Featured Artist: Jed Dorsey!

Wooded Glen by Jed Dorsey 11×14″ Acrylic

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Featured Artist: Kathryn Ashcroft!

He Wears A Heavy Crown by Kathy Ashcroft 18×24″ Oil

Kathryn Ashcroft. I think this is an amazing painting – I really like the abstract background, it focuses your attention more on the moose. Be sure to check out Kathryn’s paintings, they’re quite wonderful. The rabbits, the birds, the eyes in other animals, she captures them so nicely. Continue reading “Featured Artist: Kathryn Ashcroft!”

Featured Artist: Amy Montgomery!

Hush Now by Amy Montgomery 30×40″

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Featured Artist: Lynn Boggess!

Painting by Lynn Boggess

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Featured Artist: Kadin Goldberg!

Daydream by Kadin Goldberg 10×8″ Oil

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Featured Artist: Jim Wodark!

Moonlit Sage by Jim Wodark 16×20″ Oil

Jim Wodark. Take a look at his paintings and you will see that every single painting tells a story. I could literally write a blog based on Jim’s paintings. They are so incredible. You will notice the light plays a big part in Jim’s paintings. They are absolute perfection!

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Featured Artist: Matthew Sievers!

River Head by Matthew Sievers 30×40″ Oil

Matthew Sievers. His paintings are incredible. He has a way of capturing a scene that is loose and stunning, where you FEEL every little vibe from the locations where he paints. His composition is interesting and his strokes with both brush and palette knife make his paintings come to life! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Matthew Sievers!”