Featured Artist: Joseph Alleman!

Vivid Sky by Joseph Alleman  30×22″  Oil

Joseph Alleman is an artist from Utah, and his work is wonderful! VIVID SKY is a striking painting with this wonderful white house against that daring blue sky. The shadows and light are spectacular!

Days End by Joseph Alleman  40×30″  Oil

DAYS END is an oil painting that shows great moodiness. I love paintings with dark skies! The barn has enough detail for your brain to fill in the remaining. Be sure to check out Joseph’s website for more info, including the galleries that carry these two paintings!

Read a bit about Joseph, from his website:

“For artist Joseph Alleman, an important motive to paint lies in understanding his surroundings. “I’m visually compelled by various forms of shape, value, pattern, etc. Through the process of painting, I gain new and deeper insight into my subject and its surroundings as these elements combine and communicate.” 

Working  in both watercolor and oil, Joseph Alleman’s paintings have become highly recognized and collected for their visionary portrayals of the West.  As a signature member of both the American and National Watercolor Societies, he exhibits regularly through gallery, juried, and invitational shows, and has been a featured artist in the majority of contemporary fine art publications.

Residing in Northern Utah, Joseph finds a great deal of inspiration  in the regions land, towns, and people which make it unique. “There is a beauty within the everyday and ordinary that only painting can reveal. I’m drawn to these subjects in hopes of making and sharing such discoveries.”” Continue reading HERE

All images via JosephAlleman.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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