GA.  This painting… Wow, right? Look at all the layers of color in the sky. I am drawn to these bright colors.

Jeff has a great website be sure to check out not only his paintings (and don’t miss the Purchase tab, more great paintings!) His drawings are pretty fabulous too, but of course! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Jeff Markowsky!”

Featured Artist: Nicolas V. Sanchez!

Daughters by Nicolas V Sanchez 48×72″ Oil

Nicolas V. Sanchez. His paintings are unique in many ways – the composition of this painting is so different, which intrigues me. Not the typical portrait type painting for sure. Continue reading “Featured Artist: Nicolas V. Sanchez!”

Featured Artist: Lesley Grainger!

Sometimes You Have To Let Go To Find Your Truth by Lesley Grainger  48×48″  Mixed Media

Lesley Grainger – a fabulous abstract artist, originally from England, now living in California. Lesley’s paintings have such personality. She also has some wonderful paintings of faces, that are colorful and full of life! I love Lesley’s color palette and the movement in her paintings is amazing!

What grabbed me about this particular painting  are the circles, for some reason they stand out to me and I love them. Also, that stunning lighter bright green is fabulous as are all the pinks and oranges. Lesley has so many layers to her paintings, and that makes her paintings stand out. Sometimes you have to let it go… is one you can look at for a long time and always see something new. The little pops of color peeking through are amazing, and her signature is fabulous and is like art (signatures are big to me). This 48″ x 48″ painting will really make a room come alive – I love the square format.

Also be sure to check out Lesley’s work on paper!  Continue reading “Featured Artist: Lesley Grainger!”

Featured Artist: Tyler Swain!

Magnolia painting by Tyler Swain – Oil

Tyler Swain. I was scrolling through Instagram, looking for new artists when I saw this painting! The colors, and the juxtaposition of the abstract background and realistic magnolia is so interesting to me. Interesting and beautiful! I swear that magnolia blossom is so real I can smell it’s fragrance from where I sit! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Tyler Swain!”

Featured Artist: Jean Marie Bucich!

Humoresque by Jean Marie Bucich 72X54″ Oil

Jean Marie Bucich. I love how she paints florals in a large format – talk about WOW! Humoresque (above) has a nice soft palette which works so perfectly with today’s neutral color scheme. Soft and pretty. She also has brilliantly colored flowers (stunning!) with dark backgrounds which is another of my favorites. Not easy to choose!  Continue reading “Featured Artist: Jean Marie Bucich!”

Tis the season… Supporting local artists (of all kinds)!

I grew up in an artsy family. We were always doing something, art, crafts, etc. We grew up playing outside mostly (in Michigan), but in cold or rainy weather we were plenty busy with arts/crafts. My dad was always tinkering on something. He would buy a book and learn how to do whatever it was at the time and then he would do it. Amazed me every time. Made jewelry, polished rocks, made wine, developed his own photos in a dark room he built, watercolor, oils, gouache, fly tying, canoe building, wooden bowl turning, adirondack chair making, jewelry box creator, lamp builder with wood he turned, the list goes on and on and on. I think that’s why I love to figure things out so much!

This bowl has been in our family for what seems like forever. Not sure which art fair my parents bought it at – I’ve always loved it – on a visit several years ago we brought it back with us (thanks Mom and Dad)! So if you see an art fair, take advantage of an opportunity right before your eyes. Find something special that speaks to you and support an artist! They work so hard!

Catch you back here tomorrow!